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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Yeowww! ~~~

                        1st pt session

Yessirree, that is what it was like at my first physical therapy session today, but I’m the one on the table.  I’m definitely sore after the workout but I really, really liked the physical therapist --- he listened!  And he also said I should have been in PT beginning the 4th day after the surgery and shook his head at the time passed.  He brought me up to speed on the “real” story of this type of knee surgery.  He said the surgeon, albeit a good one, was dead wrong on telling patients they’d be good as new only a few days after the surgery.  The therapist said even the jocks were a good 2 months to healing, and my age group was certainly longer.  He heard the snap/crack in my shin and he understood when I told him about the tight wire-like feeling running down my leg that actually vibrates, and he was very familiar with my almost asleep feeling in my foot but when it touches the ground, my foot vibrates and moves right up my leg.  He said my range of motion in one particular direction was ahead of the game, but he could see that the swelling was still markedly noticeable and that showed inflammation and pain still going on.  He doesn’t think that the surgeon did anything wrong but does think that it was wrong not to send me to PT within days of the surgery and it takes longer now to get where I need to be.  That’s it in a nutshell although we talked and did measurements and exercises for another hour and made appointments for 2 days a week for a month and then see where it all stands and reschedule accordingly.  He told me to use the cane and to do the exercises he gave me 3 times a day (and a load of reps).  He believes he’s going to be able to rid me of this pain and get the healing going the way it should be.  I like him and I trust him and have a good feeling about him, so I can bear this beginning PT pain ---- sure, I might yell, but it’s for a good cause.  I’m up for it.  So here we go again,  taking care of this and icing and exercising, etc,, and being away from my pc for the most part, but I am determined to get better.  Lord knows when I’ll blog walk but will when it’s feasible and I get used to this new schedule.  Age, who needs it?  Ick.  Well, I guess it is better than the alternative, and besides, my furry ones, Sam and Lucy need me.

See you all when I can.  Enjoy this glorious weather get out and do things.  Pot some flowers.  Sit outside with a good book….add a glass of wine to that.  Wave to your neighbors, and light up the world with your beautiful smiles!

                                             Red heart Xoxoxo Red heart

PS/  Happy May 1st!   MAY POP!  (You have to really be old to know that one)

Here’s how it started:

                 1st dance

By the time I was in elementary school, the tradition changed from pigs’ bladders to hitting your friends over the heads with school books and yelling, MAY POP!.  Wow.  Could that have been just a Southern thing?  And all this time they thought the problem was in-breeding, opps.


  1. I hope therapy does it for you. The PT people I have met are the most wonderful people!!!!
    May pop, nope not heard of it. I am old so maybe I wasn't payin attention. Mostly May baskets. Take care Jen!

  2. So, so very glad you like the therapist, and here's hoping you'll be better SOON!


  3. It is good that you like the therapist! Hopefully he knows what he is doing and you will begin to get better! Praying for that!

  4. LOL about the May Pop-never heard that one before!

    I am so glad you like your PT guy. Sounds like he knows what he is doing and is much more in tune with reality than the dr that you had. At least you know what is happening is normal and there is hope for the future. It will be good to be pain free, Jenny.

    Happy May Day to you! xo Diana

  5. Yay! Some real answers and some REAL care! Happy!

  6. I'm glad you found someone to listen to you...that's a therapy in and of itself!

  7. That sounds most encouraging Jenny, I know what leg pain is, though I KNOW mine is nothing compared to what you're going through, I really hope this new fchap gets to the root of it and sorts you out good and proper, but sorry it's gonna be painful, No pain , no gain , they say, though 'they' have probably never had anything worse than a flea bite. LOL
    We have Morriss dancers doing their stuff down my way, and it really is good to watch, real Merrie Old England stuff, though I still prefer the bagpipes and a Highland Fling. , with luck and a following wind you'll be swirling your kilt some day soon. Hoots woman. XX

  8. Hello Jenny, and Happy May!
    "Jukebox City" sent me here;)

    In the song ''Speedball Tucker'', Jim Croce sings:
    "I drive a broke-down rig, may-pop tires,
    40 foot of overload..."

    So that's all I know 'bout that...
    ...now you tell me that if I get caught looking the other way, a Morris dancer
    May pop me one!!
    Can't say I'm fussy on pig bladders:(

    So glad to hear that you have found a steady path with your PT.
    Best wishes for your recovery:)

  9. Thank goodness the therapist is being more helpful and honest. After hearing about so many knee surgeries and more the # 1 rule has always been get started with physio as soon as possible to get movement back in the leg. And work it girl. I know the ones that doen't push through the pain never heal up and still have a limp. Sometimes those surgeons are so arrogant and no matter what age they think they know everything and what you have to say means nothing. Well I do hope and prayer you will be on the mend again soon. I so love your photo you used to represent how you feel. Have a wonderful week. Hugs Carrie

  10. Dear Jenny, Sorry it took me so long to come by for a visit. Thank you for stopping by my blog. It was so nice to hear from you. You have been through alot and you have often been in my thoughts and prayers over the past few yrs. Here is hoping the pt. works and you soon see, and feel positive results from your hard work. Keep going strong. Never give up.
    I am keeping this short as I am still not over my inner ear problems but doing better.
    Take care sweet Jenny. Hugs Dianne:)

  11. Thinking of you. Hope you are feeling better and better.

  12. We had a May Pole at school. Some crepe paper ribbons tied to the volley ball pole (don't laugh) and we all went around in a circle to music. Come to think of it, just hitting people on the head might of been easier, or at least more fun!

  13. Checking in to let you know that I have been thinking about you! I hope things are better for you!

  14. Thinking of you and checking in always hoping you will be here again and much better.

  15. I hope you're doing better, sweet lady. Thinking of you!! ((hugs))

  16. ????? come in and tell us about it...

  17. Now I have to give up and hope you are ok.