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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow ~~

No, I have no news whatsoever. I am just enjoying today for what it is, a Snow Day.  It is still as exciting to me as when I was a kid and school was either closed or we went home early due to that wonderful winter word, snow.

This morning I got up extra early just to watch the beginning of the snow falling and at 9:15 it started. Gorgeous. The report says 6” but I have my doubts since our loved but almost always wrong forecasters probably won’t be any different this time. That’s ok, this is wonderful just as it is.  I made my plans in advance yesterday, headed to the store (not for bread and milk, oh pleasssseee) and stocked up on cat food just in case I was really snowed in for days. Hey, I can do without but I’d never make the “kids” do without. The grocery store was packed as expected. When it snows, I have this craving for chili cheese dip, lots of jalapenos, oh yummm, so I planned to buy the ingredients for that, the cat food as already said, and then regular stuff that falls into the category of good-for-you. Yes, I believe in being prepared. I lugged home the loot and stored it away, got out a container from the freezer of that unbelievably good turkey soup I’d made, and waited for today. I swear, it was like being a kid and waiting for Christmas Eve and the sound of hooves on the roof.  I barely slept a wink and got up at the crack of dawn. My dreams were realized and I was grinnin’ ear to ear. Breakfast was early and coffee, too.  Then when 1:00 rolled around, I was really craving that chili cheese dip. Unreal.  I forgot to buy the ingredients. At this moment as I type, I still feel like the world has come to an early end, but I’ll get over it.  The scent of that soup is wafting up the steps and I’m heading down to scoop up a bowl – still, it’s not the dip, darn it.

I took a few shots of the outside as the snow was coming down, and I made a little vid of the front, but as usual, my vids go all over the place.  I made one of the birds in the back yard, too, but good lord, I must have hit the button at the wrong moment a dozen times and never got a complete vid….deleted the crummy thing.  Anyway, here’s my day, including a new picture of Sam since I hadn’t updated one of him for a bit and a new one of me, too, for what it’s worth ;)  As usual, click to enlarge if you’d like.  I really didn’t have much to say today, it was more a snow feeling than anything.

doginsnowfrntporch121610   leftsideporchsnow121610 rightsideporchsnow121610 hseleftsnow121610 lookingnorthupthestreetsnow121610  dovesandsparrowsatfeedersnow121610

jen121510 SamOnBed121410 myturkeysoup121610 

Here’s hoping if you have snow, you’re enjoying it just as much smile_regular

Here’s the little vid. It’s not even close to what it should be, but gosh, when you get a whim and the snow is just that minute coming down, tell me, just how do you go about making a perfectly done vid?  It’s shakey as usual and disjointed, too, but I don’t care.  It will always remind me of today, and today will never come again.



  1. Jenny,
    I love the header at the top; very pretty!
    For my snow day luncheon, soup was served here as well, but mine came from a can. Then I proceeded to do more writing and boy, that couch was calling my name so I just had to listen...I always was a rule follower, so I covered myself and slept as peaceful as a cat for two and a half hours. I figure I needed it! So here it is, almost 4:15 and the world outside continues to be still...ahhh, the benefits of a snow day!

  2. Merry Christmas Jenny, Sam, and Lucy!

    -Alex, Chico, and Maggie

  3. Jenny, so are so upbeat, I feel quite a bit of a woos, as I don't like the snow,because it's ccccold, and I hate the cold, but after reading your take on it, i almost feel I am missing out, well maybe I'll give it a go and look at it with different eyes next time.
    I feel sorry for you missing out on our treat, still, a nice plate of home made turkey soup, must make up for it. I had some home made lentil and ham to-day with some nice fresh baked bread, I'm trying to get some weight off ready for the Christmas goodies. LOL
    I thought that was Sam by the front door frozen, thinking maybe you'd forgotten him and left him out all night.,silly me.
    What a lovely place you have, and your video was OK, tell me do you have to put it on to You tube first? then pull it off to put it on your blog?

