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Honey, I'm Home's Morning Mantra ~~ Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh NO, She's up!"

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Lordy, Lordy…here are my replies to my last post ~~

I have NO idea why I can't post comments on my own page.  I've tried everything I can think of and in fact this happened the other day with Sally (Whispering Hope) and I had to go to her page to post from my own. Guess I'll have to get used to doing a post of a reply of a post.


To Sally:  WOW, Sally, what a story! I know what you mean by standing up for yourself -- it is not easy and it took me years to be able to muster the courage to do it.  Still, you know that lump of fear in the throat, the sweaty palms, the beating out of your chest heart, whew, not easy at all.  But look at you now! Fabulous through and through and I can't tell you how many people have been honestly inspired by you over the years, myself included.
Side note here:  I can't believe how grown up Hunter is! She was just a little kid a blink ago.  Ever notice how your own daughter, grandkids, and greatgrands have all taken after your beauty?  Gimme those genes!   xoxoxo


To Toodie:  What a surprise that call was!  I was dancing for the rest of the night and I'm so glad we're keeping in touch.  It was Christmas-Come-Early! xoxoxo


To Sue:  HI!!!  Have thought of you so often, you can't imagine. There was a little 'blip' in my life and you had said to be very careful and I insisted I was. PFFT! Ended up awful and now I look back and wonder what on earth did I ever see in that person.  I must have lost my mind, but I did some great poetry then, haha.  Problem was...get this....right after I said don't ever, ever contact me again, ransomware hit me and wiped out 24 poems (one being the best I ever did in my life, darn it) and my piddlin' book.  I've been rewriting it and changing a wholeeeeee lot and one day I might actually finish it, we'll see.  Man, what an ordeal.  Let's say I broke down and bought Carbonite for backup.  I'd backed up on an external but they got that, too.  Best laid plans....   xoxoxo


To Dianne:  I am so glad to see you! Start blogging again, Dianne; come on, do it.  If I can drag my sorry hiney to the keyboard from time to time, so can you (not that yours is sorry). Besides, I want to hear about Timmy!  How's your furniture with those claws? I ask because now I'm a convert to SureFit Slipcovers, haha. xoxoxo


It seems everyone, or most, dropped blogging in favor of facebook, ick.  I'm just not a fan and I doubt I ever go back to it. I miss the REAL part of everyone and that was only in our blogging.  Look how many folks we all met over the years and years and sure, it may have only been in typed words, but no one can tell me that we didn't get to know each other --- almost like we were all neighbors.  We laughed together, we cried together, we worried for each other and we celebrated all the wins.  A better support group there never was.  We need to drag them all back into the fold, even if it's only a once a week post, that's fine, too. I'm holding up a virtual sign, Come On Back, ya hear?

I wish we were all right next door, but this is the next best thing, and hear this: We are all sisters of our collective souls.  

                                                                                    coming home


Monday, December 11, 2017

The snow is still on the ground and so are my patio table umbrellas, ugh. It's been a crazy few days, I tell you. First, the weather said snow, snow, snow, and then 2 days later they said it would miss us. Listen, I love snow and use it to give myself excuses to do nothing, but this year is different. In Oct. this skinny, forlorn cat showed up in my backyard. Being the bleeding heart for animals I am, I called to him and he came running. Hungry! I fed him, and fed him, and wondered just how much a cat could put away -- he'd now eaten 2 big cans of Little Friskies -- and so gave him dried food, too, and that was gobbled up in no time flat. Then he climbed into my lap and fell asleep. The next day, he was still there and so I started posting flyers and making calls and still feeding him. The next day, the owners were found and I was thrilled! He was such a sweetheart of a cat that I was sure he had a home that missed him. Well, he had a home all right but it was right on the highway and as they began telling me how much they'd missed him, they also said, without missing a breath, "But you can have him if you want him." WHAT?? Who says that about their pet?? I was positive I was hearing things and so we bundled him up in my carrier and they took him home. The next day he was back in my yard. I called them and they said they thought it was because their other 2 cats beat the living daylights out of him every day. Omg, no wonder he ran away. So here's this sweet cat in my yard again and they said they were coming (again) to get him. I was not feeling good about it at all, but they didn't show up. A week went by and guilt set in that I was sort of kidnapping this cat and so I bundled him up and took him to his house. I drove home and there he was -- he'd beat me to my own home and was waiting in the driveway. I wrote a letter to the 'owners' and said what happened and this time there was no mistake, they said, "Good. He seems to be happier there". No emotion. I said I was keeping him. It seems that other cat of theirs, the ringleader of bullies, is named Ammo (God, who names their pet a violent name like that), and so they'd named 'my' cat Chamo which stood for camouflage since he'd try to hide from the bullie. It took me 2 days of calling him by a new name, only 2, and he got it. His name is now Happy. Now Happy is not fond of other cats but I understand why. I still have my Sam & Lucy inside and they are now going on 13 and 14. Happy is 2.5. Sam doesn't like other cats and so this is not exactly a match made in Heaven. I'm not giving up but this co-mingling is going to take a long, long and patient time. In the meantime, he can't come inside and in fact doesn't want to because he knows they're there. It's ok. I spent $250 on a double insulated (rated at R20), heated cat house with extra heating pads, squooshy bedding, a rewired back porch to make sure it's always heated, an entrance where nothing can get to him, and he loves it. He also loves the 2 litter boxes so his toes don't get cold in the yard/snow, the abundance of toys that he plays with all the time, breakfast, lunch, and dinner with snacks no less, AND my winter fur coat in one of the chairs in case he wants to lounge (and he does). He's got it made. But back to the beginning of this post -- after all this he has and can't possibly get cold, I still worry because we got a ton of snow for 2 straight days. So much that I forgot to take down the patio table umbrellas and it broke the metal poles in half and almost shattered one of the glass tables. And Happy? Well, he sauntered down the steps, looped his tail in play, and ran all over the backyard in the snow; leaping, skidding, running, and having a ball as he ran back to the porch, through the boxwoods and the snow plummeted onto his head. He didn't care. I swear he laughed.
Later, JennyD XOXOXO

