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Sunday, January 9, 2011


That’s what Mom used to say; she’d spell it – B,R,R….brrrrr. It’s very cold here today. It was 14 F this morning and only reached 20 today, but that was actually ok with me because it was my day to be home, vegetate, do some laundry of my own, and definitely take a long overdue blog walk as I’m sure you’ve seen by now.

This past week, (16 days really) has been busy with sitting with my friend, Lee, still in the hospital and also running errands for her and for myself.  After that long in the hospital, she had bills that were coming due, plants to be watered, clothes to be laundered, hair to be done (or as well as it could be), and calls to be made.  Very busy time.  This coming week she is scheduled for another bone marrow test so I doubt she’ll be home anytime soon.  Besides, if you saw her, you’d know that she’s not able to take care of herself yet anyway.  Her legs were 3 times their regular size and there were beginning lesions opening up.  Then on top of that, biopsies were done and she had severe reactions to that, too.  I’ve never felt so badly for someone.  It’s been a lot of pain for her and she’s still on morphine.  To give you an idea of the swelling, when she entered the hospital, she weighed 130 lbs.  Since there, she only eats like a bird, and then yesterday weighed 163 lbs.  They have now started her on a diuretic, thank goodness, and it’s starting to work.  Seeing 33 lbs extra on 2 legs is some sight. Scary.

A week ago, I was getting up at the crack of dawn, looked out of the window and saw this HUGE sink hole in the middle of the road.  Now this happened a few days after the first incidence of losing water to my house. Sheesh, I still have to back up to explain this.  Last year, there was a geyser of a water spout rising from the road just across the street. Everyone lost their water service.  The road was dug up and the pipes replaced due to age.  So now it’s another year gone by.  Same spot, new geyser.  The county trucks were back out but this time I was the only one without water.  The digging began.  First they found that the other repair was done with plastic pipes instead of copper.  A redo was in order. Because of this 2nd break, the line running to my house broke at the water meter.  The next sight I saw was my yard being dug up to replace everything with copper there as well.  Listen, I know this had to be done, but lordy, I’d just resodded my yard all by myself last Spring, and now it’s dug up clay.   Here’s where they were digging:

123010 1

123010 2

Notice how close they are to that pine tree.  They cut right into the roots of it and I’ll bet in another year that tree will die. Glad I took pictures.  See the roots below? (You can always click to enlarge) :

123010 5

So, repairs were done and I had my water back about 12 hours later.  I also had a dug up yard. All they did was semi-smooth the clay over that side of my yard.  Gee, thanks.

A few days ago, I was getting up early again and glanced out the window (now we’re back to the present).  There in the middle of the street was this HUGE sink hole in the middle of the road. Even a new little geyser had begun across the street.  Now this sink hole was about 3 ft deep and 5 ft across.  The county trucks show up again and the digging begins.  In fact, the digging started at that hole, ran the length of my house, the next house and all the way to the highway.  They don’t even know what caused it.  They dug and dug and filled and filled:

010611 1

010611 3

I didn’t even bother going out to take pictures of them digging all the way down the street, and it didn’t matter.  You know why? After ALL that work and ripping up the street and refilling everything, they left, and 2 hours later they were back --- because the entire thing caved in again.  It was like the twilight zone.  Again, they didn’t know why, and again all the repairs started over. As of today, the road hasn’t sunk for the 3rd time but we are holding our breaths.  You should see all of the neighbors and myself skirting around the middle of the road.  I heard my 80+ neighbor say they were afraid the darn road was going to swallow them up.  I look at the whole thing from a different angle – and here’s my mean side.  Our street has been used as a cut through for the last year and cars will come flying down the road.  Good golly, we have kids and pets here! The county even put speed bumps in but that didn’t stop the huge amount of traffic and some still speeding their heads off.  So here’s what I hope, and I don’t care how mean it sounds. I hope that one of those speeding cut-throughers has the fortune to ride right over that spot just as the road collapses.  It would serve them right. Up until now, I’ve waited for those folks with my camera and a pad of paper.  Just when they get close, I’ve been running out to the side of the road, lifting my camera like I’m taking a picture of them, pointing with my finger to their face and then looking like I’m writing it all down.  Well, I can say it’s kept a few off the road but not enough.  Wow, this turned into a rant and it’s not even Wednesday.  I need to calm down.  Hey, Arlene, bring over that glass of Bailey’s.  I’ll make the next blog walk in spurts as I can.  I never like getting behind and missing out on what’s going on in your neck of the woods.  Be good, be careful, be loving.  



