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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

When Did Time Grow Such Fast Feet?

Just yesterday (ok, 50+ yrs of yesterdays ago), I was dressing up for Halloween in a "homemade costume", grabbing my paper grocery bag, and heading out the door with my friends to walk for many, many streets, door to door, always polite, in total safety, and filling up that bag to overflowing -- with LOOSE handfuls of popcorn and opened candies, lol.  We never got sick; we never worried about germs, either. And we started the Halloween march just as the sun went down and stayed out til around 10pm, never a problem. Every house was swamped with kids and sometimes those same kids knocked on your door 2 or 3 different times -- that of course hinged on if YOU were the house that gave out the "best" stuff that year.  My, how times have changed.  Last year, I had so many kids that I ran out of candy and had to beat a path to the store to buy more and then finally just turn out the light and hide at 9:30pm.  That didn't stop them at all.  I guess all that scary darkness of a closed up house is a turn-on for Halloweenies.  Well, then we came to this year and I was going to be ready.  I bought out the store.  I had everything to start a sugar high that would last til Christmas. I waited in happy anticipation....and waited....and waited.  Not even ONE trick or treater this year.  I asked my neighbors and they said the same, none.  Of course now all of us are overloaded with candy and can't even pass it off to each other, lol.  Opps, sorry, almost made a big typo when this Peppermint Patty fell out of my mouth.  It's ok, I caught it; no damage done.  It's only my elbow that has melted chocolate on it and making a little trail to the keyboard.  Darn kids, look what they've done ;)

I want to show you what Lucy, the princess feels is all hers.  Now as you know, she adores Sam and follows him everywhere and he follows her everywhere, too.  They look like a big, blended cat with 2 tails, but there's one difference, and it's the female in Lucy that drives her to satin and silks.  I bought a new comforter set for the other bedroom (that was really just like what I had a couple of years ago and loved so much). It's all satin and silk and luxurious, plopped up pillows and all. It takes a major leap for even a person to get on the bed as the mattresses are very high. Lucy starts at the doorway.  She crouches, she wags her tail, she gets a dead bead of a focus on the bed, starts the run and UP, UP in the air and lands in the bed. Within minutes she's sleeping until you disturb her. You can disturb, but she's not giving up her favorite place (click to enlarge for the full face of contentment):


By the way, she refuses to allow Sam on this bed with her.  Yes, Lucy is the total princess.

An old friend of mine was over last night.  The plan was a glass of wine here, then out to dinner, then back to my house and go through tons of photos that he’d brought and old ones I had.  It had been 48 yrs since we had seen each other and he and his wife, kids and grandkids are all in Michigan now.  Well, he got here at 6 and we got so lost in conversation, laughing, and just having the best time that we had no idea that in a blink it was 3 in the morning.  Never had a speck of dinner.  I stood on the porch while he got into his car and you would have thought it was a sunny afternoon.  We were yelling back and forth this and that and making plans for Spring and then I saw it:  lights coming on in my neighbors’ homes.  Holy crap.  I ducked and slunk back into my house and hoped they never figured out it was me.  This afternoon comes around and Cheryl, across the street, calls me and says she is soooo pooped.  Says she woke up for “some reason” at 3am and couldn’t sleep.  Then she says some other neighbor said the same.  She asks me did I hear anything.  Lol, nooooooooo, I never heard a thing .

It sure was good to make the rounds to all of you.  I loved catching up and just sorry it took 3 days to finish.  That was a LOT of back reading to do!  Every one of you is pleasure to my eyes.


(PS/ This darn thing will NOT leave the pictures where I put them, so if it's all over the place it's because I have given up. That is just not right; I am on try 6 with live writer now, sheesh)


  1. I cannot believe how hard that was to get 2 pictures in order. It's gotta be me.

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Such pretty cats, but they know that ;-) No dinner? Sounded like memories an good old days, hey that's great.

  3. I loved every word and thank you so much for coming to see me. That was a pleasure for me. And returning the visit I see a beautiful Princess who does the same thing MY girly girl does. She leaps for the newly made bed..,the soft things and just rolls around in them. I let her do it. My pleasure to serve her.

  4. Why has it taken me this long to find your blog??? Hopefully you remember me from our Spaces Live days.

  5. Lucy is absolutely adorable. She is indeed as Carole says, a Princess.

  6. I remember those days, too. It's still almost the same for my kids (although they only passed out candy this year being TOO OLD at 15 and 18 to trick or treat). Kids here travel all over town, heck the kids from the next two towns come here, too. Kids are safe in the wee town we live in. We moved back here after living at Camp LeJeune, NC for a few years. We wanted our children raised like we were. As long as they were home by dark and called once in a while, we never worried. I can't imagine living in a city where that type of life isn't possible!

    Hubby and I weren't here to pass out candy, we had been asked to go out to dinner with two singers who were performing at my parents' church. We were closer to their age and Mom felt they'd feel more comfortable having us there to talk to. We enjoyed meeting them and gabbed until we had to run, so hubby could make it to work in time. Luckily, the massive hoardes of children were kind and didn't leave any flaming bags of poo, toilet paper or eggs.

