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Friday, November 19, 2010

Books ‘aBillion ~~

Finishing up with my problems with IE, it’s dead and won’t even open at all to drop an error message on me.  I don’t care. I am now using Firefox and Chrome and tickled to death with both.  So IE, just keep to yourself and stay off my doorstep.

Fall is coming to an early close here.  Due to the drought all summer, we had a very, very early changing of the leaves and just as fast, they are dropping.  My favorite season, and all too short, I ran outside yesterday right before the grass was being cut and the leaves being bagged, and snapped just a few little last pictures of the back of my back yard.  Click to enlarge.


Who spilled the paint bucket?  The birds will have a heavy grocery cart of holly berries this year.  My hollies are huge and loaded for them.


This is just to show how giant my Leland Cypress trees are. See them next to the double feeder?  That’s the same feeder and tree that my olympic trampoline squirrel uses, and that feeder is very high.  I have to stand on tip toes to reach the loop to bring them down to fill.  I’m not a gnome but maybe close.  I’m 5’3”.


Happy little birds getting ready to bathe.  See that thing in the middle?  That’s a Water Wiggler and vibrates so that the water is always moving.  It keep mosquitoes from landing and hatching eggs, plus the birds are really drawn to it. Sometimes the entire birdbath is so covered with birds that you can’t see anything but the pedestal.



Let the baths begin.  They aren’t squashed, they’re just flapping their wings in the water.  I gave some thought to doing a little vid of them bathing, but….well, you know how bad my vids are, even worse than my photos!

Ok, next subject is BOOKS.  Some of us have been talking about them for a few days, and I agree with Arlene that there’s nothing like holding a real book in your hands, however….now we have Kindles and all the clones.  Really not bad at all. But check this out.  This is a free Kindle for your desktop!  Now if you don’t mind sitting at your desk and reading, or if you can pull up a comfortable chair, this is one nifty gadget, plus there are bunches of free kindle book sites where you do a quick download and then drag it into your new little kindle.  I LOVE mine.  On a lazy day I can sit at  my desk and read my book while I’m blog walking or writing at the same time.  That little gadget even folds a page for you so that you’ll never lose your place.  Add to that, that you can customize the color of the pages and the fonts for your own relaxed experience.  I took 4 pictures of what this looks like on your monitor.   Remember, it’s free and the download is at Amazon under free desktop kindle.  As usual, click to enlarge:


That is what the little icon looks like on your desktop


This is what it looks like when you have clicked to open it and it is initializing.  Cute, huh?


Once opened, all the books you have downloaded will show.  I am reading Anna Karenina by Tolstoy at the moment. That is on the top row, 4th over. See the little blue dots below it?  That shows how far I’ve gotten on the read (it’s a VERY long book). At the top are all the clickable spots to change the layout, colors, fonts, everything.


This is the page I’m on for Anna Karenina.  See the bookmarked bent page top right?  When you open the book, it automatically goes to where you left off and had clicked “bookmark”.  To turn the page, or even go back pages, just click to the right or left of the page.  If reading only forward, click anywhere and the page turns.  I tell you, I just love my little desktop Kindle.

IF you decide to download one for yourself, Amazon also has free kindle books to load into it.  Get them;  get all of them as there is no limit.  Once you do that, from time to time Amazon adds more free ones along with those for sale.  Then, to get even more (and there are thousands), go to this site:  http://www.feedbooks.com  and you can browse through old classics, new books and independent authors.  If you enlarged my shot of the books, you’ll see one called The Cyberotica Box.  I know what it sounds like, but it’s not what you think.  What a great story!  (Penelope, it’s exactly your style!)You must download that from feedbooks!

So that’s my story for today along with a little review.  Time for lunch and my favorite soap (I only watch one) and then out for errands.  Gorgeous day out now with lots of sun, my clean cut yard, and a darn renegade squirrel trying to tear down the feeder.  Time to bang on the window :D



  1. I love your pics, Jenny. How pretty!! So, you can blog, write and read at the same time? hahaha Only you!!!!!

    Which soap? Y&R is mine! Oh, and two tsp EACH for your hands. LOL

    Have a nice, relaxing weekend, and thanks SO much for being such a great friend. :)

  2. I just found out yesterday that my brother in the form of Santa has purchase me a Nook for Christmas. He asked me if I wanted a Nook or Kindle. I chose the Nook because you can also download free library books on it which you can't do with the Kindle. Anyway, Santa mailed it yesterday so I will soon know if I like it.
    ILOVE your back yard photos. What a lovely view you have and you are so kind to the feathered friends.

