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Sunday, December 26, 2010

“And Now For Our Latest Weather, Meteorologist (insert name here) Reporting” ~~

Yesterday’s weather forecasters were so funny, but I don’t think they meant to be.  In the course of an hour, the first one said, “Oh, it looks like a blizzard is going to pound our city.”  About 15 minutes later on his next report, he said, “Well, folks, I don’t think we’ll see more than a couple of inches of the white stuff, so no worry after all.”  On his next appearance, he said, “The satellite programs are now showing that the storm is going to miss us completely, but the coastline will see some snow.”  This morning’s paper ran this very short blurb, “I blew it, yes, I blew it.”

It started snowing a little after 2pm yesterday and has never stopped. The news says we’re at almost a visibility of 0, but I can see up the street, into my back yard, my neighbors, and even the squirrel that’s running the cable wire. Maybe that newscaster is the same person doing the weather from yesterday.  Well, he’s having fun so we’ll leave him alone.  I will mention that yesterday before the snow even dropped the first flake, our governor declared a state of emergency. I am still laughing. Watching all the affiliates of major stations on our local system is like watching a game of Can You Top This.

Now the snow is coming down fast and furiously and it’s very beautiful, but the newest report is calling for another 6 inches of the stuff today. In this latest report, the weatherman said, “Did you know that historically we only see a white Christmas here every 20 years or so”, only to be followed up by his cohort saying in the same breath, “Well, if you recall, last year at Christmas we had over 30 inches of snow”, and the first weatherman could only reply, “Oh yeah, that’s right. Well, there goes that theory.” I tell you, the news has been a joy to watch today and I’ve gotten some great chuckles.  I’m giving today’s prize to guy #2.

The little birds are struggling hard to find food today.  I could see them under the Leland Cypress scratching away at the snow for a glimpse of a seed or two.  I went outside on my back porch and took a big platter of seed and a couple of saucers of water for them.  One of them must have been a lookout and sounded the announcement to the rest because about 5 minutes later, my porch was swamped with all sorts of birds.  Darn shame I couldn’t get a photo of them without them flying away. I tried and tried but they always saw that camera.  It’s ok. They have food now and Sam and Lucy have something to watch to occupy their time.  They were sick of the TV weathermen anyway.





  1. Love your post Jenny......I used to love feeding the birds i had 3 bird tables back home, we don't get many birds here there is not enough green,
    Love the photo of the snow i really miss the frost and snow back home oh well lets hope we make it back this coming year

  2. Boy, I'd sure love some of that snow on Christmas here. We've had enormous amounts of rain---which we always need---but there's something so magical about SNOW on Christmas. My last snowy holiday was in 2000...in Montana...our last Christmas there. It must have snowed a couple of feet and it felt oh so magical in the morning when we looked out our window to a white blanket with nary a footprint or tire track! The church kittycorner from us was pristine in the snow...like a real old-fashioned Christmas! And everything was totally silent! It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it all...Have a great HOLIDAY and don't break your snow shovel. I predict you'll need it this winter...

  3. Hi Jenny,
    sounds like the weather men were having fun.. its got to be hard sometimes to tell just what the weather is going to do.. good thing they have a sense of humor with their job.. makes life a wee bit simpler for sure..
    sorry I haven't been around.. with getting things ready for Christmas, and watching my grandson.. my body went on rebellion on Christmas eve.. yep.. said I had enough.. and put me down flat.. today I can move.."smile"..
    which in its self is a wonderful feeling and blessing...
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas.. and pray that you will have a very blessed NEW YEar.
    2011.. seems a little odd don't ya think?
    does not roll off ones tongue very well.. like 2010.. or 2012.. 2011 just does not seem right for what ever reason to me..hopefully though it will roll along with out any glitches.. ha ha ha.
    hey.. one can wish right ?
    I love your backyard.. that pine tree is gorgeous.. and with all the snow its like looking at a fairy wonderland.. and in your won back yard.. what a wonderful view you have..
    Birds are a wee bit sketchy when they see a camera.. it took me almost a full year for the ones that come around here to get used to me with the camera.. and they would play a game with me it seemed.. for awhile.. before I could even get a photo of them.. I would go out without the camera.. and they would sign and flutter here or there but never to far.. when I would go out with the camera.. they would do the same until I put the camera to my eye.. then they fly away so fast.. then come back and laugh..
    but I got the last laugh..for now they don't mind the camera.. and do get some nice captures every once in awhile.. they are fun..
    last spring.. some of them even brought by their babies for me to see.. and even take pictures of.. now that was a indeed a blessing..
    not to sure just what today holds.. but I pray that it brings in many smiles for you..
    and warmth.. soft hugs..

  4. The weather guessers here are a hoot, so I didn't actually believe we'd have a white Christmas, never saw one before. I enjoyed your post as always. It's flurrying here again today.
    Thanks for the Drinkwell info. My girl will get one, God willing.

  5. Beautiful snowy landscapes, a perfect white Christmas. I wish you a happy Christmas and fulfilling all your desires. Leovi.

  6. Weathermen have a tough job getting it right sometimes. Thanks for the beautiful picture!

  7. Lovely post Jenny, it gave me a laugh, and reminded me of the time our weatherman, Mr Fish said some years back, 1990 I think, there were no problems to be seen with the weather, and then we had one of the worst storms in living memory, with the most awful destruction of trees, buildings etc. He never lived it down.
    Our snow is gone,\but when I went to my daughter's yesterday, only 18 miles away the snow and ice is still lying thick. Roll on Summer.
    Loved your header, looks good enough to eat.