  7. Sorry, I forgot to comment on your beautiful princess. We also have one of those. Our newest kitten Athena who we now call Darth Piglet because she eats everyone's food, has taken over my bed. She chases poor Darth Mittens out of the room. She allows our Golden Retriever Aphrodite to sleep on THE FLOOR, but not on the bed. SIGH! Show me a spoiled cat and I'll show you a good hearted owner. :)

  8. I love Halloween, Jenny; it's the one night of the year I can pull out all the stops and release the kid in me for a wild rumpus without an explanation afterward. You see, I still love dressing-up; I'm fortunate that my beloved is similarly blessed. We love coming up with elaborate, sometimes outrageous costumes and people with us have just as much fun as we have ourselves.

    We bought a lot less candy this year, so, unlike you and your neighbors, we didn't have any leftovers. We had less than thirty kids come to our door and two bags of fun-sized Snickers and Three Musketeers took care of our little ghosties and goblins.

    Like you, I have fond memories of Halloweens past and still remember the year Mom told me I was too old to go anymore. Thankfully, long after I'd grown up, I decided Halloween didn't have to be just for kids, and that's when I began to really enjoy the occasion.

    The photos of Her Royal Highness Lucy are beautiful; what a pampered lovely lady she is!!! Did you know that the actual term for a female feline is "queen"? Very fitting, I think.

    Lots of hugs for you!

  9. Great to see you back! Loved getting the comment on my blog as well. The 6 "girls" are outdoing themselves---egg-wise---laying 5 to 6 eggs every day! Spot always follows me around the chicken yard, but I'm tentative leaning down to pet her because Grinelda (the one who BITES) is usually there too and likes to put in her two cents worth. Charlie has taken to ambushing me when I try to collect the eggs and puffs up his feathers to try to scare me away. I have to take a stick with me to keep him at bay and to keep my sanity! Love the pics of your Lucy---reminds me a lot of my Princess Kit-Kit, who is also black with white markings. They certainly seem like royalty, don't they?! We live to serve!

  10. Me again,
    Same here, about the 'no callers' for Halloween, I know that in America it's a larger event, costume wise, and to a lesser degree it's the same in England, we usually do have a few little kiddies chaperoned by someone, BUT this year zilch..Nada, and a bowl full of yummy choccies sitting there, tempting me, saying EAT ME...BUT no...I will resist...I will be good. ;-)
    Happiness is a comfortable puddy Tat!!...and two of them is doubly so.What wonderful photo's ... and lovely cats too!! I agree with Sue, royalty.!!

  11. Good Morning, Jenny! It's always good to see you, and hear what's going on. I had to laugh about the neighbors waking up at 3 AM, and you were the culprit, funny girl.

    We've never had cats, but your Lucy is so beautiful and I know both she and Sam bring you a lot of fun.

    No, my dear, Paradise Motel did NOT exist. LOLOL

    Take care, and God bless. ((hugs))

  12. Amazing......that cat not only has the same markings as my Sam, they even sprawl out on their backs the same way! Frankie's cousin says an animal is showing how contented they are when they do that. If Sam was anymore contented he'd melt into the floor. He's doing it right now and using my right foot for a pillow. The worst part is the foot is going to sleep! It's contagious!!

    Okay, time to dig out my costume, steal one of Frankie's pillow cases and head to your house for some belated trick or treating.

  13. I had to smile at the whole thing with the excess candy! LOL, good thing you didn't loss that pepermint patty on the keyboard! We missed Halloween this year since we were still in Ghana at the time...talk about a weird thing to come home now and it's not all that far until Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I truly enjoyed your blog my friend...the kitty pictures along make for an excellent side to an already wonderful read...thank you!

  14. Well hello there Jenny, my it's been a long long time. But I have a good excuse, I have had my "liver transplant" and have been home now for 2 weeks. the first week was dreadful. but I called the doc. and he made just one call to the "rapid response team" then within 2 hours people were knocking on my door offering help in all manner of ways. i have a panic button next to my bed, errrmm no cats allowed lol. i guess i do enjoy watching cats and the things they get up to. but could never have one in the house. "Cherno" my G.S.D. would probably eat it lol. anyway i now have some very nice ladies visiting me 4 times a day, just to see if I need anything and to make sure I am ok. all free of charge. So this week my mind is at ease and I am recovering nicely. The fact that I am here now talking to you is testament to my well being. I have lost a great deal of meat from these old bones but come the Spring I hope to be "spot on again" I don't know where my new liver came from. and am not sure if I wish to know the sad facts behind the doner. but when i am stronger perhaps i shall change my mind. but I have been warned it can be a very emotional thing. meeting the relatives of the doner. So as it stands Jenny yes I am "ALIVE" and i hope to stay alive for a long time to come. i hope we can follow each other along the long and winding road that we are walking. to stay friends happy in the knowledge that we are both happy in each other's company.
    your friend from England
    take care you lovely person you. xxx