  3. Pls add a d on the end of purchase for me. Thanks. ;-)

  4. I've never seen one of those water wigglers. Is it battery operated or electric? Great idea though.

    I have a Kindle and really like it. I've got it on my desktop also. There's so many great books at amazon to buy and free. Don't laugh, but right now, I'm reading the Complete Wizard of Oz collection. 15 books in all. Even though they're children's books, I'm loving them. Much different and way more fun than the movie.

  5. So that's the battery wiggler you were talkin bout on Cindy's blog ROTFLOL!!!! I was afraid to ask LOL!!!!
    Ok, done laughing and I must say I want one of those wigglers ...oh the laughter is back....
    Oh Lord don't take me from laughing to hard.
    Well call me buter as I'm onnah laughing roll now.
    I'll be back.......LOL!

  6. Jenny you have a ton of cool info here girl! I've never heard of the Water Wiggler but I love the idea. I must have a birdbath now. lol
    Very cool info on the Kindle for PC too. I wish I was more of a reader but it's hard enough finding time between work, kids, hubby and pets, just to go blog walking. lol I swear I'm getting a new blog up this wknd.

  7. Oh I almost forgot.. those trees! They're HUGE! But I love them! I can't believe you still have grass to mow. Our drought has turned everything here brown really early.

  8. Wow, our only color here now is white! It's cold and snowing with no end in sight so far with temperatures going belowe zero this week. I sure love to see the colors in your pictures! I have a friend with a Kindel...she really loves it but I am kinda old fashioned and still like a book the best but that looks pretty good on the PC. I'm glad to hear you've got a browser that's working well for you. I tried others and still us IE...partially because I have a 64 bit edition for my computer...maybe I should check around for another...hmm....

  9. Hi Jenny,
    love the bird photo's and they look so cute having their bath, and I am so silly, I thought you were going to say you hadn't videod them as it was an invasion of their privacy!! lol!!
    My imagination was running riot with them 'taking off' their feathers !! ;-)
    and yes, The Kindle is a fantastic tool, and looks set to take over where books have left off. But I do so love to hold and turn the pages of a book...(just like Arlene)... BUT saying that the future is here in the ease of use and handiness of the features...
    I'll have a look see at The Cyberotica Box, and if I may, could I just leave this link for you to copy and paste...
    I'd love it if you'd take a look at the Coffee Time Stories I've added to my WordsPress site...
    (I have a friend IN London who reads to me from his downloaded Kindle, lovely voice he has too ... ;-) )
    thank-you for your lovely comments Jenny, it;s always a pleasure to have you drop by,.xPenx

  10. I love that water do-hickey. Please tell me where I can get one. It will make Bird TV so much better for Her Majesty.

  11. I will order one and have it ready for next year!!! Thank you so much! (((hugs)))

  12. Hi Jenny, You don't know me but we have alot of the same Blogger friends. I was just over at TG's and noticed your comment concerning WLW, and having to do your post all over when you make a mistake.
    If when you are doing a post on WLW, you save a draft before posting it on Blogger, if you make a mistake you can just go back to the draft you saved in WLW and edit the changes and then hit post and it will just make the changes without having to delete your original post. At least that works for me and saves a pile of work.
    You have a lovely blog here and I love the photos of your back yard,which is very beautiful with all the Fall colours. The do-hickey as Carole calls it , is a great idea. I just love watching the birds splish spashing as they take their bath.
    Well you take care and have a wonderful day.
    Dianne :)

  13. My neighbours would be so jealous if I had a bird wiggler water thing, by God what a talking point that would be. 'Have you seen Arlene's water wiggler? Oh poor soul, has she got a bladder problem, e.g. water retention, that she needs a Water wiggler to help her wee. LOL
    Altogether such a lovely post, it's going to take ages to get through it.
    Now I see why they say everything in America is 'big' these trees are ginormous, either that or the bird bath is tiny.
    Pen did mention the Kindle to me, and I must admit I hadn't a clue what she was talking about, now I see, and it appears a wonderful invention, but I know I'd never get time to get through the books, [I'm on page 91 of London] but the thought of them being free is inviting, I've just bought two books from Amazon for £11!
    And although I do love the feel of a book, the thought of getting something fro free appeals to this canny Scot, so I just might look into it. Or maybe the 'Nook' that Beth mentioned. Now I want to know how you mange to walk and blog at the same time, THAT does appeal to me as Tango's pretty good at being very well behaved on his walks and I could do all my blogging when I give him his daily constitutional. What a good idea.
    Sorry this is so long, often my comments are like posts. Such a chatterbox. LOL

