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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Just Who Is Mr. Doppler?

As I look out my window and see the snow melting away, I hear the news on TV making their newest predictions for the upcoming week.  At first I found myself getting so excited until I heard the entire thing.  The announcer said something like this:  “Yes, it’s a little warmer today and even a little warmer tomorrow, but folks, don’t get too comfortable because we are in for yet another cold front and more snow!  Our Doppler radar is showing the march east of our next batch of winter weather and it’s due here on Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day!  Yes, we have the distinct possibility of a white Christmas!  Now let’s track this for the week (and his voice picks up speed).  Monday, a bit warmer than today with highs around 40. Tuesday, highs approaching 40 again and clear skies.  Wednesday the temps drop a few degrees but still clear.  Thursday, the clouds begin to build and roll in and the high will be around 38. For Friday, more cloud cover is forecast, and dropping temperatures and a chance of snow that carries on into Saturday, Christmas day. Yes, we have the chance of a white Christmas!  Chances for snow both days is……30%.”  I am thinking, what’s wrong with this picture?  Why even bother to get hopes up for a white Christmas with a 30% chance of snow?  That’s a 70% of no snow!  Which holds the greater weight? Shoot, my excited anticipation was for naught.  Well, one thing I can do is drive out this evening and see if I can get some night shots of a few of the houses on my street.  I’ve never tried night shots so I don’t know what will happen, but I’m going to try it.  Cross your fingers for me.  If it works, the next part of this entry will be the pictures.  Now to sit and wait for the dark..…..


Darn the dark.  I tried and tried. I even tried the video camera. Nothing. I know there’s a trick to taking pictures in the dark but I don’t know what they are.  The darn snow was all slushy, too. I should have stayed in and looked for great night photos from Photobucket -- just kidding.  You’d know those pictures weren’t mine right away because they’d be too good!  So, here’s one without the snow and one with the slushy mess.  Tomorrow I’m going to look for that camera manual and maybe it will tell me what to do.




Good thing I put up that little video about the Spirit of Christmas to remind myself, because this sure isn’t doing it for me.  If one of you knows the trick to a setting for nighttime shots, please tell me.

I may not be around to be first to comment on your newest entries because I have a couple of things to get ready.  There’s a dinner Tuesday night and then another on Wednesday night.  The one on Wednesday is a big affair done by a couple down the street every year.  It is super good fun and includes a cocktail party and then a huge dinner.  Because there are so many people, everyone chips in and brings a dish or two and also adds to the wine to help out. The hostess is doing some big standing rib roasts, shrimp, and other things. The rest of us are doing vegetables, salads, and desserts.  Can’t wait; they are the greatest couple. So, I’ll be in and out and run by as soon as I can to see what you’re up to. I really hate getting behind, don’t you?  Now it’s 7:30 and time to round up some dinner and some snugglin’ time with Sam & Lucy.  I’ll sign off with this photo of the 2 of them in their regular sleeping positions:

catsasleep2 new pics 050

new pics 049lucyandsamasleepfloor2                   

…and, yes, they really are asleep in that last photo.

This last photo has nothing to do with anything.  It’s for Marge and she’ll know what it is.  **waving to Marge**:

mytigerandbunny Nothing like the old friends, is there, Marge



  1. Sam and Lucy are so cute all snuggly like that. The dinner Tuesday night sounds scrumptious. Have a wonderful time.

  2. Unless we have a volcanic eruption between now and then we are guaranteed a white Christmas because there's a think coat of ice on top of the 6" of snow out there.

    The trick to getting good night shots is slow shutter speed but that also means using a tripod because the camera has to remain VERY still for a LONG time.

    What time is dinner? I'll put on my dress bibs and be right over.

  3. That should read a THICK coat of ice, not a think coat....I thimk.

  4. You "thimk"? HA! Good one!
    Thanks for the tips, Chip. I guess at this point I need at least a decent camera AND a tripod, AND a good manual to study. I still have all that great info about cameras you sent to me and maybe 2011 will allow that purchase, we'll see. I tried, I really did.

  5. I know I'm a terrible party pooper but I could easily be wrapping a string of Christmas tree lights around a palm tree right now and feel totally happy...maybe next year! Traditionally they say we only have a 46% chance of snow on Christmas...leaving the nasty stuff for after the holidays which I have to say I hate passionately...enough of the Grinch though! I love your pictures and appreciate your night shot efforts...I've had mixed results with such endeavors. Bless you my friend!

