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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Januarys Of Our Lives ~~

windowscalendar I keep this little desktop calendar going as my default.  It’s old as the hills, a la 1997, but I’m so used to it that I never changed to anything better. I do wish it would take birthdays and roll them over to the next year, though I’m not complaining.

We are all off and running into January now. I went back about 6 years to all the Januarys and never realized before that I always got hit with the flu and/or pneumonia every single January even though I’d gotten a flu shot each year and I’d gotten a pneumonia shot to last for years, too.  Ok, I guess the month is here again for 2011.  I’ll keep an eye out.

Last January of 2010, I was moving all the big stuff out of my prior abode, storing part of it in a giant storage unit, and then unloading Mom’s things and storing most of that, too.  When I think back to all that physical labor plus being so darn sick, I don’t even know how I lived through it.  Well, you do what you have to do, right?  You can collapse after.  Last January, our friend, Curtis was also getting new tests done and trying to recoup from his bout with vasculitis.  It was a tough month for him, too.

The very beginning of that month saw tons of snow and ice and I’d noted on the calendar about the hair-raising trips back and forth to the storage unit. Other than being so sick, I think it was lucky the cars and truck weren’t hit and totaled on the roads.  We ended up with a grand total of 36-38 inches of snow for December and January and everyone got their wish for a white Christmas.  After that, not so many got on the Band Wagon of Wishes for this Christmas.

Last January was also the month of Eric, the accountant. Remember him?  He’s the one I wrote about that made the major move on me when I went to see about the taxes being done.  I can still see him with those puppy dog eyes and hear him making that ungodly groaning noise when he trapped me in “the hug”.  Good lord, what a day that was.  Obviously I did not hire him.

Then, same month, my oldest friend, Lee, was put into the hospital and diagnosed with the same cancerous disease that Curtis had.  Well, Lee has been going through chemo since then and actually doing pretty well. Until now. She’s back in the hospital and has been for a whole week.  Yesterday, the Eve, was her birthday, and I took her her favorite Wonton Soup and bunches of birthday cards.  She is in an isolation room and you have to put on all this plastic garb and gloves before you can visit.  Everything is seeming a bit like a rewinding repeat of last year.  She is worried that she will never get out of the hospital, and to be frank, so am I.  (Update: She called me and now cannot even walk with help, and lesions are opening on her legs. I am having a very hard time not showing extreme worry when I am with her. I am very, very afraid now and even sorry to pass this along in my post.)  Here is my friend, Lee, on her balcony:

Lee on her balcony 061607

There is nothing I can do to change Lee’s situation no matter how I try, and if I don’t write about something else, I will crumble into tears, so, enough of the nightmare January stuff for now;  here’s a funny to at least raise the spirits for a moment.  Last January, at the end of the month, a friend of mine decided to throw a party.  He LOVED my dip and knew it was my own recipe of over 30 years.  Everyone said that dip is like a drug and you can’t stop eating it once you start.  He begged and he pleaded for that recipe and I finally caved and gave it to him, but with the stipulation that he never give it out to anyone else.  He agreed. Ha. People will do anything to get what they want. Here’s what happened at that party.  Lots of people, lots of food and everyone was having a wonderful time.  My friend was being the perfect host and visiting with every person there.  As I was mingling, I kept hearing comment after comment about how fabulous that dip was and I really did feel very proud.  Then I saw my friend with a larger group and I started walking over to them.  As I made it just to my friend’s back, I heard one of the guests in that group say, “Oh wow, this is the best damn dip I’ve ever had in my life!”  Without a pause, my friend pipes up with, “Soooo glad you like it, it’s my own recipe.”  Say what??  I was almost fuming and I tapped him on the back.  He turned, saw me, turned beet red and said, “Ohhhh s**t”.  I think he saw the fire spurting out of my eyes.  He had no choice, so he turned back around to his guests – thinking he could still save face and I wouldn’t hear everything he said, and in a half way whisper to them said, “Well, she helped me with it.”  I can only say that this was the first and last time I ever grabbed a guy by the rear end and pinched that cheek so hard he screamed like a girl. But it worked. He said to the group, “Ok, ok, it’s HER recipe.”  I thought he was actually going to cry. Tough.  He’s just lucky I didn’t grab somewhere else!

See? January can be fun!


Oh, and as a quick post script, I forgot to mention that both laptops that I won arrived and they are Perfecto!



