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Friday, November 26, 2010

I’m So Excited…And I Just Can’t Hide It…~~

I tell you, it doesn’t take much to get me all excited.  Nooooo, not like that!  I mean when I finally figure out something on this blog that I couldn’t get a handle on for the life of me before.  You know I visit all of you all the time, and when I’m there, I see all of these great, great layouts and header/banners, and even little gizmos that drive me crazy with desire…and I haven’t been able to figure out how to do the simplest of things – until last week and then, ta-daaaaaaa, today! I’m like a proud mama with a newborn.  Just look at that header. Woohooooo.  It’s my little car that I’d made and used on WLS but had no idea how to install it over here. I fiddled and fiddled until I thought I was going explode today and then, it worked!  I have Beth to thank for this. She put up a brand new header today that is just gorgeous and it had the site name on the side.  So I went there and they had a little place to click that gave instructions for the simple minded like myself.  What a find!  Now I can do headers and that means I can use all the ones I made myself for WLS.  All I have to do is resize them and bingo, done.

Next, I found this terrific little animation to go with it.  See the swirling Fall leaves?  Is that adorable or what?  Listen, I know this is a girl thing, so guys need not put in their 2 cents worth.  Lol, I’m just so darn happy!

You remember when I lost all of IE7, my webcam, and that VIA Raid thing? Well, “R” called me and we were talking about the whole mess. He said for me to shut down again and leave the computer off overnight and let the magic happen on it’s own.  So I did, and the next morning, 2 days ago, I fired her up and holy smoke, everything was back and working perfectly, except for that VIA thing. That’s just gone.  I looked up all the info I could find on that and apparently it keeps multiple drives all separate and clean running.  Well, I have 3 hard drives and they’re doing fine without the program. Still, it seemed to be a toss up whether the program was imperative or not.  Half said yes and half said no. I’ll wait it out.  What’s that old saying (that actually referred to commas but will do here; I just needed to clarify that just in case): “When in doubt, leave it out”.

I wish I’d taken a picture of my turkey. It was more beautiful than straight out of a magazine, and the taste? Ooooo, yowzahhhh!  It was only a small turkey of 10 lbs but that sucker is going to make a TON of soup and I can’t wait. My freezer is going to overflow with turkey/noodle, turkey/vegetable, turkey/rice, turkey/dumplings, turkey sandwiches, and then probably turkey to the neighbors and extra turkey to Sam & Lucy – can’t leave them out.  Man, that’s a lot of turkey. What was I thinking?

Signing out; I’m actually hungry, so I guess you know what that means smile_wink



  1. I like your new banner, Jenny; way to go!!!

    I used a site calledBanerFans to create my banners for Happenstance back at WLS, but never gave a thought to trying it here. You've inspired me...you little muse, you! 8 )

    Great to hear R was able to help you straighten out most of those buggery glitches in your computer; sometimes all it takes is a little help from your friends.

    You're a pretty creative gal; you'll probably come up with ideas for that turkey that the rest of us might never think of!

    Hmmm... how 'bout turkey pizza???

    Have a fab weekend, sweetie!

    mucho huggos!

  2. Wow, you did great! The graphics are really a nice touch! I'm with you in wanting more from my blog page however the stuff my wife has done some that blow my mind but I never had what it takes to do that. Well , lots of food to deal with means some leftovers ahead for you I figure..that's what we've already started into!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    You have done a great job with your blog. We gals do like things to look spiffy. I dug that retro word right up from the bottom of my mind. LOL
    Your turkey is going a long way towards feeding you for awhile. My turkey is all gone, time to cook the other one.

  4. I have been commanded to make my turkey/rice soup tomorrow and chastised severely for not having it ready when the fidgets got off work today. They even threatened to withhold my punkin pie fix!

    Now to investigate this banner maker dohickey. I used to know how to do that but when I left the webmaster gig with the Navy I packed all my HTML knowledge away with the other useless stuff....like Algebra. As far as i know that stuff is still where i left it....buried under the third dune on the left back home on Chic's Beach.

  5. I smiled bigly entering your blog tonight. Love the VW and the swirly leaves. You really proved to yourself you can do anything. I love turkey and will make ours tomorrow. I love turkey meat in gravy over mashed taders! My comfort food and sleep through the night....lol! I must check out blogamation. Spiffy it is girl!

  6. I LOVE your banner and of course you are driving my dream car so doubly love it. I hate to say that I don't see the swirling leaves but that's probably on my end. I haven't figured out how to do my own header like yours! I just added the pic of my cat. She's prettier than all of us put together so she's my header! LOL
    We had creamed chicken rice soup today. Only because I didn't do a turkey this year. Wished I could have seen yours!! I just figured out today how to see other people's blogs! Geesh!

  7. Toodie, that's the first "blogamation" ever done for blogs and it was free, although that site was only going to leave the code up for 3 days. One code is for the little bit of leaves around the banner and the other is for leaves falling all over your blog. That was nice, but when I tried it, it was very distracting when you were trying to read (nothing like brushing leaves off of a monitor you know). That site said they are going to make others soon and I can't wait. Hope they'll be free like this one was, but who knows. If the code is gone, I have it and will happily send it to you in an email; it's longer than you can imagine.
    And yeah, I like turkey like that, too. I like turkey any way you can fix it, I just always forget it's only me, lol.