  6. Night photography depends upon the capabilities of the camera. If you have the "click and shoot" type camera.... you don't have much leaway as to what you can do.
    You may be able to adjust the film speed up from 100 ASA to maybe 400 ASA. Remember, flashes are only good for about 15-20 feet.
    Your best bet is to "get out the manual" and read what it has to say about night shooting.
    However, if those shots of the house were done after dark, you ended up with some damned good results!

  7. Your night shots are better thanmine was. Mine was totally black. Love the snuggle pusses. So cute. Have fun at the parties! NO Martoonies!!!!

  8. Well, you know, Jenny if I have any chance to see snow you have to show me. O percent here, of course!! LOL

    Have a great time this week! MERRY CHRISTMAS, young lady! ((((hugs))))

  9. Awe...Sam & Lucy are just precious Jenny. And hey I don't see a thing wrong with your night shots girl. Do you have a night setting on your camera by chance?
    At first the *forecasters* were calling for a slushy Christmas. Rain Friday and Saturday. Then yesterday I saw those cute little snowflakes listed for Saturday *only a 20% chance tho* and today there's nothing listed but "colder with some sun". ugh Who knows what the weather will be like by then.

  10. Mr Doppler was a 19th century Austrian scientist that figured out something about sound waves. And the difficulty of night shots is god's way of saying you should be inside with a large glass of something hot and alcoholic.

  11. Your night shots beat the tar out of mine. I told my youngest who really is a crack photographer that I needed some hints. He said. read the manual. Looks like I'll have to.

    Sam and Lucy look precious. I wish my girl had a sister or brother but she wouldn't allow that now.

    Have fun out. I am going out tonight. ♥

  12. If possible, I'd send you enough snow to cover your whole neighborhood. Seems like no one around here wants it but you and Kimmy do. Personally, I think the whole White Christmas idea is way over-rated. LOL

    Lots of cameras have built-in night time shooting settings. Does yours have a dial on top or on the back with different shooting modes? There just might be a night time one included.

    Cute cute cute pix of your kitties. They sure look comfy there.

    Good luck in getting that snow that's

  13. oops, I got cut off there...

    Good luck with getting the snow that's started to fall here. I really wish I could just email it all over to you. Really, I do!

  14. Just wanted to stop by to let you know that I was thinking about you and remembering you in my prayers. You are going to make it through this, I promise. You are a different person than you were before your mother passed away, but the person you are now is full of love and compassion for the pain of others. You know how precious life is, and every day you will grow stronger, bit by bit.

    Jenny, I believe with all my heart that your mother is watching over you right this minute. Perhaps she is whispering gentle words of love to you as you grieve for her. I imagine her whispering for you to go outside, to breathe in the cold night air, and look at the beautiful stars. Then she'll whisper, "You're going to be okay. I love you."


  15. I get excited when they say we might get snow, but like you, I see the percents, funny and that's the clue as to usually no snow here. Your night shots look good. I love Sam and Lucy sleeping together. I wish Kassey had a sibling or friend, but it's not allowed.

  16. Loved the night shots and all the others

  17. Wellll, farkle. Now I have Bob Seger stuck in my head singing, "Working on the night shots..." I know, it's supposed to be "night moves" but this is how I roll.

  18. I thought your night shots were very good, Jenny; did a Christmas elf sprinkle a little magic dust to help? I could use a little of that stuff myself, and I'm not taking any photos.
    I hope Christmas brings you all the things you hope for, but especially love, hope, peace of mind, and the companionship of good friends.

    Looks like we're supposed to get a fresh fall of snow and I'm ready for it.

    *humming "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas" as I type this*

    (I love the photo of your beloved tiger and bunny...keep them close; they'll be a big help if your Christmas spirit wanes a little...)

  19. You know JennyD-I have the same exact thought AND I wonder how the weathemen can be so wrong and still keep their job? Wouldn't it be lovely to have that freedom from pressure in our own lives? ...just saying!
    Also, I had to laugh at the 'spotting' you saw in Hurricane's paw print...YES! most certainly it looks like a smile and then I also saw a Jack-o-Lantern with the fangs coming from the smile...what a hoot!
    Thanks so much for your great comments and words of kindness!

  20. Hey, I think your night shots look great.
    I am just stopping by to wish you, Sam and Lucy a wonderful Christmas. Have a great time at your parties, and I am sure you will.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  21. Jenny I put a comment on here last night but my computer went down and it got lost,\I forget it all now but I did say you shots were OK in my eyes. and how cosy the cats were, I also noticed that I'm not amongst your followers,\ have I been banished ? :-((