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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Am SO Befuddled! ~~

…so I am asking for some good suggestions.  Last night while I was breaking a rib laughing over Dave’s post with the cat vid, I thought it was time for me to clean and reboot. Well. Right at the part where the computer is shutting down, I hear this high pitched sound and everything freezes. So, I had to shut it down by the on/off button and then I turned off the router and even unplugged everything from the wall just to be safe.  I waited about 5 minutes, plugged it back in, turned on the router and then pushed the on/off button. Yes, it came on, but man, what problems started.  First, IE would not work. I could click on it and it would try to open but then, bam, an error message “sorry…blah blah…IE has to shut down”. All in a blink this would happen. Then I saw my Norton's all of a sudden get that at risk slash. I opened that, and it said Browser at Risk and also Intrusion Protection at Risk. I click on support from there and a great tech did remote for me and got all of Norton's running again and then said to try IE.  At that moment, IE (that’s IE7) opened and worked, hooray. The tech and I close out.  It was now in the wee hours of the morning, 3:30am, and so I decided to go to bed.  This morning I tried IE again.  Same error message. Norton's however was fine.  I thought with all that going on last night that maybe a new clean and reboot would do the trick. Wow, the cleaning showed 200+ temp files from all that repair work and 50+ registry files from the same mess.  I cleaned it out and then went for the reboot. THIS time, not only did IE not work (same error message), but that VA Raid thing said no disc and no array. It goes on to tell me to do a check – well I can’t because with no disc there’s nothing to click on now.

Thank goodness I also have Verizon to open the internet, and I also have Firefox.  Both of those are working fine, go figure; and mail is coming in fine, too.  It’s just that darn IE7 and now the Array thingie that I know next to nothing about, but I know it’s supposed to be important.

I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to have to unhook everything (saints protect me) and lug that tower into the repair shop. Now I’m most certainly up for suggestions for you all, but you have to make the instructions read as if they were for a little kid and very, very complete.  Do it slowly or I’ll end up destroying what I have left.  I’m great buzzing around the internet and downloading, etc, actually a whiz at it – but this technical fix-it stuff?  Oh, I am so lost and so confused and I just want to yell, “Somebody save me!”  OH, and I almost forgot:  I also ended up doing a System Restore and used the back date of Nov 12th.  No help whatsoever.  With the other browsers I have, I can click on some sites, but if I start looking around, that darn IE error comes up again and knocks me off right away.  Any ideas?



  1. I have been very careful to use both AdAware and AVG virus protection, both are free and both beat any protection I've used in the past including McCaffee and Norton. They are not resource heavy and I've been problem free for years...I highly recommend these programs. Grace to you on turning over your machine to the techs...almost ever time I've done that I wasted money and got nowhere fast but you know what? There's always grace, grace, grace!

  2. It is the new update for windows! I use Firefox and no problems.
    Do what you feel is best my dear friend. If you need someone to fix it, well my son is in WI so um you will have to find someone local. I said LOCAL not LOCO! Jist sayin is all.
    I too thought Dave;s vid was hilarious!

  3. Toodie, I hope you're right that it's just the window's update that has killed it for now. If that's so, then microsoft will figure that out and fix it SOON and then everything will be ok. As for now, I can only click on SOME things. I couldn't even do my online banking today. Scarey.

  4. Hi Jenny, Think what Toodie said is correct, a lot is down to the new update for windows - My messenger is in a right state, because I cannot have the new version on this xp computer. But I did install new version on my back-up computer which is vista and also my daughters computer which is vista. Oh for the old days, when it was all much more straight forward. It was interesting I seemed to be the only one who commented on your post on live spaces, I miss Greg too, by the way. Would also like to see Nina and Theresa over here and a few others. Happy Fixing, Nita xx

  5. The silverlight update from windows caused my hotmail to freeze and anything connected with internet explorer. I deleted silverlight from my programs and all are working fine now, knock on wood. You might try downloading IE8 or see if you can use the repair option for IE7 in add/remove programs.

  6. I don't care for IE any version. I have had more problems with that browser than any. I always use Firefox and sometimes Safari. I like both. I wish I could help. I am useless as you-know-whats- on a boar hog.

