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Sunday, April 13, 2014

To Enter Blog Heaven, read THIS ~~~

Amazing how things come about for us, isn’t it?  If I hadn’t met Diana (Nana Diana Takes a Break), I never would have found out about my “no-reply” status and all the wonders it could open for me if I fixed that problem.  See, Diana kept telling me but I couldn’t understand what she meant.  I saw for myself that there was always a reply button under where I’d just posted a comment to someone on their page, so thought she must not be seeing that.  Ha.  Had nothing to do with “no-reply” at all.  Not even a smidgeon.

Then, last week, I left a bunch of replies on my own page, under the replies that others had left.  Bling…the light went off in my head, and so on Toodie-Nancy’s I also added that I wondered if she’d see it when she looked at her comments.  Ahhhh, by luck, she went back to my page and saw my question to her, and noooo, she had not gotten any notification that a comment on a comment was left.  Now it was coming together in my head what Diana was talking about and I realized that for years and years, I’d gone back to someone’s page to see if they’d replied to a comment I’d left for them.  Wow, talk about work, but it was the only way to tell.  I’ll bet you anything that you, too, have been going back to someone’s page to see if anything additional was said to you on ‘their’ page.

Wait until you see this fix!  EASY and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread!

First, let me say that when my emails were coming in and showing replies to my page, that was good in itself because we didn’t used to have that so many years ago.  But today, after fixing my own setting (you’ll see) from Diana prodding me along and giving such fabulous advice and the most perfect link in the world, I looked at my emails and hovered over your email addresses.  Guess what I saw --- most everyone (not Sally) was a “no-reply” blogger!   That meant you could see the comments left on your page, but you still had to go back to theirs to see if they’d left a comment to you THERE rather than on your own page.  So I fixed what needed to be fixed and tried it out and WHAM! Perfection!

Now, here it comes.  When you fix this setting, you will be able to comment in your emails that arrive and then continue to do that even after they leave something to you on their own page.  It’s just like emailing back and forth and all stemming from the initial comment.  Oh my gosh, it is SO wonderful!  Here is the link.  Read it very, very carefully, because the fix is a different step if you use Google Plus as opposed to regular old blogger like I use.  IF you are on old blogger, do NOT change to Plus because it will mess up all the settings you now have.  Just follow the instructions.  Diana was adamant about that, so believe her.


Since I’m old style blogger, here’s what I did, and it was per the instructions. In that link, just a little ways down, it said “Here’s how to fix it: Go to your edit profile page…click HERE to get there quickly…”  and that’s where I clicked.  I was now on the correct page to fix.  I ticked “show my email”, then clicked save at the bottom, and it was done.

Now when anyone leaves comments, you’ll see them in email, can comment back to them by replying in email, and so on.  What a breath of fresh air!  Diana and I tried it back and forth a few times and it works like a charm. 

Bet you love that sliced bread now!  I sure do, and I adore Diana!


(The only drawback I can see is that after the initial comment, you will not see the subsequent 'replies on replies' from the other (same) blogger on your page. You always see the first reply, just not the running commentary between the 2 of you. Sometimes it's nice to see a running commentary because it makes others think and then they, too, get in the conversation, but boyyyyy, the work of going back and forth between pages, you know?  And besides, it doesn’t stop you from going back to someone’s page and posting openly at all. It’s like 2 gifts in 1.)


Small update:

nookworm is no-reply
Cindy at bird bath and beyond is no-reply
Carole at Ramblingon is no-reply
Joe at Joe and Co is no-reply
Toodie-Nancy is working on it, lol,

…and Sally at Whispering Hope DOES have reply, so if her emails are dwindling, it’s because her commenters need to fix their settings.


  1. I know I'm not the Sally you're referring to 'cause I don't know nothin' about nothin' ya'll are talking about. I used to be able to reply to a comment when I'd get an email, but for the most part I'm not getting many of those anymore either. I've noticed on some other blogs (yours included) that you reply right after the comment so that it appears on your actual blog in the comment section.

    If I didn't have a screamin' headache right now, I'd try to figure all this out. But, I'll be back, and thank you for sharing this information, Jenny. I hope you're having a pain free day, and taking good care of yourself.

  2. As ya'll can see, Sally (and it was THE Sally) left a comment here, and I was notified by email that she did, plus it gave me the entire comment she'd left.
    I 'replied' to her by using that very email with a nice long explanation which she'll see when she gets rid of that headache.
    The only reason I could reply to that email notification, is because her email address showed as I hovered over her name on the email. That meant she was NOT a "no-reply" blogger and her settings were on target.
    I'm hoping she can teach her followers that she cannot reply to by email the same trick. Sure makes it easier.
    And remember, this is only for the making of a comment TO a comment, not the visit and first comment when you see a new post. Everyone will still see your page on that first visit of the new post and still make that first comment on that page, too.

  3. I have always been informed by email of the comments left on my blog. Diana is such a sweetie to us all!!

  4. GOOD JOB, SISTAH!!!! I KNEW you could do it----and you did. Personally, I like that the emails back and forth after the initial comment are private. I think that is how we develop really close, personal relationships one on one. I know so many of my followers so well and it is because we can talk about personal things and know that no one else is privy to that information.
    You did good, girl....very very good! Us old broads gotta stick together! lol xo Diana

  5. Maybe I got it and maybe I didn't. Time will tell. Stuff like this is confusing to me.

  6. I hope I did it. Let's see what happens.
    Hocus Pokus!!!

  7. Will respond to this later on.. I am so confused this morning.. not a great day so far.. hope the week goes better..for us both!! :-)

  8. I'm working on it...hang in there!

  9. I tried this too.. and I stay to the old way. :) It works best for me. I cant sit here for long and Im on the go..

    I will stop by from time to time to see how your doing.

  10. I was a no reply and just changed mine to enable the email. You are so right how often people have left question or I did and wonder if I answer on the comment with they come back to see it. I had just answered on of yours with a reply on the email not sure if that was the same. I also don't have a lot of time for to much typing here as my shoulders and neck can only take a little at a time. Happy Spring and thanks for sharing this.