  4. I had a full paragraph written and I got involuntarily signed OUT! So here I am AGAIN and I'll have to log in agaon too. Sigh.

    Sam is knock the Admiral over handsome! I think I heard her murmur for her heart to quieten itself else her two swains will hear it while she gazes her fill at Sam.

  5. Very nice snow and the video was good, wish I knew how to put it on mine. I had home made chicken soup left over from yesterday or day before, bout gone. I get excited when it snows, coz I seldom see it here. I love that pretty cat. Was it Sam or Lucy?

  6. I love your pictures,Jenny! With your blog background, as I looked at the photo's, it actually look like real snow falling!

    I remember living in Washington state as a small girl, and loved the snow. I didn't see it again until it snowed here (I know, can u believe it?) in l989. I may have told you before, but the entire city was closed down, bridges, streets, etc. It was the day before Christmas Eve, and everyone was wondering if they'd be able to get to their loved ones the next day! I will never forget! My next door neighbor Dottie Doolittle (yes, that was her real name) told me that she would not miss Church the next morning. Yes, she did, bless her heart!
    I needed something desperately from the Jiffy Mart, so I bundled up the best I could, and went a'walkin! There were NO cars, NO people, just me; everything was WHITE! When I finally skidded in there, the man behind the counter was SO glad to see me as he said, he hadn't have even one customer before me. He gave me hot chocolate!

    Jenny, I love your comment today. I also love you, you wonderful, sweet person. Thank you so much. Please take care, enjoy the snow, and be careful. (((((BIG HUGS))))

  7. Carole here: JennyD, Me and the Admiral love you to bits! And indeed, if the Admiral and Sam had gotten married a few years back...awesome kittens for sure.

    Admiral here: Now, Lucy darling..this is just pretend so don't you feel badly. Tell you what. Lets you and I go into my little private boudoir that mommy made me and we'll roll around on the extra thick comforter all squishy and warm, and we'll spend time telling secrets! I can share my fuds and my toys. I have LOTS of toys and soft places to purr.

  8. Our snow is anything but beautiful at this point. The over one foot that we got a while back has become a sludge that melts grudgingly then freezes and makes some roads treacherous. All the years here in Montana has taken some of the magic from snow for me. I think you've got the right idea with taking pictures and video and enjoying things the best way you can. I truly enjoyed seeing things through the lens of your camera!

  9. Lucy and Sam...have you two considered counseling? Um, if not, ask your mom to look in the yeller pages for one. Sam, darling, you will have to assert yourself just a tad, Lucy, you might consider letting Sam have a FEW toys.

    Sam, my cell phone is on for you.

    The Admiral

  10. I was saying let it snow last week. Now we have over 2 feet. But it's really beautiful out. Our long road in the valley now has nice snow banks on the side and the gravel bumpy road is now smooth driving. I love when the banks get up then you don't worry so much about sliding off the road into the ditch or creek. Haveing a Christmas party this weekend. So been busy getting everything ready. Glad you are enjoying the winter weather. Hugs Carrie

  11. Jenny your sure bring so much Joy to me with your blogs and just the way you have about you. You are loved still.. ha.
    Its snowed here and we were snowed in for a few days . Just about two feet of the lovely stuff so we will have a very white chistmas. I love the photo of you. Come and see what I did . You wont belive it. I did the samething. We think alike sometimes .
    Love your photos of the outside. I have you beat with the snow but you are just beautiful in your photo. Im a dust bunnie. Ha.
    Stay warm and have that yummy food. Im eating everything and will diet after Chrsitmas.
    With Much Love

  12. Jenny I adroe you , you know that. Thank you. I could never replace you . Hows that. Never in a country mile. Your a Diamond surrounded by the most beautiful gold and add a Ruby on top of that. Im humbled. Thankyou.
    Love you my friend . Always have.

  13. And I always always wanted a Little.. and I mean little Yellow home with a white picket fence. I can dream and always see yours.
    Have the most beautiful night.

