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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Full of Blessings ~~

…and so here we are, another year has flown by, and Thanksgiving is just 2 days away.  Our mouths water at the thought of a juicy, tender turkey, the scrumptious stuffing, that green bean casserole that has become a staple, the mashed potatoes, and I could go on and on right through the pies.  It’s all so darn yummy and amazing that after days of preparation, the entire meal is consumed in about 30 minutes – and that’s including all the conversation. Thanksgiving is fun, no doubt about it.  Relatives you don’t get to see so often are all at the same table, and then there are those that have a dinner for friends that are too far from their relatives or have no family left.  A thoughtful time.  A sharing time.  A time to remember openly that it is Thanks-Giving.


…and so here I am, thinking back over the last year and how it was (and is) so hard being the last of my family, and how I miss Mom, but don’t feel sorry for me.  I am missing her, yes, but I am so very lucky.  I have friends in town that I love, and I have friends in YOU that I love.  Each of you has been so supportive and a listening ear when I needed it, and each of you has muddled through my less than professional blogs and photos and yet still took the time to post such nice comments. Don’t think that’s a little thing to me; it’s a big thing and it warms my heart.  Over the years, first on WLS and now here on BlogSpot, and even bookmarking and following others on word press, we have remained family and add to that table all the time.  Pity the people that do not blog and certainly never use a messenger service or anything else that the internet offers to get to know others so far away from themselves, as they don’t know what they’re missing and they don’t understand the concept of our “other family”.  They are missing so, so much. You are all blessings to me in every way, every day.  In my inventive mind, I can see this giant round table (because I like round the best), and around that table is every one of us with little monitors and keyboards, all linked in this world by the touch of a button and by the smiles sent through a universe of words.  I could not be more fortunate and I give thanks openly this Thanksgiving Day for each of you and how you have truly touched my life.  I love you, my around-the-world family.


XOXOXO for always ~~


  1. Jenny, I could have written that myself and had I not been determined to snipe at the eye doctor today, I would have. Yours was a thoughtful and loving post and I have written similarly in blogs on WLS regarding what I started as the term of as 'Blog family'. For they are. Those who are have used the term as well and we all are close knit. We follow one another wherever we may be and care deeply about what happens to one another. I have often said that I wish we could all get together..those of us who blog and visit each day or thereabouts. We know one anothers families and a surprising amount of our lives is out there shared with one another.

    I'm grateful for my cyber friends. May they always be there. They count dearly.

  2. Diddo! I too can visualize our blog family at the table...at your house this year ;-)
    Beth arriving with her famous pies of coconut and lemon and Carol wiping table while CarolDee sets the table and Paul fills the whoopdeedoo glasses for those over 21. Paul they set to the right of the water glass...
    I am very thankful also for you and our blog family. Cheers for more years with ya'll!

  3. Wow Jenny, this is so nice and so well written too. It's got me all chocked up. You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. I'm thankful to be included in your circle of monitors, keyboards, cyber friends and wine glasses! Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

  4. Jenny, That's very touching. I like round, too, so people can see everybody. Wouldn't it be great if we could really get together like that? After the New Year, I might be planning a trip for some genealogy research to the Historical Society. Send me your email (I won't post it as a comment) since I don't have it anymore. I'll let you know if the trip comes to fruition. And Happy Thanksgiving! --Wifey

  5. Oh how I wish I could be there with you and all of the rest of us, yes even from Word Press :-)) wouldn't it be one big fun filled day, we'd certainly make short work of all these pies and goodies, I too think of people as friends, I have family friends, dog friends, old pal friends, dancing friends and definitely cyber friends. A lovley post so well and heartwarmingly written Jen. Happy Thanksgiving, I'll be celebrating St Andrew's day [patron saint of Scotland] also it's my great grandson's second birthday.

  6. Jenny, what a heartwarming post, and you just painted a Masterpiece, with words straight from your heart.I have that picture in my mind,and view.I am happy that I am now sitting at the same table as you, and all our lovely friends.
    Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving. And pst... I am so glad it worked, and you are so welcome. So glad I could help.
    xx's Dianne :)

  7. Thank you my dear friend. Lovely words and I feel exactly the same about my blog family. They have unconditionally supported me through thick and thin the last 5 years. I really don't know what I would do without all of you.

  8. Jenny girl you have me in tears here! Wouldn't it be grand to have all our blog buddies together in one sitting, holding hands around the table with a big turkey smack dab in the center??
    You're such a good writer Jen. You know why we come here and read don't you? You make us all feel at home, like we're talking to a forever friend. I wish my forever friend a beautiful Thanksgiving. (I'm saving some pie for you)

  9. Hi Jenny,

    Thank you - for sharing thanksgiving with me, we dont have it in england, but I will be sitting at that table with you all, I echo what you, Beth and the others have said, I dont know what I would do without you all, I love my blog family and give thanks for them and wish you all a very happy thanksgiving. Jenny you do put things into words so well. bless you. Love and Hugs - Nita.

  10. I sure appreciate what you've done on this blog today! It's so true that the Internet is a tool that can keep us together. I've got many memories from WLS and I will endeavor to keep those friendships alive...they really do mean so much! God bless you this season my friend!

