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Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yeah. It takes me forever to soothe my own heart. Time is marching on and it's finally dawning on me that I can't stay in a hole forever. Not even one little part of the world has stopped with the death of anyone. I don't know if that's fair or not, but it's the way it is. Life goes on, like it or not. SO, I'm here and fat from overeating to plug that hole but it's ok. One foot is going in front of the other and that's a start. Now on to the news:

First, this might be just a tad on the morbid side, but it's a true, true, true story and happened in my own backyard last month. It seems I have this huge, blond hawk that lives close to me. Unfortunately, with all my feeding of the wildlife, he has chosen my backyard as his "all-you-can-eat" personal hunting ground. I have seen him sitting on the roof of my house, the roof of my car, and smack dab right in the middle of my backyard. Back to the story. The day I saw him land in the middle of the backyard, I tore out of the door and yelled at him to get away. He got away FAST and left a trail of feathers in his wake. So I turned around and got a pan of water to refill one of the birdbaths and when I passed by his landing spot, I saw the feathers. I thought, "Wow, I must have scared the beejeebers out of him", and bent down to touch the feathers. Not his. He'd killed one of my little sparrows; in fact, it was the one that always sat on my railing and bathed in a dish within 2 ft of me. I picked up his little body and just stood there for a minute cursing the hawk and then I cried. I buried the little sparrow under some bushes so he'd be left in peace. Now here's the amazing part and I swear on my life it's true. About 3 hours later, I was looking out of my upstairs window and all of a sudden this massive little cloud of sparrows came in for a landing. They covered the overhang on the roof where I was, and they covered the entire rim of the garage, AND they were on every inch of the fence. One bird made a very plaintive sound and the bird next to him lifted up and flew over to where the feathers were. He did not land, but instead he circled and circled the feathers as if in a spiral, high to low. Then he went back to his exact spot on the fence. The next bird in line did the same thing, and over and over and over they all took a turn spiral-circling the feathers on the ground. When the last bird did this and then took his exact spot back on the roof, the original bird made another plaintive sound and ALL of them rose up at the same time and left together. It was incredible. There was no doubt in my mind that I had just witnessed a "service" for their family member as they stay in their families and mate for life. Absolutely incredible and one for the books.

News #2: I have met someone. Well, sort of. Weirdest thing. I went over to Classmates to post about one of our dear friend's death, and while I was at it, I updated my profile pic but left it in black and white. I captioned it for mainly my female friends because they would get what I meant. I said, "It's a darn shame when the day comes that your photo looks better in black and white, lol". Two days later there's a message for me there. It said I didn't need to worry about how I looked. Now it works the same as any site, so I could click on that person. You know I did. And I'd never heard of him and he graduated 7 yrs before I did and from a totally different area. So I did what I'd been brought up to do and wrote a short thank you note and that's all. Two days later, another note from him. This time he's telling me how he landed on my part of Classmates and how his wife had died 2 yrs ago and that she was from my school. He gave her maiden name, and her brother's name, and I almost fainted. I may never have heard of him, but I sure did know his wife's family and the brother had been a friend of mine since elementary school. Whew, small world. So we start writing back and forth and the emails are becoming like novels. This went on every day for a month. Then all of a sudden he writes that he types with only 2 fingers and he's numb; that if I want to continue the conversation, I have to dial him. Smart, very smart. And even though I knew that was smart, I still sat there and looked at that part of the email for a good 10 minutes. Well, hell, I thought. Why not? It's only 1:30 in the morning, lol. I dialed, he picked up, no one said a word, just started laughing til it hurt. That phone call lasted until 8:30 that morning -- whew, a 7 hour call. Both of us had to switch phones from batteries dying. So that's how it started and it has stayed like that for another month. That's right -- I still haven't agreed to meet him face to face, lol. I'd like to say I'm taking it slow, but good lord. No, it's that I'm really nervous about it. Two reasons. One, the darn 30 lbs I gained (he says so what), and two, I'd promised myself 6 years ago that I wasn't going to ever date anyone again much less get involved (he says, yeah, but you don't know me yet). See? He's really playing those cards. I finally swallowed hard yesterday and asked if he wanted to go to an art show with me somewhere in the first 2 weeks of November. Mom's Bob is an artist and a gallery is doing a show for him in November. Well, he said YES. Why am I surprised. I almost thought he'd given up, but I guess not. Now I'm scared again. Sheesh, even typing about it is giving me the shakes. End of subject. I might get a heart attack.

News #3: You can’t keep a good cat down. Or off. Or down and off. There is just no such thing. This is especially true if you buy something new as I did today. On a whim of whims, I decided to do a quilt on my bed so off I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. I could live there, seriously. I came home, stripped off all the linens, put on clean sheets – because you MUST have clean sheets with a new quilt, right? Throughout the entire change I’m imploring my 2 cats to pleasssse get out of my way, as I trip over them on every walk from one side to the other of the bed. Finally, clean sheets, clean blanket, and a NEW quilt. Well, that was good for all of 3 seconds:

newquilt1 103010 newquilt2 103010

Own a cat? Then you can’t win.

Now that I’ve talked your ears off, I am going to sign off. Stop that, I can hear you cheering, “Tg she’s ending this”, lol. I really look forward to catching up with all of you and I’m going to start on major reading tomorrow...and that’s a promise.

XOXOXO from me to YOU


  1. OH MY WORD!!!!

    Jenny, it's SO good to see you here; I've missed you girl. Love the new quilt, and especially love that you're going to meet up with that feller. You go, girl and you best keep us up on how that's going!!

    xoxoxo back to you!! (((hugs)))

  2. Welcome back Jenny!! It is wonderful to hear you sounding upbeat about a new person in your life. The sparrow event is phenomenal and I do believe that you are right about it being a service.
    The new quilt is gorgeous.