  8. Hey Jenny~
    Is it still snowing there? It actually stopped here in NC but we have 8-10 in. so it's lovely. AND it is the perfect kind of snow becuase it's beautiful, it packs well and tomorrow it will be 35 degrees so it will melt; that's my kind of snowfall!
    I hope you enjoyed your Christmas~

  9. Thank goodness it didn't snow here. Yech. We get it so seldom that the world just stops until it melts. Well, except for some rednecks with oversized tires who like to slide around and hit other people's stuff. Or drag their friends behind them with water-skiing ropes for faux-snow-skiing. At least they have ice handy for their concussions and abrasions.

  10. That reminds me of Father's Day this year when nobody said a word and then after we had a tornado on the ground they thought maybe they should sound the siren...sigh. I'm glad to report we've had no new snow whatsoever but it looks like it will get nasty later in the week. Wonderful picture by the way.

  11. I am so glad you got snow Jen. I always want to share my wealth with those I love. :-) Sit down in your favorite chair with a big cup of cocoa and a dozen cookies and let the world go by.


  12. Your post reminded me of the time our weatherman forecast flurries. Twelve inches later those flurries were still coming.
    We had 4 inches of snow on the ground yesterday morning with light snow off and on all day. The birds sure have been keeping the feeder busy, or perhaps they're keeping me busy refilling the feeder. It's fun watching them.

  13. Here in North Central Kentucky, we only got about 1 1/2 inches of snow, which didn't even start till about 9:00 P.M. Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day we got maybe another inch. Just enough for my Great Nieces and nephew from Arkansas to experience snow sledding for the first time.

  14. Boy, did they ever miss it here!!! The wind is really blowing and causing the snow to drift. So high that it's starting to cover the cracks in the sidewalk.

  15. Here in Northeast Tennessee, we have a couple of inches, sounded like we'd have more too. I just got back from South Bend, IN, now that's snow! Stay Warm!

  16. Well, here in sunny FL, we had snow flurries yesterday, and of course I missed it! :)

    Jenny, send me an email Sally318@gmail.com, pls. Love ya, girl! :)

  17. HI there Jenny,
    Brrrr.....snowing here again, but just a light frosting, nothing at all like the amount you're getting. Ski's needed maybe?
    and yes, I feel sorry for the birds at this time, they look so small and helpless in the cold and whiteness of snow. I keep going out and filling the water bowl, 'cos it's frozen every morning, but the seed's so hard frozen on all I can do is put more fresh out on top of the old stuff. Hopefully the thaw will come soon...
    Glad you liked my poem, JD certainly raises my spirits in more ways than one!! *cough*
    so I was glad to read that you started the day with a JD induced laugh and chuckle...Did you click the link? to '5 things to do with a Marrow?' I didn't know you could make Rum from one? See? I:m also educating myself at the same time as worshiping the great Captn. Jack!! ;-)
    bye for now, hope the snow decides to 'flurry' off' xPenx

  18. I see you are ok and the weather predicktors are amuzin ya. Like Beth, I love to share the wealth and glad you got some white. Love your photo.

  19. No snow here, so I know we don't have the same weather team.....but they sure sound like ours!So wishy -washy!

  20. Hi Jenny.
    I enjoyed reading this post.
    Here in the UK we also have weather forecasters who have got it wrong in the past. They seem to compensate nowadays by painting the worst picture possible so that when we wake up the next morning & the roof hasn't been blown off or we are not buried under inches of snow we are supposed to feel better!
    On Boxing Day they thought that there might be a thaw, but to be on the safe side they also issued severe weather warnings for more snow! Obviously we got the thaw, you got the snow.

  21. Yes, it always makes me happy when others get to enjoy a white week after Christmas too. Sounds like we'll be losing some of ours later this week. Fingers crossed on that one. Have a good Tuesday Jenny!

  22. Our weathermen got it just right - we had almost no snow while people south of us got swamped. Just as our weather people predicted. Normally from November thru April they can just say, "Lake Effect snow" and they will be right more often than they are wrong. When I lived in San Francisco, the mantra was 'Patchy fog along the coast. I remember one of Tumwell's sisters visiting from back East and asking, "What's Apache fog?"
    I feed the birds and I usually get a lot of avian visitors (there is woodland all around me) - the surprise lately is the large number of robins - I rarely see them in snow.

  23. hi Jenny,
    glad you enjoyed JD as much as me...and what a start to the day? Starry eyed or what?
    and it wasn't until I found that link to Marrows that I found out how versatile they are... Blimey, Marrow Rum eh? Now there's a hey-ho-ma-hearty pirate drink.
    Hope the weathers decided to thaw for you, it has here, it's raining, but I think the forecast is for more snow to come... Brrr.
    keep warm and keep safe, my friend...xPenx

  24. Hey dear Jenny!
    You are right, I stopped blogging.
    Some friends are here, some on WP, some on FB (where I am) so no more big happy family. :-(
    But I left you email some time ago. You have my email address and we can be in touch also there.
    I didn't have good time but it's getting much better now.
    You are often on my mind. :-)
    I'll try to come here time to time and leave you some words, ok?

  25. Thanks for dropping by Jenny, just fainted at the thought of JD calling round too, out of the blue Sigh, sigh and more sighs!! ;-)
    May 2011 bring you all you could wish, and more besides.
    The page is there for us to write, make the letters big, and make them bright, make them shine for all to see, make the World a better place to be...
    A Happy New Year Wish!!

  26. My Dear Jenny. Happy New Year . I hope it the best year for you yet. With all the loss that we both have had to go though ,pain ect.. well let just keep on praying for a brighter year filled with laughter and so much love to go around. Your words I keep close to my heart. You understand so much.
    Love you always my dear friend.

  27. xoxoxox

    The Admiral who loves you.