  11. Jenny, thank you for this, I love every word you wrote. You're simply precious! Happy Thanksgiving to you. Heart to heart, I cherish our friendship. (((hugs)))

  12. Hello Jenny
    Have just waltzed over from w/press. Thank you for pointing my nose in the direction of this post. I think it shows your readers just how important we are to you, and "you" to us. Hoping you have a wonderful thanksgiving. I need to gain some weight after my transplant so it is a shame I can not help you to eat all that lovely food you have prepared. "OH" but you will have to hide some of it, Arlene sounds like she is intending to eat most of it, and fill her doggy bag lol.
    you are a pearl beyond price !!!
    your friend from across the water. ("wish it was only a mile wide")
    kenny x

  13. ...and Dori, should you stop by, this post does NOT refer to you as one of the ones that doesn't blog, etc. Oh no, not in the least. You've been following for ages and ages and that counts for everything, too; plus you leave comments! You are certainly part of this world wide blogging family and for that I am very, very grateful. xoxoxo

  14. Oh my goodness, I just saw that Greatgranny70 joined the reader's group and I didn't realize it before; so GreatGranny, welcome! Glad to have you and hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful :)

  15. Beautiful post. I feel blessed to be "a part of the family"
    Though I have few "followers" on my humble little site, I really appreciate those aquaintenances.
    Especially you, Carole ( even if she's a Big Orange Fan), Marge, and beautiful Tootie!

  16. You have a heart of gold , I knew that the first time I had ever run into you and I think that is why I have never forgotten you even when we both took breaks ect.
    Your loved Jenny and cared for deeply.
    Much Love my dear and Happy Thanksgiving.

  17. I loved this post, Jenny, and share your sentiments. For all its hazards and pitfalls, the internet has brought some beautiful souls into my life, too, and I am grateful for each one.

    Happy Thanksgiving day to you and all who visit you here.

    I wish you peace.

  18. I just had to stop by and I'm so glad I did! Reading this blog always brings something out to me and it truly touched me again. I am grateful for you my friend for the very reasons you've pointed out here. How right you about that other family here. Missing out on that would have been devastating to me. Now I can't imagine not having the people that I've met here on the net in my life. I'm very thankful for that today on Thanksgiving and every single day! God bless and keep you!

  19. Hi Jenny, just stopped by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving! Your blogs always touch my heart. Love, peace and happiness to you for the coming new year!

  20. Wonderful words there Jenny, and it gives me such a warm, marvellous feeling to have contact via WordPress and Blogger with lovely people like yourself.. So, it's not just we out here who are commenting, it's you, you darling girl, with your marvellous, warm-hearted and witty words in our comment boxes , and it's we who should be thanking you for sharing your life with us....
    I hope your Thanksgiving went well, my friend, and here's to the next 12 months of laughter and tears shared through the wonder of the air waves, with the online 'family' of friends.

  21. DANA! Oh my goshhhhh, it's so good to see you on here! I thought I'd lost you in the WLS shuffle ages ago. What a treat that you're here :D
    By now you've seen the note I left for you on your own site, but if now, get crackin' and read it ;)

  22. ...and Pen, you just touched me to the core, girl. Whew, I wish I had your way with words :)
    I am SO happy we are friends; it's wonderful.
    Everyone has said the sweetest of sweet things here and I send those same sweet words back to them 10-fold. Absolutely the best group going :D

  23. Here we go again: Dana, that was supposed to read, "...but if NOT, get crackin'..."
    And Chip, if you breeze over, don't you dare say a word, lol. I saw what you said at Arlene's HAHAHA.

  24. I love the new stuff on your blog, Jenny. Welcome back. Welcome back. Welcome back!

  25. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I'm so dumb that I attempted to start a couple of them and then had this one and never knew which one I was supposed to blog on. It got pretty confusing. I'm only using this one exclusively now cuz it was too hard to try to keep all the others up! I'm slowly getting some on the msn people but not too many. They got sick of trying to follow me around I think! LOL
    I'm happy to see your smiling face!

  26. Well Happy Thanksgiving Jenny, I just got done reading all you blogs I got behind on and will just comment here. Always short of time. I so enjoyed your blog on the visit to the people with all the cats. Laughed at your squirrel jumping on the branch. Enjoy the tour of your living room and dining room. Glad all has worked out with that guy. You certainly enjoyed some really beautiful fall colors. Could never read my books at the computer. I love reading my books in bed just before going to sleep. Clears my head of all the stuff happening in the day and helps relax me to sleep. I remember years ago I could read till 3am. Now I am lucky to get thru 4 pages before having to put the book down. Anyway so nice to see you back and blogging away. Thanks for always stopping in also. I get so busy sometimes its takes awhile for me to get back to people. The cow is still hear but it has warmed up considerable. We still can't get her down the road as she keeps turning off into some willows. Its hard with the calves we have here as she wants to stay near them. They are suppose to be picked up soon. She will move on when they are gone. Take Care Hugs Carrie

  27. Hi Jenny

    Just to say I appreciate your comment on my blog and have typed a reply for you and Beth there. love you too - Nita

  28. And we love you, Jenny. Sorry I'm late getting here. I'm so mad I could spit. Last night I got an error message in Live Writer saying I needed to get an update. After downloading the stupid thing I got another error message saying installation failed because I needed to install Vista service pack 2. I thought I already did that a few months back.

    An hour and a half later and guess what......installation failed because of an error in service pack 1!! Around 1:30 Am I gave up and went to bed.

    Just tried Live Writer again and it works just fine!!! A whole night wasted!!!! It's a good thing Bill Gates lives over on the Left Coast......that's way out of range for anything I have in the vault!

    Windows.....they ought to call it walls!

  29. Funny you should say that (and thanks for running by, too), because I had a pop up saying an update was needed for LiveWriter, too! I clicked on "remind me later" and now wondering if I should update at all. I'm in XP with serv pack 3. What do you think, should I?
    Shoot, you won't see this, lol. I'm going to copy/paste and run it over to your page :D

  30. Hope I was sitting at your big round table! I'm so glad you are my blogging buddy! Looking forward to many happy exchanges.