  14. Hi Jenny, I am just home for lunch and heading back to work in a few minutes. Thank you for stopping by for a visit, and leaving your kind comments. You are most welcome to stop by anytime.
    Let me know how you make out next time you post, and want to go back and edit something.
    Well I gotta run. Have a wonderful day!
    Dianne :)

  15. HI Jenny,

    Your pictures here are beautiful. I so appreciate your friendship too. I don't know quite what is wrong with me at the moment, but I am as I said, lost for words, which is unusual for me. Things are a bit complicated and this time of year is always a difficult one for me and my family for numerous reasons, other than the weather, which for me is a biggy - Well, do love the falling leaves and lovely autumn colours and of course often look at my grandchildren and sigh - so thanks again Jenny, I havent done bad here, have I, seeing, as I am lost for words. It was good to hear from Kerrie, I dont think she is too well, but at least she was able to contact. Love and hugs - Nita

  16. We've already named the little fox, Frankie. Everything around here gets some silly name. We'd hang around here a little longer, if the weather was nicer. It's just too cold in this little cabin and too much snow too early in the season. I'm thinking about getting a Water Wiggler for Jim for Christmas. Don't know if I should go with the solar one or ceramic. Wine time! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  17. Got to thinking. If the Water Wiggler needs electrical connection, then me no can do. :-( I was thinking solar but I bet it's electric.

    Loved your comment today. I laughed too and you gave me a great idea! BEEF! I will take a vote on beef for Christmas. That way, next year we can have turkey one meal and beef the next. I don't do well thinking past ham apparently.

  18. First,THANK you for your support and kind comments during my daughter's illness. I appreciate that you even came back and commented again!

    I'd love to grab me a cup of hot spice tea and sit in your backyard! It all looks so peaceful!I'll check out that kindle, though I like to actually hold a good book. Looks interesting, and beats treks to the resell book store.

  19. Love the water gizmo, Jenny; that's something I haven't heard of before. Because I don't have a bird bath (yet)--nor any bird feeders (also yet)--I don't need anything like that, but will keep it in mind. Hopefully our garden center will have something like that when the need arises! *crosses fingers*

    Your autumn photos are beautiful, even if there weren't a lot of leaves, and the bathing beauties in your bird bath are adorable!

    I'm afraid that I am a bit of a church mouse at the moment, so I won't be buying a Kindle or any of its cousins until I win a lottery, or a rich relative leaves me buckets of money.

    *crosses fingers again*

    Keep toasty, my friend; looks like it's going to be a long wait until spring, warm sunshine, and longer days.

    Mucho huggos!

  20. Oh--try running a Google search on "free e-books", Jenny. There are hundreds of sites out there with free downloadable ebooks, but I don't know if you can run them on Kindles. There are free audiobooks for download on other sites, as well, in case you're in a mood for something a little different some time.


  21. HO HO!! You have the beautiful back yard too!! Alexis termed the little forest "The forest of dreams" She's the one with Apsergers and sees the world in an entirely different way than others. I love it too. I really do see her condition as an ability instead of a disability. I too love your house I remember seeing it in some previous photos. My favorite yellow with white trim... ahhhh makes me relax thinking of it! I'm so happy I we found each other on here again!

  22. So many new things - I may look for a wiggler. Your yard is quite beautiful - the only thing that I have done that has baffled the squirrels is to buy a birdfeeder on a thin pole, put one of those baffle things that looks like an upside down bowl beneath the feed area (loosely, of course, so it wobbles if they try to climb on), and then put a length of PVC pipe from the baffle to the ground (you must do this BEFORE sticking it into the ground) and then put it WAY out away from anything they can jump from.

    Thanks for the great free Kindle info - I may try this to see if I want to buy a Kindle - I have had my doubts about whether I'd like one. This will be a real test.

    - and Anna Karenina??? My brother just read this too - the world is trying to make me feel like a dope with my latest Kinsey Millhone tucked under my arm.

  23. Oh - I forgot to mention that my Geek Squad guy told me he had heard nothing but good things about Chrome, so you might want to stick with that - and secondly, I can't find any icon to e-mail you, so, although I hate puffing off my blog to anyone in a comment on her site, I'd like to mention that I responded to YOUR comment on my last entry with (among other things) a pointer to some reading material which may interest you - or not...