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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Do Things Really Happen in 3’s?

                                                             Sad smile

Arlene, our good, good friend and blogster, wrote to me asking where I was. Yes, it’s been a long time again and I felt I really owed an explanation, so here is the letter I sent to her, and it also goes to you:


You have got to be the dearest soul on the planet, Arlene.  I don't mean to disappear.  I think of all the years on WindowsLive Blog and never missed a post.  Then we get to Blogspot and I was ok for a good while but as you know, first Mom died, then my 8 closest friends all in the course of that year.  THEN, I got sick.  All I can say is I hope that I'm getting closer to the end of all the crappy luck.  This knee surgery has been the pits.  It is very, very uncomfortable to sit at the computer for anything.  I hate sitting in chairs for more than about 5 minutes and then have to stand or lie down.  This blasted PT therapist has really hurt me.  A few weeks ago, I was actually getting better and could take the steps up and down.  BUT....he decided on his own that something could be out of place and he literally gouged his finger under my knee cap and you could have heard me scream for miles.  He jumped back and all he said was Opps.  Because of that, I was back on a cane, couldn't do steps, couldn't sleep for the pain and had to cancel the next appointment.  The following week, which was last week, I told him what he did set me back weeks and weeks and now the pain was as bad as the day after the original surgery.  He apologized but then strapped weights to my ankle for the first exercises.  I told him no in no uncertain terms, that it hurt to the point of screaming and that it also was killing my back where I had plates and screws (from breaking my back in '92).  The girl helping him immediately took off the weights, but when she walked off, he put them right back on, telling me it would be fine, and then let go of my leg. I yelled bloody murder.  That was last Thursday.  I have upcoming appts every other day for the next 2 weeks beginning tomorrow but as soon as I finish writing to you, I am calling and cancelling all of them.  He is not going to do this to me ever again.  From the movement under the knee cap to the pain now running the entire length of my leg and to under my foot, I am positive he's made a new rip in the meniscus.  I have a followup appt with the surgeon on June 10th and even though he never listens at all and only keeps saying how great I look and how glad he is to see me, I will tell him what has happened and if he wants to do a new MRI, fine, but he will never, ever be allowed to operate on me again, either.  I'm just done with it all and want to rest my achin' bod and do my own leg/knee exercises and heal.....or at least heal to the point where I can bear it.  It's all been a nightmare and I had no idea I'd be out of commission for this long.  It's been 7 weeks so far, and I know the healing time is said to be 2 months at the earliest and goes all the way to 6 months, but I'll bet anything that didn't take all this into consideration.  I feel like the surgeon and the therapist walked right out of the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. 

So that's the story up to this point and I think I'll post this to my page just for an update, but I swear, as this is the way it is right now, I'm honestly not sure of when I'll write much.  Just this typing/sitting has my leg really, really hurting.  It's like piano wires strung too tight and then pinged.  What a bunch of crap to happen, ugh.

But rather than write and just bitch and complain, I'd rather not blog at all until I can be smiling and laughing again.  I sure hope you and the rest of our wonderful group understands.

Always love to you and missing you, too,



  1. Prayers for you Jennie! HUGS!!

  2. Jennie, Should you be hurting this long?? I hate how long it takes to get results , don't you. Praying for you to heal soon and be gone of the pain. xoxo,Susie

  3. I don't blame you at ALL for the way you feel about the dr AND the therapist. UGH is right.

    So sorry this has all happened to you sweet JennyD. Think about you a lot, and praying that you're better soon.

  4. OH- Jenny- I am so sorry you have had to suffer through all that crap! I am praying that you will get better soon and get some relief from your pain. I lived with chronic pain for several years so I can certainly sympathize with you. Blessings to you and I really wish I could help you in some way. Love to you- come back when you can- xo Diana

  5. Ah Jenny, this really stinks. I've been thinking of you and never expected things to be so screwed up. I really wish I had some advice to share so you could get better.

  6. Sorry about all that, Jennie!!!!!

  7. So sorry that there is no way I can help you except to tell you how sorry I am that you have to endure all of these complications. The main thing is for you to be well again and be able to enjoy the days ahead soon! SOON! Hang in.

  8. All we can do is pray for grace and healing my friend, you truly are not alone in this. God bless and keep you.

    1. Hello Jenny;

      I join everyone in their hearty, healing wishes for you.
      Very true what Joe says.
      And you know what? It takes real courage to listen to our own inner voice, and it rings so true that you will now listen to yourself, and take your own slower but steady healing path.
      I myself have had to give up playing guitar because of chronic arm pain.
      Recently I came across this timely/timeless article on self-healing.


      Jenny; this could really be good for you...there is real hope,...
      ...and who can argue with quantum physics?:))
      Well it's not a scientific article, - more about the solid evidence of self-healing and visualization.
      You are a tremendous, shining light in the world:)
      Everyone notices this about you.
      Now's the time to shine it on yourself girl!

      All the best,

  9. So sorry you have gone through so much. I hope and.pray you can soon put all this behind you and move on to good health and better things in life.
    ox's Dianne

  10. I know exactly what you mean about not blogging when everything is so depressing. I was actually there for the first four years of my blogging however I decided I wanted my blogs to be only uplifting and happy so that is all I shared. The world is full of so much doom and gloom I had to find some positive that was happening in my life to share and that is what I did. Funny how now as my life is getting back on course I have a harder time to get blogs out. I needed my happy blog place because I didn't feel it in my real world now I so busy with so many other activities that I avoided for years because I could not expose myself to too many outside involvements. I often wonder how long I will last this time before I push to hard and possible crumble. But I am happy and living again and the present is what counts. I thought I would never feel this way again. So my dear life has a way of taking you down sometimes only for you to rise higher when it is time for a return to full happiness. So many life lessons can be learned while down. I would never trade what I went through. You will rise again. Take your time and work through the pain I know that can be so much worse the mental pain. Sending healing hugs

  11. I missed this post!! I didn't scroll down I guess to find it. Oh good grief what was that guy thinking? I'm sorry you are going through all this. I hope you will blog, even if it's small posts. I'd hate for you to go awol again. Hugs!!!!

  12. Been thinking of you. Your ears ringing? They say that a sign someone is thinking or talking about you. "RING RING' LOL!!

  13. Hoping you are recovering and looking to see that an updated post is here! Thinking of you.

  14. It's July 15th and sending you healing hugs my friend. XXXXOOOOO

  15. Thinking of you and praying that you're doing better. Do you want me to come and take care of you, Jenny?


  16. JennyD, you've been on my mind, not even knowing what you've been going through. You will be in my prayers, hoping for a quick recovery.
    Thank you for visiting.

  17. I haddah dream...last night you were in a whole body cast due to doctor negligence.
    Oh, and sipping a lemon martoonie with ah straw LOL!!
    I hope you are on the mend!!!
    Hugs my friend!!!