  3. Welcome Back and Welcome Home . I m glad your back could not get enough of your words and story about the birds. I think Nature is wonderful even if you did have to deal with a few things. I have too but its natures way .
    Love Love your cats on your bed. How beautiful they are on your new spread.
    Glad your back and also onto other things as well Jenny.
    Many Hugs .xo

  4. Hi Jenny,

    Great to see a post from you, welcome home. I can well believe about the birds, I am not as in touch with wildlife as you, but I have seen birds do similiar to what you describe. Pleased to hear about the new man in your life. wow, what a phone call, please keep us posted and enjoy the art show. Have a good week, Hugs Nita

  5. Well howdie do! I am so happy to read your upbeat post my friend. Yes, life goes on. I love sparrows even though, lol. Did you know they can survive anywhere on earth? Well maybe not the north an south pole BUT hey.
    Art show sounds great. Relax, it's jist ah man....LOL!!! I hope you have fun and NO martini's!!!
    Your bedroom is beautiful. Love the spread and cats must check it out you know. ;-)
    Hugs and take care

  6. Oh my gosh, I can't start reading til tomorrow because I forgot it's Halloween and need to be ready for the little goblins. Darn time got away from me as I JUST hung up the phone from talking to "the fella" for the last 4 hours. Wouldn't you think words would run out by this time? Whole thing is crazy. Ok, off to the shower...and I can't tell you how nice it is to be back :D

  7. Hi Jenny....I've been having a great weekend (hiding out down at the cabin),,,then, I read your post and my weekend got even better! Very glad to see you back, and in much better spirits!

  8. Here I am, late to the party again...

    Jenny, it is so good to see the smiles in your writing again; they're in there, tucked in-between every word.

    Your story about the sparrow is one that begs to be shared...have you considered submitting it to a publication such as Guideposts? Seems to me a lot of people need to read about such a beautiful thing when there is so much negativity in the world.

    A new friend? Hmmm...that sounds like a fine place to start. You see, my beloved and I have known each other for over twenty years and from the beginning agreed that we would always be friends before anything else. That still holds true now that we're married. (Just sayin'...)

    Ah, the thing about cats... Yes, I have been owned by several felines and each one was pretty adamant about issues of territory. I, of course, always deferred to them. What else can one do???

    So good to have you back; consider yourself soundly hugged by a lot of good people!!!

  9. This is such a great surprise, reading all your news and especially hearing how well you're doing now. Yes, life goes on. The pain lessens and soon we feel joy again. I'm so happy this has happened for you. Welcome back Jenny!

  10. SEVEN HOURS????? My ear is sore just thinking about it! Sometimes burdz are amazing critters. Where the term "bird brain" came from i'll never know.

    Good to see you blogging again, girl!

  11. WOW! I got shivers reading about the birds. People don't understand that animals do have feelings and care. They obviously loved the one who died. That service shows so much intelligence! What an honor to be able to see it.

    Losing someone is horrid. It isn't fair that the world keeps going on. Why can't it stop? I'm sure meeting someone new and taking it slowly won't mean you're betraying your love. It honors him because he loved you so much, you can't imagine not having that love in your life. Good luck! Things happen for a reason. What are the odds of you two meeting any other way?

    Cats? We don't own them, just live to serve. I'm sure they appreciate the new quilt! :) My two are just as bad. In fact, they look like your two - a little tiger striped one and a tuxedo cat. Athena (aka Darth Piglet) and Darth Mittens.

  12. welcome back Jenny. I got here late I see but nonetheless, welcome and I am so glad that you have someone new in your life.

    Frequently my blogs are full of my cat's inspection and sanctioning of my sheets just changed..many times before I can even draw the bottom sheet up.

  13. Honey your finally back home again. And as chatty as ever. Wow anyone you can talk to all night on the phone must be someone you have a lot in common with. That doesn't happen very often.. Life does go on even for the sparrows. Hugs Carrie

  14. Jenny it's so good to hear form you again. I think I dropped out of blog-land about the same time you did here. I keep saying I'm going to start up again but life keeps getting in the way. lol
    First off, TY so much for your comment in my guestbook. You are such a hoot! I caught myself saying 'That Jenny!' lol I do appreciate your words though. I've never thought of myself as anything but an amateur but I do admit, it's been a joy knowing someone other than me likes my work.
    2nd..OMG you met someone!! He sounds like a sweet heart and you must have tons in common to be able to talk all night like that right? I can't wait to hear how the art show goes. I bet you'll both feel like you've known each other for ages.
    3rd..yep.. my cats own me too. lol What is it about clean sheets that drives them crazy?? Mine want to lunge onto the bed and attack every corner as I'm trying to put them on. But hey, they have good taste. That's a beautiful quilt!
    4th. do you have Facebook?? You have got to add me if you do so we can stay in contact. (since you know what a bad blogger I am lol)

  15. HI Jenny,
    Welcome back...and lovely, so lovely to receive your comment. You have been missed ... I think you are a very special, loving person and it's fantastic to read that you have 'found' someone ...or should I say he found you?... GO for it Girl, this life is it, we make our own way, take our own chances and if something is meant to be, well.. that's all to the good.. if not, then you tried, and you'll be a rounder completer person for trying. (I read that back to myself and it sounds odd ...BUT you know what I mean?)... Don't miss out on happiness.
    AND cats?.. ;-) you can't win, just give in and accept that they're the kings and queens, who want comfort, will have comfort and expect that any comfy , luxurious spot is theirs...
    Best of luck for the future and fingers crossed that you are a couple , a match made ....on Earth!!!.....Sigh..I am so, so into Romance!!!