  1. Jenny, I am so sorry about your friend Lee. You are being a good friend to her and that will be a comfort to you as time passes. May God be with you both.
    The sink hole ordeal is frightening. I would love to have seen you out with your cameral and pen and paper.

  2. Tell Lee I understand about her legs. I have the same thing from injections over the years of sugar, grease, and pasta into my system. Ha! I know, not the same thing, just trying to add a little levity.

    I'm freezin' me arse off and it's 28 degrees. I'm ready for the snow to melt and the temps to go back up. There's a reason I live in the South! (copied from my own fb page)

  3. Please pass on my good wishes to Ms Lee. Here's an idea for you speeders problem.
    Go to a costume store and purchase a "Smokey Bear" type or "Cop type" hat. Pull your car to the edge of your yard parallel to the street, and as the speeders approach.... point your hair dryer at them!

  4. Also, I put info about Port Digital TV's in my comment back to you at my site.

  5. Oh Jen you are such a loving caring friend. Tell Lee she is in my prayers.
    It sounds like those bozo's keep diggin when they don't know what to do to fix it. Maybe mention to get a expert in to look at it? They do have one don't they? Sinking roads are the pits. Oh hey, that was ah pun? Take care of yourself Jen. Thinking of you. Hugs.

  6. I'm so sorry about Lee, and I know how much you're hurting. Hang in there, Jenny!

    Goodness gracious, a sink hole? That's awful, and very scary.

    Take good care, my friend..Love to you and Lee.

  7. Oh Jenny , I know what your seeing with your friend . My brother had the samething and they almost killed him at the cancer hospital with an overdose of the water drugs . He had so much right until the end. Im getting strong as I can comment and read this. Im so mad at the medical profession in Canada.. the Doctors they just buctered my brother. I guess thats all part of it. Hes gone , hes free and we as a family know that this was ment to be.
    I will keep the prayers going strong.
    Watch that road and for goodness sakes be careful. Thanks for the update. I too dont like falling behind. Im still gaining strength each day to deal with life and its working..hope you laugh about that.
    Your a ray of sunshine when you visit but please dont feel you need to come each time I update. I know you have so much going on.
    Hugs Dear Lady xoox

  8. That sounds like absolute misery for Lee. I've had to stand with friends through some tough things in the hospital too and know what it's like to see that kind of suffering...simply awful. I can see what you mean about the roots to that tree...it really is good you've got pictures of it. We're at nine degrees right now and it looks like it's going to be a bitterly cold week altogether. Blessings and grace to you.

  9. I'm really sorry your friend is suffering and I hope the pain meds are helping. It's hard for you too as well. A sink hole is a scary thing. Where I moved from in a neighboring town had one behind out apartments. We didn't have to travel on that street, thank goodness. Stay safe.

  10. Hi Jenny

    You and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers. I was wondering how you were and sat at the computer last night, thinking I would send you a comment and lo and behold I found one from you. Thank you for taking the time to visit me, when you have so much going on in your life. You are a good friend and I am sure Lee finds great comfort in that. The hole sounds horrendous, hope it all sorts out without too much hussle. Big Hugs - Nita

  11. I hope Lee is finally turning the corner with her health problems,Jenny, as sometimes I feel that the very people (Doctors) trying to heal the patient end up making it much worse before any sign of improvement. Maybe this Diuretic will do the trick. I do hope so, my thoughts are with your lovely friend.
    It sounds as if it's the blind leading the blind with your 'hole digging' fiasco. Makes you feel if they'd only done the job right in the first place it might have helped!! Hope it comes to a good conclusion before you run out of patience and they run out of ideas!! take care xPenx

  12. It is so difficult to see a friend suffer. I hope very much it ends well for her.

    On the other hand if you find it scary to see 33 extra pounds on legs, Wal-Mart must be a horrorfest for you.

    A bright side to the recurring sinkhole and geysers is that they aren't in your basement and being repaired at your expense. I doubt that the tree will die, is seems pretty well established and those buggers are pretty resilient. The sod, on the other hand, might well be another little project for you this Spring. You can enjoy the nice weather while you work.

    I am curious - do the people on your street keep their pets and children in the street?

