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Monday, June 28, 2010

Extreme Heat Means No News, Just Sweat~~

It is just too, too hot for man or beast. Today is yet another day of 102F. No rain in weeks and everything is scorched if not blackened. I know I've talked about this before but nothing has changed at this end of the compass. Everyone stays inside and the air is totally still and health warnings still run at the bottom of the TV. I was talking to Curtis the other day (if he's not on your list to follow, he should be) and found out he's getting rainy day after rainy day up in Winnipeg. The Rain Gods forgot about us in Virginia, I think. Do you know the grass actually crunches when you walk on it now? Even though the sun was blaring and you couldn't even catch your breath, I went outside to the backyard and hooked up the sprinkler for the birds, chipmuncks, and the squirrels and anything else that wanted a break in the day. It's one of those sprinklers that does a swathe of almost the entire length of the yard and goes wayyyy up in the air. Don't you love it when it's up in the air and makes a rainbow? I'd forgotten how pretty that is. It also must have been the "sign" for all the wildlife to show up. Birds that don't normally get along and the muncks and squirrels who normally are very territorial all shared in the wealth of the water. They were running back and forth, chirping, and chattering and I could have sworn I saw one of them stand on their hind legs and raise up their little front legs to heaven in a thank you prayer. Next, the robins showed up and stood right under the water until they looked like totally drowned birds, but boy, soooo happy. I left the sprinkler running for 3 hours for them, then turned it off and put out food and water dishes for each group. I've never seen such happy critters and it was amazing to see a bird and a munck share a water dish at the very same time. Well, now my backyard looks like Dogpatch, ugh. Dishes on the ground and all I need are hounds draped over the porch and half the roof falling down. HeeeHawwww. It's ok; it's for a good cause, right?

I had every intention of heading to the hardware store today for one of those do-hickies that let you hook 2 hoses to 1 faucet outside. Just too damn hot. I looked out the front windows today and saw my ivy around the porch was turning very, very yellow and totally dried. I don't want to lose that ivy but don't know if it's going to live through this heat any longer or not. The only thing still holding on are the cascading petunias on the back porch, but that's because I drown them half to death every day -- but cascading they surely are (Photo at top because I STILL can't get them to move, arghhhhhh) As you can see, I might as well just drop in a bunch of photos at the same time because not one of them is going to go where it's supposed to. I'm about ready to give up. But if you're reading this "no news" blog of mine today, you'll figure out what goes with what.

Two pictures are of new birdhouses I have. I love these. One is in the very back of the yard and the other is on the side of the house. They are made of resin and then handpainted and sealed. The best and smartest part of them is the underside. It unscrews so that you can clean out the house once it's finished for the season and then have a totally clean birdhouse for the next mating season. Smart!

Then there's the picture of the stone dog on the steps of the front porch. Sentiment for me. I had bought Mom 2 stone dogs, one for the back (gray) and one for the front (this blonde one). It happened to be identical to her favorite pooch, Mitzy, so how could I pass them up? I took them to her a few years ago and she loved them. I told her I'd put them outside for her (they're as heavy as a car) but she said no, she'd have it done later. Well, 3-4 yrs go by and the dogs are still sitting inside, albeit in different rooms. When I moved in last year, I knew these cement dogs needed to be outside. So here's one on the front (Ok, now's the time to scroll up to see the dogs).
I might as well drop in one more, why not. Nothing to say, that's for sure. Ok, this shot is of the house from the righthand side, lol. Wow, so different from the left....kidding. And one sort of looking through the porch from the side.......

That is IT for me today. Maybe something exciting will happen in a few days.....rain?



  1. hi jenny, its me nita - good to find you on here, do you remember we were in touch on live spaces - I am sitting here sweating in nearly 90 degrees, in england, dont know what I would do in your heat. lol.

