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Friday, April 11, 2014

More Tea? ~~~

The March Hare says to Alice, "Take some more tea", and she says, "But I've had nothing yet, so I can't take more".....


And so it goes with our local weather forecasters. "Get ready! Get ready! Torrential rains to fall today and tonight with major flooding possible!"

Our exceptionally dramatic weatherman on one of our channels throws his hands and arms out, lunges from West to East, and you can almost hear the WOOOSHHHH as he builds to a crescendo of excitement over the upcoming weather. Did he say rain?  Did he say blizzard-like snow?  We the viewers always get that omygosh-better-get-to-the-store-and-hunker-down-for-the-duration feeling in the pit of our stomachs and sometimes actually brave the entire population that has decided to go to the store at the exact same moment. We've all been there. Many, many times.  Too many if you live where I do.  That's not to say I don't enjoy watching the antics of our weathermen all trying to outdo each other, channel to channel, but here's the ruse:  There was no torrential rain, and there was no blizzard, at least not even close to when they said it would happen.  Maybe the month before, maybe the month after, but when it was forecast?  Not even close.
A good example was 2 weeks ago when we were 'supposed' to get the very last snow of the season and holy moley, for 2 days they ran all the dire warnings at the bottom of the TV screen:  BIG storm, get ready! 6-8 inches of snow on top of 2 inches of ice. It's coming and it's starting tonight, all day tomorrow and tomorrow night. Be prepared!  PFFT.  We all got up expecting to hear that the entire state was cut off from humanity and what did we see? Let's put it this way, I went out to my car in my slippers and saw maybe, and that's a stretch of a maybe, a quarter inch of snow and no ice.  Nothing new. Shook my head and went back inside and fixed a pot of coffee.
Now the reason I tell you this is because THIS week, the weathermen, all of them, said, "Heavy rains expected tomorrow with up to 2 inches in a very short period of time"....but then they added, "....just like we had 2 weeks ago".  What? What planet are they coming from? Maybe it's easier to gloss it over and make us 'think' we actually had that giant snow. The power of suggestion? I think the weathermen have all completely lost it. I say listen to your bones and bunions; those are never wrong. Am I right or am I right? Now my knee can jump into the forecasting business and shoot, I should apply for the weatherman's job! I can stand up there and say in all confidence, "Enny, me-knee, MY-knee, Mo'",  what's that? Mo' weather in store? I don't know, we haven't had any yet.

                                     ~~~With Apologies to Alice~~~

                                 hare 2



In other less important news but just to catch up, today I had my stitches taken out, yayyyyy.  I had questions about this darn ‘clicking’ that is happening and when it does, it feels like a piano wire running through my leg that vibrates. Really sort of worried me but he said it ‘should be’ gone in another month, maybe 2, but that I am doing, and these are his words (I’m puffing up as I type this), EXTRAORDINARILY well.  He said I was actually ahead of the game!  I love that! I do still have to wear this very ugly compression stocking for 3-4 more weeks, though.  So now I look like Igor draggin’ a leg with a stocking on it, and all I’m missing is the hump. 

                                                                Open-mouthed smile


  1. HAD to laugh at that Igor reference! I lost track of the girls' v\blog address so I haven't seen Lucy for awhile. xo

  2. It is good to see you back Jenny! I am so glad that you are doing well! Don't forget to do exactly what the doctor orders, especially if he is young and handsome! :-)

  3. You have to have lots of tea watching the drama weather predicktor. Trust your bones joints and for heavens sake stand outside and look up. Right? Lick the finger for wind direction. Why lick it? Ennaway so good to hear you are doing so well. Glad you posted and hoped it was more than one finger of choice. LOL!!!Do what the doctah says ok? Hugs to you my friend!

  4. Hey Jenny! I'm not sure what you had done to your knee, but good to hear you're doing so well. The compression stocking was by far the worst part of my hip replacement. I wore that sucker for two solid weeks and couldn't wait to take it off and throw it away. You must be doing your exercises and all the other things the medical people tell you to do. It's really the the best thing for YOU. Congrats on your progress.

    About my hip...I was walking without a walker or cane in less than a month. I started doing the exercises about two weeks before surgery and I think that may have helped. I'm still doing them twice a day and working up to going out for a daily walk. The physical therapist warned me about doing too much and she was right. I walked quite a distance three days in a row and I was sore. She said I did two things wrong. I went too far and too often. So I'm learning more isn't always better. But, it's just so good to be able to go out and do things without being in so darned much pain. Have a great weekend!

  5. So good to see you, young lady. I'm glad the surgery is over, and the stitches are out. I've never had to wear those stockings, but can see how they'd be a pain in the arse. Take care, and get well soon! xoxo

  6. Methinks the weathermen are pulling your legs and that is why you must wear spandex stockings, no? Not so they'll snap right back? Good to know you are hopping right along.

  7. I don't have any young handsome doctors Jenny. In fact a couple of my doctors think that they were made in the image of God. LOL!! Do take care of yourself as you are a special lady!

  8. Jenny- I am so glad that you are doing so well even if you do have to wear leg girdles!
    My son lived in an apartment building and there were THREE weathermen from TWO different stations that rented there. They told him that if they got the weather right 47%!!!! of the time they were considered some of the best. OMG- Glad they aren't brain surgeons!

    Fun to see you here and posting and you are still a NoReply-which I am SURE you know!;.) Have a great rest of the weekend. I am watching my granddaughter who is not feeling well. Movies, popsicles, fairy stories and chicken noodle soup seem to be the magic "fix". xo Diana

  9. Hi-I had to come back here to reply to your email because I can't do it directly because of the No Reply thing.

    At the top of your page you should see the word Design. If you click on that it takes you to what our "dashboard" is today. It has changed a lot since I first started too. We will get this figured out yet!
    Here is the link to fix your No Reply status. If you are NOT part of Google PLUS DO NOT sign up for it. It screws up all your settings and you will have to reset things when you use it.
    Let me know if this works for you.-just copy and paste it into your browser. Good luck!;>)

  10. Hi Jenny, Pleased you are doing well, good to see you blogging. Take care, ignore the weather men, hope your Easter is sunny and blessed. xxx

  11. So glad to hear you leg is on the mend. I so feel the weather men are blowing up sensationalizing the weather these days. It's like crying wolf. One day when people really need to get ready for a big one they won't because of so many false alarms. Hope you are having a wonderful Easter just quiet here at the ranch fixing leaks. Poor hubby at 76 has been stretch on in cupboards opening trying to fix pipes that sprang leaks after our return. I am still trying to get the house in order. I think that may never happen again in my life time. LOL