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Monday, November 29, 2010

Your Mother Was Home When You Left, Your Right ~~

Ahhhh, shades of old memories of army days and Christmases past.  I’m not even talking about the days of Vietnam where my own friends served and many died, but instead, of one particular serviceman and one particular Christmas during the Korean War.  Here’s what happened:

We had a long time family friend, Ashby, that was the distributor for literally all the new records in the rock and roll era across America.  Now the neat thing was, he'd bring me giant boxes upon boxes of records (78's and then 45's when they came into play) that hadn't even made it to the radio stations yet and so I had all of them before they were ever played.  But the amazing thing was, Ashby KNEW all these artists, including Elvis. When Elvis went into the service, Ashby still kept in touch with him.  A Christmas came along and Ashby called Elvis and asked for a "real" photo and letter just for me for Christmas.  Would you believe, I got not only the HUGE Christmas card, but inside that was an 8x10 personal photo signed to me from him and then a 2 page letter in his own handwriting telling me what he did each day in the service and then wishing me a Merry Christmas and telling me to let Ashby know he followed through on his promise.  Wow.  My grandmother, who was the biggest fan he ever had would have keeled over at that very moment had she seen all that, and here I was just a so-so fan.  (She made me go to every single movie he ever made and most were the pits but she thought he was the greatest so that’s how our Saturdays were spent). Anyway, into the drawer the letter, the card, and the signed photo went and many years later I found out just how much they would be worth, so off I ran to dig through all the drawers in the house. I couldn't find it, not a trace.  I went to Mom and said, “Do you remember that Christmas card and letter and picture I got from Elvis when I was 10?”  She said of course she did, so I asked where it was, and she said, “Oh, I threw it all out. I didn’t think you were interested in it.”  I froze.  Then I showed her the estimates of it’s worth and then SHE froze.  And so, there went the lottery and the dream mansion in the sky.  She did however save all the “cute” little cards from her best friend in case she decided to frame any of them.  Wow. Go figure. Mom certainly had her moments Confused , God bless her.  And that’s my pre-Christmas story for the day Gift with a bow

XOXOXO   Sound off, 1, 2…Sound off, 3, 4 ~~

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                                                 Merry Christmas, Jenny

                                        “KA-Ching, down the tubes”


  1. LOVE this story. I am an Elvis fan but only of his music. He just couldn't act for some reason. I too, have thrown away things in the past that are considered valuable now. What fun that must have been having all of those records.

  2. Thank you Jenny. I was also thinking of you and your mom. I lost my dad this past May. I am sorry but I need to keep this short as it is 11:30 and I am really tired and have to get up at six for work. I have been struggling with a inner ear virus also, and on medication so I had better get some sleep. I will come back when I can. You have such a sweet spirit about you. I am so glad we have finally met. Have a wonderful night sweet lady. XX'S Dianne :)

  3. Great memory.... that was interesting! I kind of get those "what if" ideas when I think back about all my old comic books and baseball cards!
    I do have a nice collection of "Scenic South Magazines" (sent out by Standard Oil to their customers) They go from 1946-1968....with only about 5 or 6 missing issues! Probably no value...but, I like them.

  4. Hi Jenny, thanks for visiting and following my blog. My sisters and I will be meeting with my moms doctor tomorrow morning. I guess he is going to ask us what we want to do as she is still in the ICU after a week, and really is no better. She is on a feeding tube, as well as a ventilator because she can't swallow, so she needs help to breath. It's not a good situation. We have been talking to her and at time she seems to respond. But she is mostly asleep because they are giving her a drug because of the air tube so she won't pull it out. Thanks for your encouragement, and I hope you have a nice week!

  5. Oh my...defintely one of those 'damn' moments...
    at least you have his music?

  6. Hi Jenny,

    OH OH how frustrating, we humans do odd things. I love Elvis too, you reminded me at my fellowship last wednesday they were speaking of christian books and they kept going on about velvet elvis, all I could think of was elvis presley and wondered if they could mean him, they didnt. I had a nostalgic day yesterday, I was re arranging my lounge, space is so limited now compared with my previous house. Anyway when we moved 2 years ago all photos and there are lots, were piled into a cupboard and just left there, yesterday in order to move the cupboard the photos had to come out. As I was relocating them I looked at many and it took me back to some very happy times when I first became a grandmother. Some took me back to when I first became a mother too. Have a good week, we are in the midst of snow which apparently is set to get a lot worse, with tempartures hitting a new record low. hugs - Nita.