  2. We have had the heat here in central Illinois along with a lot of rain; over 5 inches above normal this month. I wish I could share it with you and your critters. Today has been lovely with temp in the 80s andlow humidity. Sheer heaven.
    Your pictures are beautiful. You have a lovely home. Hugs, Beth

  3. hi again jenny, thanks for your visit and comments, have answered you on my comments. I am so thankful to the lord for all he has done for me and my family, probably dont say it often enough, but I AM - along with lots of others, we have been through some tough times and to an extent still have problems in the family healthwise and financial wise, but god is good and does have it all in hand. Feel for you in the loss of your mother, mine died at the age of 56, 35 years ago, when amanda was just a babe, it is always hard. Anyway, here is to better, brighter things ahead, take care and god bless you - nita

  4. Hey dear Jenny!

    I can't believe I can comment here! WOW!
    I read all 3 blogs to catch up with you. I see you're doing good. :-) You have a wonderful house and property around. What about your cats?
    I am still on space, I am not giving up so quickly ... and I'm hoping you'll be able to sign in and "fly around". :-) Maybe this both will work.
    I am so very happy you are back!

    p.s. We're having hot days too. Kyra had a bath yesterday. She wasn't so happy at 1st but right after when we went out she was rolling on the grass, running, jumping and smiling. ;-)


  5. Oh you have such a beautiful place. I'd love to run through your sprinklers in my sunsuit. remember those? They tied on top of shoulders? The dry crunch of broken grass is ah bit of drought I'd say. You'd best have ah party tonight and do a rain dance! I am sure you have acquired animal friends with your seed and water. Wait till they come to your bedroom window at night...lol! I hope ya find the dohinky for the water nozzle. Then there will be a watering limit right? Have fun today and use a spray bottle filled with ice and water to spritz yerself every once in ah while ;-)

  6. Man it ain't right it bein' that hot cept n sum places which I ain't mention n. I was takin' a look at them birdie houses and that one is really FAAAARRRRRRRR OUT man. Birds would have to be tripin' to wanna live in there. Stay cool and let the little critters have some of the water hose fun to ya hear.

  7. Hello there my new friend...(I still can't get used to the term 'followers' sounds a tad sinister to me.lol!!)but a happy follower I am,and I love reading your descriptions of your day. Wonderful to see where you live... and as to the sprinkler well, It's so hot here at the moment (not as hot as your temperature...but cooking all the same) that I'd gladly stand under it... fighting for room with the local critters and trying to follow the rainbow created by the sun and arc of water, to gain the pot of gold. I think the gold must be the sunshine, because there's lots of it...The dog looks really happy where you've placed him, smiling in fact, (do you have a name for him? I always name things,totally mad I know)the rest of the photo's showing wonderful scenes of your home and garden look sumptuous, must be so peaceful to sit out on the porch rocking chair.
    DO you find that taking photo's of your home gives you an added pleasure, as if seeing your home again through different eyes, almost an awakening to the beauty of it again?...
    ah well...having caught up I'd best have a look through your back logs...Why is there never enough time in the day?...I sit here and hours pass as if mere minutes, and still there's so much to catch up on...Have a glorious day...x

  8. Love your pictures, girl. So beautiful!! Wish I could be sittin' on that pretty front porch rockin' and talkin' to you!!

    Cute, cute birdhouses; I've never seen any like them!!

    Have a 'cool' day, Jenny. :)

  9. You yard and and just everything is so beauttiful Jenny , Its a dream house of me. We redid our old farm house and its nice but I sure love yous. Sorry to hear about the heat. Take it easy and stay inside. Its cooler here today. I might stay in and blog or go and see my brother who is doing so much better.
    Have a beautiful day. and sorry to hear about your vine. Its hard when the plants we love need water and just cant get enought and soon try and kick off.
    I guess I could go on and on and on.
    Hugs today xoxox

  10. I have a swing on my deck and use it so much . Early mornings and late nights and I guess during the day and would I love Love to sit on your deck so you may find me here from time to time on a chair or bench thinking about life and enjoying the beautiful surroundings here.
    Smiles and Hugs again.

  11. Jenny, your Garnett story moved me so much. I wanted more and more and more.