  14. I see you got the zippidy in yer doodah! Good for you! I enjoyed your video immensely! I was telling you to be careful backing up cause I was behind you! LOL!
    Enjoy your winter wonderland my friend!!!

  15. Just like Toodie, I was saying be careful, that may be slippery out there. LOL I'm so glad for you that you got snow. There really isn't anything much prettier than fresh snow. After a week, that's another story. After 3 months, there's absolutely nothing pretty about it! IMO.

    Enjoyed your pictures and video and loved hearing the birds singing in the background.

  16. I love your snow pictures Jenny. I can't get excited over snow as we have so much of it here and it makes driving so hazardous. If you like it though, that makes me happy 'cause you are a super dooper gal in my book.
    Sam is gorgeous!!

  17. Oh Jenny,
    I am so sorry, I'm with Arlene, and yes I hate the cold too, AND we in England seem to grind to a halt as soon as this stuff arrives and never get 'kick' started for days... We've been forecast with 8 inches to arrive soon...and I am dreading how long it'll take to go places... BUT saying that,
    I can understand your enjoyment and thrill on having some now and you've taken such lovely pictures that maybe I won't say Grrr and I'll be upbeat and enjoy it!!
    Nice to 'see' you thro' the mirror and Sam too of course, and your vid worked great. I've told you before how I love your house and grounds, looks such a wonderful place to live.. I do envy you!! Hugs to you and I wish I had my snowball to throw...
    Must be around somewhere!! xPenx


  18. Oh That's not right...I thought the link would work straight away, but you have to copy and paste it into the browser ... Sheesh!!

  19. It really is beautiful when the snow is falling so gentle upon the earth.. the first snowfall is my favorite.. after that it just gets dirty, and icy..and not very nice.. here in Montana anyway.
    I love your outlook Jenny.. you are a dear.. that makes ones heart warm.. and soul welcomed..
    much love and soft hugs

  20. I agree with Arlene - I'm not a snow fan but you made me wish for a little snowfall here. Well, that and I'm watching White Christmas. *sigh* It looked like it coulda snowed today with the gray, dreary sky. Bleah. It got up to 50ish but is dropping rapidly. It will supposedly stop falling around 35 degrees. No snow. LOVE your crib! Great porch.

  21. Good pics... enjoyed the video! As MizAngie said "Love your crib! Great porch." Well, the rest of you looked pretty good ,too.
    Enjoying the snow here, but not the @#$% ice. Had to stay home tonight...got so bored that I finally started on "my novel".
    Stop by and read part of my rough draft, if you get too bored.

  22. Hi Jenny.
    We have snow here also but with record amounts and freezing temps. Chaos on the roads etc. We are just not geared up for snow, a couple of inches and England becomes paralyzed. The powers that be will not invest in the equipment to deal with even the smallest amount of snow. They use the excuse that we do not suffer such severe winters so does not warrant the the cost. Yet the last 2 winters have been so bad, England has lost billions of pounds in revenue.
    I don't mind a little snow occasionally, but the freezing arctic blast is just too much for this old sun lover.

    I have noticed you now have a "gravatar" on word press. very nice indeed. Just love the pics. :)
    take care you lovely person you.
    kenny xxx

  23. Hi Jenny, I like the snow pics. As far as your comment on my blog, I'm kind of weird I guess because I don't use ATMs or self- checkouts either. I'm kind of high-tech on some things and old fashion on others.

  24. Oh Jenny the photos are beautiful! LOVED hearing you on the video too! I heard the Blue Jay in the background when you said "bird". lol
    The snow is so beautiful. I would love to wake up on Christmas morning with that! The forecasters are calling for a soggy wet Christmas this yr here I heard. Bah humbug! I want snow! Piles of it! At least it would cover up this drab mousey-brown lawn. lol

  25. As we passed by just south of you on 460 today I waved and hollered "Hello, Jenny!" As far as the white stuff goes; we had a dusting back home that created pandemonium, as usual, and came home to 6" of ice coated snow. Buddy was hilarious as he slid around the yard trying to re-mark his territory!