  7. I know nothing, but wish you well. Mine is hanging on by a thread or wire or something. :)

  8. My 2 cents worth. I listen to Kim Komando radio show...she's a geek that can explain anything so anyone can understand what she's talking about. Anyway, some time ago she said to quit using IE. It had all kinds of problems, blah blah blah. So at that time, I switched to Firefox. We liked it, but seemed like it was freezing up too often. Now I'm hooked on Google Chrome. Lightening fast. With yours...if you keep getting those crazy messages, you may just have to take it to the shop. Been there more than once. Good luck and let us know what you find out.

  9. Well...now for my three cents worth. Kind of like what Carole said (only a little more colorful).. " When it comes to working on computers... I'm about as useless as tits on a Nun!"
    So, when I have any (very seldom) problems.... I just take it to the computer shop, or the guy comes here. We had Norton, but, last time he was here, he installed Avast Antivirus (free). He said it was better than Nortons and McAfee. We have been using Mozilla Firefox (free) for about 5 years.
    As for the "online banking"....don't worry about it.... I checked on it for you and you are now overdrawn!

  10. HI Jenny,
    Isn't the technological age wonderful... Not !!
    I'm still using Windows XP, Vista is something I will try when I buy a new laptop and not before.
    So many complaints, make me feel very cagey on trying it and I have always found IE to be a problem... slowing down and freezing on me..So I downloaded Google Chrome and have been so pleased with the speed and ease of use.
    (and no..I don't work for Google ;-) )
    You can always download and try it out...and if not satisfied with the speed just uninstall it.
    Hope things turn out fine... xPenx

  11. As a matter of fact, Pen, I DID dl Chrome last night and oh yeahhh, it's lightening. My only problem with that is it doesn't synch with a particular part of my Norton's that I'm in love with. SO, if I know I'm just surfing around and not needing to sign in, then Chrome it is, otherwise I'm now using Firefox which DOES synch with that favorite part of Norton's. My poor old IE now doesn't even try to open. Dead and I don't care anymore. I grabbed up all my favs and stuck them into Chrome. You know the old saying, "where there's a will there's a way".

  12. OH, and yes, I'm still on XP, too. Shoot, Vista is old news now with Windows 7 being the new kid on the block. I never, ever get the newest, and that's on purpose; always too many bugs. At least XP will be good for updates, etc, til April 2014. Lol, then maybe I'll try out Vista for a bit ;)

  13. Okay, finally getting back here with my comments. Some time ago the subject of antivirus software came up and our old friend Curtis told me about Spyware Doctor. He used it, recommended it and so that's what I'm using. So far, no problems. I don't use Norton, AVG, or any of the other ones mentioned here.

    When you get your next computer, it will come with Windows 7. I have it on my laptop and LOVE it. Still using XP on the other 2...yes, we have 3 computers. (I love electronic gadgets.)

    Having a nice glass of Zin tonight! Cheers!

  14. Sorry to be a bit late on this one Jenny, but after my marathon and probably selfish blogging I'm trying to play catch up. I do sympathise with your probs with IE, it's an absolute pain in the derrière, it freezes more often than an Eskimos n*ts [oops] I too use Chrome and find it so much easier, BUT when I was on live spaces it wasn't compatible and wouldn't let me post photos, but that's in the past.
    Free spyware is definitely worth trying, though I do have a paid up Advanced system Care pro. and it is pretty good and not very expensive,
    I've got Vista on my laptop, and XP on the desktop, but must admit I'm so techie dim I can't tell the difference. But good luck and I hope you're sorted real soon, or at least by now. off to read your next post. Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blogs, I appreciate them so much.

  15. Oh, boy...my inner geek is just chomping at the bit to put in HER two cents' worth!

    For my security protocols I have the pro edition of Advanced System Care, the freeware version of IoBit's Security 360, and PC Tools' Antivirus free edition. Before I log off after EVERY internet session, I scan and clean the dickens out of my poor computer. Like you, I also run XP and will have to on this computer, due to processor limitations.

    After the first of the year, I'll have my trusty tech guy wipe the drive and do a clean install of my Windows XP. Yes, I could do it, but this is one time I'll let somebody else do the dirty work.

    My beloved had this computer built for me and, when everything functions properly, the thing is an absolute hot rod, zipping through everything I want it to do! XP is my drug of choice, and I intend to keep it on-board for as long as I can; Microsoft Corp. be d*mned!

    Good luck with your computer!