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Saturday, October 9, 2010

And The Beat Goes On...And on...and on...

Hi, all. I have no time to post except to let you know in short form what's happening.

Well, after my dear friend, Curtis, passed away (and by the way, today is his birthday), I lost 3 more friends here in my town. I had known and been very close with all of them, so that makes 4 in 3 months. Very rough. Than my neighbor across the street died and she's only 3 yrs older than I am. Her funeral was last Monday. To top it all off, last night I was working on another thing of my mother's that I found (and now have to redo her death taxes and also file for her for 2010, ugh) when the phone rang. It was my cousin, Alan, in Florida. The news was not good. He has colon cancer and is very, very sick. To make matters worse, someone has talked him into alternative approaches and he says he's not going to have the surgery. He says this guy who "used to be a doc" had actually left his practice to follow this route. Oh Lord. He's giving my cousin a song and dance about this perfect machine that makes water and that absolutely cures cancer and he has proof. Of course, the machine costs thousands of dollars. Are you and I surprised? Hell, no. My cousin is believing all this because that's what happens when people become desperate. He can't even sit for the pain. All he can do is lie down or stand. I wanted him to find someone to sell his house for him and for him to get on a plane and come here and stay with me. I would care for him and make sure he got to a hospital for surgery and treatments. He could live out the rest of his life, sick or well, here with me. He won't leave this quack of a doctor and he won't go back to the hospital for the surgery. He's only in Stage II now and he's wasting valuable time. He has been completely suckered. I have not given up on getting through to him. I've got all sorts of info lined up as I stayed up all night to track it down. That machine, no surprise, is a scam and there are law suits. I just hope he believes me when I drop all of this on him. I need to choose my words carefully so as not to push him away, but there's a good chance it will. I swear, this year is hard, hard, hard.

I miss you all and I miss keeping up. I haven't even dropped in anymore to see what's cookin'. Of course I guess you can see why. Geezy peezy, you don't want to live near me -- I'm starting to feel like a curse. Ok, can't stay online now. Still hoping to see you all soon. I know this is a trite statement, but I really do love you all. You are like family to me in your own way, each of you so, so special. You have to know that.



  1. Hi Jenny,
    You are in my thoughts and will be lifting you in prayer. take care and let us know how you are going, when you can. love and hugs - Nita

  2. Jenny! Man did I ever miss reading your blogs! I'm on here and Wordpress as well since I got mad and kicked WLS to the curb before they kicked me......and everyone else. Wow; for once I was ahead of the curve!

    Do they put something in the water in Florida or does it just naturally attract crackpots and con men? My Uncle was living in Lakeland when he was diagnosed with advanced colon cancer and told he needed immediate surgery and chemo. Instead he listened to his Asian girlfriend and started using "ancient Chinese remedies". He didn't last 6 weeks. If these miracle cures and machines were so effective why don't real doctors use them?

    Welcome back, girl!

  3. First of all, Jenny, it's good to find you writing again and thank you for this update.

    Life is throwing a lot at you, isn't it?

    Hang in there, and just do the right thing, as you have done for so long. Understand, though, that sometimes people aren't able to receive truth no matter how sincerely it's offered.

    I'll be thinking of you and sending my best hopes, vibes, and prayers.

    Please come back to us soon...

    *hugs Jenny very bigly*

  4. Welcome back Jenny!!!!
    Hang in there girl....we're here to listen and to give you an alternative to ponder on to escape all the problems you've encountered lately.
    Sure glad to see you posting again!

  5. So sorry, I hate the desperation that comes in situations like that and then capitalize it all with terrible people who take advantage of that desperation...truly horrible however I believe that it's never too late and there's grace for everything. Strength and grace to you.

  6. Honey, I am so glad to hear from you, and sad and sorry so many things are happening all at once in your life.

    We will see you when you're able and not to worry about us.

  7. So good to see you here, Jenny, although the news is not good. Keep the faith, girl!

  8. What a pleasant surprise to see you've updated. But so sorry about all the sadness in your world. Really hope this ends soon for you and that you can become the happy, cheerful Jenny we all miss.

  9. Life is tough, no doubt about that, but you'll pull through it and later, wonder how you did it. Hang in there and keep us up to date on what's happening. Things WILL get better. Believe that. 2011 is just around the corner and promises to be a better year!

  10. So glad to at least hear from you and that life does go on. I am a big advacote of aternative medicines, but this sounds like your cousin for a ride. Colon cancer is sooo treatable by conventional methods as well as supplement with alternative methods. Its not something you mess with unless you yourself is well educated on any other methods you may choose. I know how you feel when sometimes you feel so overwhelmed with everything coming at you at once. I have given up thinking oh I just have to get thru this and things will be back on a even keel. The roller coaster just goes on and on. Just hang in there as there are times of joy even when on that roller coaster.. Hugs Carrie

  11. Glad to find you here on Blogspot, I hadn't been on Spaces in many months. I showed up in time to learn they were moving us anyway, trying to figure out WordPress and Blogspot too, not sure which to go with.
    I'm so sorry you've had so much grief in your life lately, way more than your share, that's for sure. God Bless You Girl! Jan

  12. It sure is amazing to catch up with you my friend! Seeing your note on my blog really jogged my memory. It's great to hear from you and know what's going on with you. God bless you and may your path be guided by wisdom.

  13. Oh, Jenny, I hear about this stuff all the time on the cancer site I used to frequent - until I was thrown off for being too vocal about just those kinds of things; Rife machines, Kangen water, special anti-cancer diets, even Laetrile, if you can believe it. I hated it that people would take advantage of those who were desperate and scared. Unfortunately, the group who run Inspire seem more interested in encouraging that kind of discussion than not.
    Human behavior never ceases to amaze me!