  13. OMG Jenny I don't think I've ever seen such a hole in a residential area like this. Be careful when you leave your house girl. Weird that they can't figure out why it keeps coming back..like an asphalt eating virus. lol
    I'm so sorry your friend is going through such terrible health problems. It's hard seeing someone you love in pain. :( I know she treasures your friendship though so you keep being the awesome friend that you are. ((hugs))

    Oh guess what? We got snow! lol West Tn is officially having a snowday. I took a few photos for fear it would be gone before nightfall. haha

  14. Hi Jenny.
    I am with David RE: the tree. in fact if you prune the roots of a plant it thinks it is dying and so produces more growth. Wonderful how nature works. So sorry about Lee I hope all goes well for her.
    Take care you lovely Lady and keep warm.
    love Kenny xxx

  15. Hey Jenny,Stay in and stay warm...we had an early out today and probably won't go tomorrow....

    Excuse me for laughing at your misfortune but how in the heck did you land with your behind in a sandtrap? I'm sure that WAS hilarious and you know what Jenny, I am not a 'swearer' but those words do have a habit of flying off my tongue when I am on the golf course. I am so competitive and do not like to lose....I can also have a great deal of fun, but on days where I'm serious about beating my husband, oh my...
    We go to Emerald Isle a couple times a year; my most favorite place and when I retire; whenever that will be I want to have a house ON the beach with huge plate glass windows to look out over and bide my time on the beach, writing and getting published and scrapbooking FOR other people who do not like doing it or don't have the time...have you been to Amos Mosquito's? Ummm, they have the best shrimp and grits!!!

  16. Since I'm "enjoying" a dose of the latest bug while watching the latest storm roll in I finally have time to do some catching up of my own.

    First off, the county is obviously concerned about the roots on that pine being cut. They have thoughtfully provided a man to stand there holding it up, as you have documented in the third frame.

    Secondly, I know that fantasizing about those speeders falling into a sinkhole is pleasurable but that does not mean you should be flushing M-80s down the toilet to help the process along!

    I know, I know....I'm a bad boy! I'll just be over there standing in the corner......and chuckling. I'm actually beginning to enjoy time out. It's much easier on my busted up legs and back than trying to run away. Besides, I need all the extra nap time I can get at my age :)

  17. If I were in your friend's situation, Jenny, I would hope for a friend such as you to care about me as you do about Lee.

    Your story about the sinkhole has put my pothole gripe in perspective; we've got the blasted things peppering our streets all over town. Most aren't too bad, but there are a few that, if your car rolls over them just right, could be real axle-busters.

    Your "I'm-gonna-report-you" solution to the speeding drivers is one of the smartest I've read about--good for you--I'd LOVE to see that as a YouTube video!!!

    Hang in there, jen...spring is a day closer and the days are getting a little longer every day. Soon you'll be able to get back outdoors and re-sod that yard!

    Oops...sorry 'bout the re-sodding remark...

    Keep warm!

  18. I came over here to tell you I was sorry I hadn't responded to your comment (December 23rd) on my blog of the Coopers Hawk. The one thing I wish Blogspot would do ... is alert us when someone has commented on any of our posts. Past or present. Anyhooo, I'm sorry you were still following me on my other site that I'm no longer updating. lol. I'm guessing that's my Window Live site you're talking about. I finally gave up the ghost over there and should have posted that I did. Glad you found me here on Blogspot though. :)

    I'm so sorry to hear such sad news of your friend Lee. What a horrible ordeal. Reading only this one post, I don't know what the matter is but I hope she recovers quickly. You are a very rare and precious friend to be there for her through all of this.

    What a HUGE mess you have on your hands with all the plumbing problem. My gosh that is just plain rediculous that they couldn't locate the problem - and all that destruction to your property. Gee wiz that's just insane. I can only imagine the nightmare this has been for you. I hope it's the end of all now.

  19. Oh my gosh amighty! WHAT a sink hole and what a mess, girlfriend!

    I am truly sorry too, about Lee and all that she is so bravely going through. I know you are an angel to help her on a continuing basis. Another way we are alike. I would do that too. ((((HUGS)))

  20. JennyD, Just checking on you and your friend Lee. I'm hoping she is feeling better.
    I hope you won't even drive near that weak spot that keeps sinking.

  21. Ever heard of Murphy's Law? Maybe you should rename your street"Murphy Street"!!!! Bummer about your yard. You'd think they would be required to restore the yard as much as possible!

  22. Hi Jenny,
    Just dropping by to wish you a lovely Wednesday, ( mind you, are you ahead or behind UK time-line?) and hope against hope that the 'digger uppers' are finished with your street.
    hugs to you, and best wishes to Lee, hope she's feeling better day by day.. xPenx

  23. Just stopping by to let you know that you and your friend are in my thoughts and prayers.


  24. I would hope to have a friend like you...
    something to be concerned about, those sinkholes...
    and, I've had a favorite flower bed dug up to lay water line...it's never been the same since...I hope you can get your yard back in shape...