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Test, just a test ....

I haven't been able to access this old blog of mine for a few years now and have had a terrible time trying to post on anyone else's as well. Today I'm trying sort of a backdoor process to see if it will take a post or not. Interestingly, after researching for so long that I can't even count anymore, I first tried my old email address that I never use --- bingo, it signed me in to my blog. Then I tried to change my info to my new email address so it would be a LOT easier for me. Nope. Won't take and you know what it says? You can't use a gmail for a blogger. Don't they realize that the majority use gmail these days? Who's up there twiddlin' thumbs?? Oh well, it won't help to rant. Just trying a post, that's all. I miss blogging and honestly, I do not like FB and haven't posted on that for a year and 3 months. The only plus I see to keeping my FB is to know if someone has died or not. I loved blogger. I loved knowing what people were actually doing and actually 'thought' about things. Ok, ok, if I keep typing, it will be a book. Let me see if this posts, that's all I want to know. If it does, I'll be back...but I might be all by myself. (I need to ck my cat blog, too; oh lordy) XOXOXO

Friday, August 22, 2014

As I trip over my own feet again…..

Yes, it’s apologies.  Seems to be that way all the time.  When I don’t feel particularly great, or I’m in pain as has been the case since last year, I don’t write. I just don’t have it in me to do it.  Then the surgeries came along.  Well, the hernia/Gerd/gall bladder one went ok but the aftermath has been…awful.  I’m not going into it.  Let’s say I spend a LOT of time in another room.  The knee surgery was slow in healing until that PT guy got hold of me.  He has really, really damaged something and I am always in pain now.  Don’t say to go back to the surgeon, I did.  He didn’t listen at all but he did keep asking how his new shirt looked.  The outfit he’s with is ranked as THE best, so going to anyone puts me right back in with the same group.  Even the PT group is owned by them.  Besides, after this, I’m not so certain I’d ever allow anyone around my knee again.  There you have it.  No writings as you know, no replies to anything, and just hibernating.  Toodie-Nancy told me I should blog right through the ups and the downs but I felt so crappy I couldn’t.  I even got the longest and most wonderful newsy email from Carrie and I haven’t replied to that, either.  I feel like the worst friend. 

I had a notification from my high school class that they’d opened a FB page. I didn’t have or want a FB page.  I mean, for heaven’s sake, if I wasn’t keeping up with my blog, why would it be any different with FB?  After a dozen letters came in, I caved and opened a page last night.  Oh geezy, why oh why.  The whole thing is sort of throwing me for a loop at the moment, but I’m trying to learn to work the darn site.  Everyone says they love it….maybe I will, maybe I won’t.  Gawd, I’m getting older by the second when I can’t navigate some site.  At least I discovered the “Home” button today and that really, really helped.  We’ll see, we’ll see.

I’m not saying I’m completely giving up on blogging, but I know this extended leave will continue.  Hate to type a sentence and then have to get up and go to the other room.  Do you have any idea how long it took to write this?  Don’t ask.  I have always loved blogging.  I love my blog friends and I love to write and I love to see what everyone is up to, but well…..the other room, you know, the one with the tub?  It’s calling again.  For lord’s sake, how much can even be in a person.  TMI.

For anyone that’s interested, I did copy the link to my FB page, and here it is at the bottom of this post. It’s showing my maiden name first for the school info. I hate losing touch, honestly I do. 

I send oodles of heart felt love and hugs to all of you  Red heartXOXOXO