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Honey, I'm Home's Morning Mantra ~~ Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh NO, She's up!"

Saturday, November 6, 2010

…and give us this day…


       “Bless, O Lord, this food for thy use, and make us ever mindful of the wants and needs of others. Amen”



                   “…but Lord, please don’t let any other squirrels find this goldmine, I’m sure you understand”



                                   …so, I’ll amend my dinner prayer to this so as not to leave out my brothers: 

                                                 “Lord, Bless my bunch, while I munch our lunch. Amen” 


  1. I just loved the captions under your pictures!That little darling does look like he is saying his prayers!(I'm not really a creepy stranger...we both follow Beth, so sometimes I lurk on your page!)

  2. THAT was OUTSTANDING! Loved every picture and every word!!!


  3. LOLOL!!! You're a nut, ya know? I think we're related. :)

  4. Awesome pictures!!! Loved the words too.

  5. Oh so darn cute! Great photos and prayer.
    How did it go last night?????

  6. That is so cute!!! It would be perfect for a photo meme I take part in on Sunday's. It's called Critter Captures and you can find the link to them on my website. It's lots of fun and I think you'd like it.

    Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog. I do so appreciate it!

  7. I'm at that late-night/early morning cusp when my imagination kicks in and anything is possible, Jenny. At this moment, the idea of a hungry squirrel asking a blessing on a meal of assorted seeds makes perfect sense.

    Who's to say that small, furry creatures aren't fully aware of their place in the cosmos, that they don't pause occasionally and reflect upon the brevity of their lives and the beauty of it all?

    At this moment, 12:30 in the morning, I find myself wishing that furry little guy a sunny day, free of harm, and plenty of good eating as opportunities arise.

    It's a small thing--this wish for a kind moment for a hungry squirrel in a harsh world--but an important one, I think.

    Thank you for a kind moment in my own harsh world.

    You're one in a million!

  8. Awesome post Jenny, Have a great sunday, Nita

  9. That has got to be one of the healthiest squirrels I've ever seen! Maybe it's the prayers! LOL! Wonderful!

  10. This is great Jenny! My mom has a herd of squirrels living in the oak trees right outside her front door. They were so tame at one point that some of them would follow you in the house if you weren't careful.

  11. love the words under each photo..
    and your captures are perfect..
    hope your day is soft and kind

  12. OMG that was priceless girl! I want squirrels in my yard! We have a ton in the city but I rarely see them here in the county. Maybe I need to make a trip back to Tractor Supply and get some squirrelly food. God Bless you for feeding the little cutie pies!

  13. Squirrels are always welcomed around our places. In the winter we've had over 12 of them out there at once. I'm sure the neighbors are happy they're hanging out around us and not at their feeders. I answered your deer question at my blog, but thought I'd leave you a copy/paste of it here too.

    Good question Jenny. I had to ask Jim myself because I wasn't sure. It's called the brisket and is just part of it's coloration. It can vary from deer to deer. Another thing that's different is some have much larger white patches at the top of their neck and around their eyes. It's all part of their camouflage.

  14. Well it looks like you got your photo placement to work. These look purfect. Looks like this squirrel did find a gold mine. I have so many I have to put food out in spots all over just to keep the fighting down.

  15. Hi Jenny, I am sending this comment to you I left under my blog, in case you dont see it. wow -
    @jenny, think I will print your beautiful words about winter and stick them up by my computer, as I read them I was there, I got quite caught up in them and I dont like snow.lol