  25. Miss "chatting" with you. i know you are busy with Lee, but, we miss you. Hope she can get some relief from her pain.
    But, try to take some time for yourself....you deserve it!!!!


  26. Sorry I'm so late to post. I'm sorry for your friend Lee. I'm also sorry you have to watch her go through so much as you are still in a healing mode yourself. You have been through so many ordeals in the last couple of years. Don't forget to nurture yourself as well. I would love to sit on that porch of yours, drink some margaritas and hoot at that road crew. Wouldn't that be fun. Supervising from afar? W had that happen to a road in Oregon near the coast. It was water run off eroding the ground underneath. You're wise to go around it. Geesh.
    Well prayers hugs and good thoughts are going out to you tonight and also for your friend Lee.
    Take care Jen! Love you!!

  27. Well I finally made it here. Sorry it took me so long. Only time now is at night. Let's see it is almost 2:30am. But I really had so many people I needed to get by and visit before heading south. I so wish your friend well. It will be a hard road. Since you are walking it with her as well may God bless you. Don't forget to take the time to recharge yourself. We are heading south in a couple days. I was doing so well with my back but just can't get around all the work and packing, hubby can't be there every minute for me. So I have had a few twinges in my back again. Just have to get thru these last few days. We have over 3 feet of snow right now. I just love it. I was getting so relaxed I wish we were staying. No one seems to understand how much I love it here in the winter and why I wouldn't want to go south for the winter. I just hate uprooting. Hope that whole doesn't swallow anything up. Take Care Carrie

  28. Checking in, Jenny. Thinking of you and Lee. (((hugs)))

  29. My God Jenny, how can I apologise that I missed this, I'd gone back to check you a couple of times and you hadn't re-posted, I take a little break and take my eye off the ball, and your blogging your heart out.
    As I was reading this my jaw was hanging lower and lower, how do you cope with that much mayhem, suppose someone had been walking out there and gone down the hole? they might not have been found, OK I'm exaggerating but it's not comfortable reading. I hope it's fixed now and you get some recompense for your yard, when you said you 'resodded' your yard, whats that mean?
    Blimey I hope they haven't damaged that pine tree or when someone fals in the hole the tree coould come down on top and they'd be well buried. and never found. Ok I exaggerate again. But maybe with luck it'll be one of the motorists.
    Your friend Lee is really going through the mill poor lady, i hope the diuretics do their work and the swelling goes down, it must be so painful.
    You take care of yourself, and though it's not easy, try and not over do it, you won't be any good to anyone if you take sick.
    I'll keep some Bailleys aside just in case you need a pick up, Bless you Jenny, you're a proper Lady.

  30. Jenny, I've been wondering about Lee. She is blessed to have you as a friend.
    The sinkhole sounds like no fun, although your fantasy of who ends up in it might be...as long as no one is hurt. Some people just need more to make them think about what they're doing and realize perhaps they need to change.
    Take care. I'll keep praying for your friend and you.

  31. Loved what Dana said. May I join you???

    How in the world did you twist that ankle? Is it wrapped? Did it swell? Put Lucy to work to arrange supper tonight and breakfast in the morning. Tell her it's part of her job description. When she signed the contract. Oh, She doesn't remember the contract? tell her you'll retrieve it from the Bank vaults shortly. Meanwhile..the eggs are waiting..the coffee is unperked..um..Miss Lucy?

  32. I just want to pass on a thank you for your comment on my blog. You always say things from that heart and that never fails to bless me...so from the bottom of my heart I thank you kindly for that my friend!

  33. Never too busy to drop by and check in on you Jenny, and thank-you for all your lovely comments on my WP site. Glad you enjoyed my poems and always a pleasure to read your response to the subject I've chosen (usually by very random thought processing) ;-)
    I do hope Lee is showing signs of recovery, and I know that she has a treasure as a friend in you, to help her through her illness. hugs to you both, (and to Sam & Lucy, love their site)

  34. I know all too well the health issues. :( After a car wreck when I was 17, my legs were so swollen, they had to cut my pants off. They were my FAVORITE PAIR! I still cry over them.

    Then the past 3 years, I've lost a ton of weight and now it's slowing coming back. At my lowest, I was a size 14 child. Way too tiny and I could barely walk. Now I'm a size 3 adult woman. I know I look better with a weight on, but after being so tiny, I feel like an elephant now. :( Women truly are nuts, aren't we?

  35. I'd be wishing more than the road eating those spreaders. Sorry about your tree. When our pipes broke, they dug up our front yard & killed our gorgeous flowering bush.