  7. Loved reading about that memory, Jenny, and I don't know what it is about Elvis's singing voice, but it makes you (women not men... ;-) ) melt inside for some reason... and what a thing to happen, it makes you wonder how many future 'treasures' have been thrown away in the past.
    ah well, money aside, it would have been great to still have the photo and personally signed letter as a memento of such a huge star....(er... not huge as in how he changed in later life but huge by being famous worldwide...I'll stop putting my foot in my mouth now!! )..
    'tis snowing here, blanketing the ground and there's more to follow... Shame I can't throw a snowball eh?... ;-)

    take care my friend, and thank you for your comments, always appreciated... xPenx

  8. As I'm reading this, I'm visualizing you on Antiques Roadshow and the appraiser is about ready to pee his pants, he's so excited about your treasure...then there's the rest of the story. Well, at least you have a great memory of a very special picture and letter. Darn it all Mom...why did you do that?

  9. Moms and Dad's pull those stunts. My dad threw out all of my golden age comics. Yes, Donald Duck, Little Lulu, Mickey Mouse, Superman, ALL of them. S-I-G-H!!!

  10. LOLLLLLL, your comments are better than my story!

  11. I love the story, Jenny! :)

  12. Flaming Nora, I'm thinking the same as Cindy here, I was getting quite excited that maybe I was conversing with a real live millionaire, and bang, down I came to earth, whack,! what a bummer, I knwo or expect all us oldies can probably recall some 'treasure' that we've thrown away, but that one beats the lot, mind you I'd have done what your Mum did, as I couldn't stand the guy. LOL
    Now Nat Cole or Perry Como, swooooooooooon
    Luvsya Jenny

    I have a friend that I worked with that simply ADORED Elvis. I won't tell her this story because she would cry like a baby! That's such an interesting story! I have to say I love his music and some of his goofball movies but I was born in to the Beatles era! LOL Although on my birthday 9-9-56 Elvis made his first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show!

  14. DOH!!!! My mom threw everything away in my room before I packed anything! Such ah memory you have, oye!

  15. That was a great story Jenny. Sorry it didn't have a happier ending. You had me sitting on the edge of my chair as I was anticipating a different ending to your story. What a treasure it was indeed. Mom's sometimes do the silliest things. I remember someone gave me a bottle of homemade wine when I was a teenager. I got this great idea to stick it in my bedroom window to chill as it was in the winter time and the window had frost on it. I came home from school one night and went to my room to crack open the bottle of wine, and it was gone, never to be seen again. Turns out my mom was walking home form the store and happened to look up and seen something in my window which looked like a bottle. Yep! She found it and poured it down the sink. I was not a happy camper and neither was she. We laugh about it now, and many other silly things I did growning up. So many prizeless stories to tell. Ha! But wow! I can only imagine how your heart and your mom's sunk when you found out how valuable the signed picture, and letter was. I guess it just wasn't ment to be. Two of his songs I really liked was , The Wonder Of You and the flip side was called , Mother loved the roses. I think that was the title.
    Well Jenny, I didn't mean to write a blog here. So I had better close for now.
    Take care, and have a great night.
    Dianne :)

  16. You're just the sweetest dear, Dianne, and you can write a blog here anytime :)

  17. I'm sitting here smiling, Jenny, because many years ago Mom tossed something of mine into the trash--a Christmas card from someone very important me. To her, it was just another Christmas card destined for "the circular file" (our family didn't save them from year to year).

    It wasn't worth anything but the less-than-a-dollar it cost my friend, but the message was one which reminded me somebody cared about me.

    In my estimation, that made it priceless.

    I'm sorry your story didn't have a better outcome, but just think of how many people don't have such a delicious "what if" story to tell!

    Keep nice and toasty, sweetie!

  18. Oh oh oh...MOM!!! And people wonder why I hang on to the kids old Hanson t-shirts. *stop laughing*
    This is a great story Jenny! You've come closer to greatness than most of us have. :p

  19. I rushed over here after your great comment on my site and right off the bat - a really great entry! Funny, well-written and evocative. I liked Elvis a lot for a short time - I had an aunt who loved him like your Grandma did - my mom could never stand him because she thought his smile was a sneer. I loved him more for the rebel aspect - and I DID love the early songs - up to "Marie's the Name" or thereabouts. I pretty much ignored him (except I do love Blue Christmas) for years, then one day in Saudi I was in a cassette shop and a truly lovely voice was singing and I asked the Indonesian clerk who it was and he said, "Elvis". I don't think I realized what a truly lovely voice he had - still not my thing, but I no longer see him as the caricature I did for so long. As to your getting all the records before anyone else - what nirvana for a teenager!! How I scraped and schemed to build up my collection! I'd have dated you just for the records. A truly perfect daughter would never have told Mom the value of the throwaway - I am glad you are more like me, and did so. I like that in a girl! (I'm becoming a follower...)

  20. David, you just tore me up! Yep, I like you :D

  21. Oh man, you sure had me going. How awful, Elvis went into the trash and No telling who rummaged through looking for treasures. My G-parents enjoyed Elvis too.