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Honey, I'm Home's Morning Mantra ~~ Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh NO, She's up!"

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My FIRST Smartphone!

I broke down and finally bought one, yessirree, I did. My old cell was a little flip phone and it was fine for me for years but now the sound was awful and I had to keep it on speaker phone all the time and STILL hold it up to my head to hear. I thought it was just me but it wasn’t. No one else could hear with that old thing, either. That was my first wake up call to buy a new phone. Then there were the tornado warnings that we seem to get a lot more than in the old days. I’d see the warnings show on TV, snatch up the cats and we’d all head to the basement….and sit, and sit, and sit. There was no way to know if it was over or if we should stay down there. Yes, another reason for a decent cell phone where I could have a “Live” weather app. Consumer Cellular to the rescue! I love that company and if you don’t know about them, you really should bone up on their site. Best prices and services that you could ever imagine and I’ve been using their plans for 5 years now (and wish I’d started years and years ago). Well, they also sell all types of cell phones and so that’s where I went. I had no intention of buying the newest as you’d have to have a gun to my head to fork over mega hundreds or even into a thousand bucks for a phone. A phone! Geezy peezy. I just want it to have great sound and the ability to call and receive and text and email and go online when I need to. Wow. What I found was that it not only does all that but holy smoke, I can hold it out at a store that takes Apple pay and bingo, it does all the work! I absolutely LOVE this thing. I bought the older (not ancient) Apple iPhone SE. That one came out after the 5’s and with the 6’s and has iOS 11 which is the latest operating system out there.. Reviews post that it’s been the best of all of them other than it’s physically smaller. Men love the smallness because it fits in a pocket. I’m getting used to squinting. No worries, I just adore this new gadget, and the price was terrific, $160. Brand new, not used; and my monthly billing with CC is still incredibly low, as in $19.95 per month and that’s with unlimited text, I chose a lower amount of talk minutes because I’m always on wifi and my data is next to nothing because I don’t download a bunch of apps. The phone came loaded with all the apps I’d ever need. Yay! I feel like I stepped into the world, haha. I even took this photo of my Lucy this evening with the cell camera and I have to say, that camera does a really nice job! I sent it to myself in email and here it is (click to enlarge):
Ok, that was the good news. Now for the ick. I have an abscessed tooth and it hurts! I am on a good antibiotic but it’s taking its sweet time working. Tomorrow is the last day of pills. Luckily, my dentist wrote the Rx for a refill, so I’ll be trotting back to the store to pick up another round. In the meantime, I’m being very quiet because my face hurts from the abscess and I’ve had a roaring headache on that side for a whole week. I’ll be back around to visit in not too long, but until then, be good, have fun, and BLOG! XOXOXO

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Throw WAYYY Back Thursday ~~

It was Christmas. I was 4 yrs old and can still remember this day. First 2-wheel bike, but with training wheels, of course. The tall case beside me opened and housed my favorite doll with her clothes on miniature hangers. And way over on the right was a pink stuffed animal that I had up until my last move. The curtains were the real thing of the day – big red and pink and green cabbage roses, haha. Much ado was made over “placing” the tinsel so that each piece hung straight and wasn’t just thrown on. Didn’t matter, my dog and cat made mincemeat out of it all before the day was up. My most loved present was the book on my lap. I was an early reader and would curl up anywhere I could find, have Winnie (dog) and Bootsie (cat) right beside me, and read all day long. That particular book was a geography book and I thought it was glorious with all the pictures so huge and the colors so bright. I actually thought I was seeing the whole world. Good days, yes indeed.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

And He Crowed With Anticipation ~~

Oh, how I wish I could have made a video of this! Happy and his hover of crows had a real game going this morning and here’s how it went:

Happy was calming walking down my driveway towards the street. “Oh, nooo”, I thought, as I’m always worried about cars. But he always stops, looks both ways, and then crosses when it’s safe and heads through the neighbor’s backyard.  It was the same today, except….all of a sudden 4 crows landed in the street!  Happy froze because they were almost as big as he is and he’d never seen something that big fly.  “Is this a sign?”, he thought; “Can I fly?”  The crows walked back and forth, heckling him and moving ever closer still.  Happy was transfixed but then crouched down to the belly-run position. He ran at the first one but lo and behold, the first one shot straight up into the air! Happy’s head did a double take and looked up and his mouth was actually open in disbelief!  Then he looked back and there they were, 4 crows in 4 corners and he was in the middle, uh oh.  Trapped like a rat…ummm, cat.  They started to close in, cawing out insults to him and he was swinging his head to every corner.  He crouched again and decided to make the lunge.  Mistake. They lunged first, never touched him, but he started yelling like he was being killed as he leapt/FLEW 3 feet into the air. Never touched him!  They backed up, still in a square with Happy still in the middle.  His eyes were WIDE and his mouth was open as if to say, “Holy Sh*t”.  He crouched again, but this time he took a breath and ran like the devil himself was after him and tore back across the street, down the driveway, to the backyard, up the back porch, and jumped into a blanket-covered chair and sunk himself into the covers with only his eyes looking over the chair arms.

I felt like I was watching a movie in production and I ran from window to window so as not to miss even a second.  It was all I could do to not howl with laughter but I didn’t want to interrupt a moment of this.  Poor Happy, put down by crows.  I think this was the beginning and end of his crow hunting days.

Tonight will be 12 degrees and I’ll have him inside for sure from about 6 or 7pm on.  It won’t even hit 30 until about 1pm tomorrow and then even colder tomorrow night with low 20s for the days and right through the New Year.  These next few days will not be easy on him or me as he likes to be outside and then come in when he’s ready --- that will be about every 20 minutes, I think.  Come on Spring.

                                                                                                           gray and white cat 101717

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Dinwiddie Divas ~~

Crazy title, I know, but the phrase came about by my neighbor, Bev, up the street, who had a great holiday party for just the women in our neighborhood.  It was fabulous and jammed packed with women from my street and then both streets on either side.  We all had such fun that it was dubbed The Dinwiddie Divas in salute to our street name.  I’m hoping this begins a tradition!

My own tradition for this street has been going on for 9 years.  Every Christmas, I get into my little red car wearing a red cape and take gift bags to my neighbors up and down the street.  Now it’s funny because they all know who’s doing it but I still try to hide that it’s me!  Today was gift day and at one of the houses, I sneaked up to the door, cracked it open, put the bag down and softly shut the door and then rang the bell and ran like the devil.  JUST as I got into my car, she came to the door and saw me and started laughing while I was throwing my arms over my head and yelling, “You don’t seeeee meeeee!”  It’s like this every year and all of us get a good laugh but don’t you know I have the best time of all!

We’ve had a few days of 50’s and 60’s weather but chilly nights.  Now it’s heading back down again and one of the nights this week will be in the teens, brrrrr.  My newest adoptee, Happy, is now sleeping in the house at night, NOT with my other 2 cats yet, but he has the run of the kitchen (with a bed) and the run of the basement (with TWO beds, one heated), toys, and me cuddling with him for about an hour until he gets too hot and heads downstairs to his cooler bed of choice.  The thing is, I have 2 KittyTubes which I described before and he’d be just fine in either of them on the porch, but it’s the mother in me.  I hate the idea of him even ‘maybe’ getting chilly and so now he’s already waiting at the door to come inside to his winter home of kitchen/basement living.  As I type this, he’s been in his bed for 30 minutes and tomorrow morning I’ll actually have to wake him up for breakfast.  He’s such a love.  Am I pretty eaten up with this guy?  Oh, yeah.

                                                                                        Happy cat 110217 back porch nap 2

Well, folks, obviously I didn’t have a ton of news and was really mostly rambling out thoughts of the day, but just in case I don’t post until after Christmas, know that I am SO glad to be back, SO glad to see YOU, and SO happy that with a little time, patience and work, we’ll get a great crew going again.  Until then, Merry, MERRY Christmas to each of you and I say that with a huge smile and open arms that are hugging us all together.  XOXOXO