  8. Does anyone know why the title of this post went so far to the left? I did the whole thing like I always do, yet the width of the typing area and the title of the post seem to be diff than all the rest. See it?

  9. Jenny it looks great girl! We were doing the same thing today. I've been searching for a new theme all day and finally found one I like that still looks good with my photos. You're little car is YOU! I love those swirling leaves too!
    I bet your turkey was amazing. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it. lol

  10. Hey Jenny - I love that you are learning, and sharing with us, your fans! It looks great! I remember the little car! So cute!

    I don't have ANY idea how all that computer stuff works which is probably why I've got a barely operating one. LOL

    Hope you have a great weekend, girl. Love ya!!

  11. Ha ha ....Hi Jenny nice to meet you
    I am the same as you when i visit other people and i see lovely things they have got on their blogs, and i try to get it myself and nothing happens, so i always have to write to the person and ask
    Can you tell us where and how you got the little car and do they do other things as well
    Love Lo xxx

  12. I'm crazy about the leaves and my plumbed hat is absolutely indubitably off to you and all the gals and guys who can do these super things. I am as useless with graphics, widgets and do-dads as you-know-whats on a boar hog. ♥♥♥

  13. I'm very illiterate here puter wise. I love the leaves and the VW pic. I think I'll go there and see what I dig up. Rambling tickled me with her comment.

  14. Awww, thanks to those that liked my little car. I have to tell you, about 4 yrs ago I found the basic picture of the VW, but it was without tires and had a bunch of other stuff on the back of it. I changed it to my own liking and drew on tires, made the license plate with my name and the USA disk near it. I know Lo was looking for this, but I did a search for hours today and cannot find that original photo. I did not code mine, but instead put it into my header as a jpg and now I know jpg's work just fine for that.
    Now the leaves were a whole 'nother thing. That has codes, one for full page falling and one for just falling in the header (which is what mine is doing). The hugely long code is for the header falling leaves, and the little short code is for the full page falling leaves. Go figure. Anyway, that blogmation.com you see on the left is clickable and the code was only going to remain posted and free for a few days. Go grab it up while you can and save it for later or use it now. As long as you keep that code notation somewhere, you'll always be able to use it.

  15. Well now, this is a lovely surprise,and I kick myself for being so slow in finding it, Just where do you all get the time to visit each other, But reading the comments I couldn't help but wonder what it felt like to be tickled with a comment, the mind boggles, I've been tickled with allsorts but never a comment, come on great gran do tell, you saucy thing you. LOL calm down dear and get back to the beautifully enhanced blog.
    I jsut love the car and wish I 'd thought of it, where's the talent gone girl, ? though I must admit I've started another painting to-day so that's my excuse. I've just changed my backgrounds on both blogs, and nobody noticed, sob, sob. perhaps I need to go to this blogmation place and find something to make you all green with envy, and I'll get all these lovely comments. Tango has just said i talk too much. OK I'll shut up, but not before I say, loved visiting here Jenny you've done a good job.

  16. I just clicked on Blagamation.com and it took me to the Cutestblogonthebox.com I use that one, sigh, I thought I found a new one. ah well back to the drawing board.

  17. Ooooo, yowzahhhh! You crack me up. Thank you, Jenny.

  18. OOooo That's a wonderful header and those leaves are to die for.., Jenny, I am so proud of you, I love 'fiddling under the bonnet' of anything I cannot understand...Just to prove I CAN do it... (more often than not I make a mess of things But saying that you do find out more from putting the mistakes right!!) ...
    Enjoy your Turkey, now you've reminded me why I stopped having it for Christmas, as I always ended up holding my full stomach, and saying Ugh...never again!!!... ;-)
    Love visiting you my friend...(and put that piece of Turkey down now!!!) xPenx

  19. And Jenny, thank you SO much for your notifications of the two things I didn't know about. I sincerely appreciate that..and I know you know that without my even saying.


  20. :D yep, I do and I love ya for it, Carole

  21. Love you always Jenny . Thankyou for your kind words .There is a common bond between us that never did break even when we lost contact for sometime. I never forgot you and I know why. Your so very dear to me and always always will be.
    I will be away for a few days.

  22. I love your photos...my first visit and I think I'll return! What caught me is the 'owned and operated by 2 cats'...love cats which is the only thing on my Christmas list!

    Yeah, I'm still kind of new to this blogging thing and see such cool thingamajigs on other's blogs but don't know how to do much...

  23. You did really good on yours and now that you've got it all figured out, you'll be changing yours as often as Toodie does. You got me thinking also, so I was fiddling around with my theme. Couldn't find anything I really liked, so I changed it to all snow! I just used one of Blogspots designs.

  24. Isn't it great when you finally figure something out? - I totally get your elation. During my last two months of my nearly 40-year programming career, a co-worker showed me a neat trick that would have made my life easier all along - there are so many things just waiting to be discovered. I just found out how to 'follow' blogs I liked not too long ago - I used to have to retrace (and remember) the paths I took to get there the first time. And though I come to blogs like yours for content, not design, it is a nice little buzz to see some nifty design work. Congratulations.