  1. Aw, Man. I've heard so much about cancer lately. I have some friends who have had recurrences and are not doing so well. Ugh. Yet I whine because my really healthy ass stayed home alone for NYE. I need to do better with being appreciative of what I have (and don't have). I'm spoiled and selfish. I guess it's all just part of my "charm."

    I tried to message you but I keep getting a message saying the address must be wrong or something. ??? Can you message me with your email address (if you want to)?


  2. Jennie, this must be the night for reflecting on the past as I just finished a post doing just that.
    Cancer, I hate that word, it claimed 3 of my sisters, one brother and of course my Jim. I know how you are suffering now with your friend so ill, and I also know how hard it is to be strong in front of her. Once, as Jim was in his final stay at the hospital, I was making a trip home to get clean clothes. I got lost, yes lost in Champaign. For 2 years I had been driving that same route taking Jim to and from the hospital and my mind just went blank. You can make yourself be cheerful for your friend and then cry for her when you are home.

  3. "May someone love you enough to forgive your faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about your virtues." -J.D.

  4. Jenny I am so sorry about your friend Lee. I always hid my tears from my friend but a week before she passed I lost it and gave her a big hug. She being humerous like me said something like it's about time you shed ah tear for me. She loved that I showed her my feelings as everyone was so proper she said and it made her feel they didn;t care. Now, with the hard pinch on his butt I laughed and giggling still.So darn much happened in 2010 it's really hard to reflect, really. Big hugs my friend.
    I love love your header up there!!!

  5. Hi Jenny

    Amidst reflections of the old year and hopes for the new year, so glad to have you as a friend on here. Sorry to hear about your friend, yes cancer is a horrible disease. Take Care, Hugs - Nita

  6. Jenny, I'm thinking you should try a new calendar. It's nice to have a record of things that happened, but it sounds like there's too much sadness in yours, especially in January.

    I use Google's calendar and like the way I can set up reminders. And like all of their apps, once you have it set up, you can access it from any computer.

    So sorry about your friend Lee. Next time when you visit her take along some wine and glasses, (even if it's just grape juice or tea) and have a good ol' party.

  7. Aw, gosh, Jenny I'm so sorry about Lee. I remember that photo of her, so sweet. I have no advice for you; we each have to do what we feel is what our friends would want us to.

    I remember my best forever friend, Kay. She had leukemia and fought it for several years. She was the only one who could say to me "kiss my a** and get away with it. I got home one Saturday in in 2002, and had a message from her to call. I did, and no answer. About an hour later, her husband called and said she had had a seizure only seconds after leaving me that message. I rushed to the hospital and she was in a coma. After a couple of days, they put her in a regular private room because there was nothing else they could for her. I offered to stay with her that night. Of course, I'll never know if she heard me or not, but I talked to her the entire night reflecting on our friendship and some of the crazy things we did in grammar, jr hi, and hi school. I left the next morning when her brother arrived, and two hours later they called to tell me she had passed. My heart still hurts, and my heart hurts for you now with your friend being critical. I love you, Jenny, and so thankful for our own friendship. (((hugs))

    Love your new design here, wish I was talented like you are! Oh, and yeah you should have grabbed that guy where it would have "really" hurt. lol

  8. Jenny, I like your new look. Perhaps I need to play with mine, or maybe just write a post. :-)
    Cancer is such a horrid disease. It's so hard not to cry when with a friend or family member who has it. Maybe they need to see us cry instead of always having a 'stiff upper lip', that can be interpreted as uncaring.
    I enjoyed your story about the dip...would have loved seeing that.
    Sure hope you skip the flu this January. Some things just don't need to become traditions.

  9. Challenging times to say the least my friend. I know that it can seem that with great hope we can find the nasty bitterly cold months following Christmas to be very hard indeed. I can feel this challenge already though the month has just begun. It doesn't help when a bitter wind blows for days that keeps the temperatures below zero. Many times I wish for it to just be summer right after Christmas to make the whole New Year seem more real and like a departure from the difficulties of the last year but such is not the case. I pray that the hopes and dreams you have mature to faith that transcends all difficulty and makes 2011 blossom like a flower for you! God bless you my friend.

  10. It seems all of us probably have a month we dislike among others because of terrible things happening. For me, it's the month of March. So full of promise, spring temperatures alternating with cold and then sunny and crisply warm again. But I have had friends pass away in that month often enough to make me dread it as much as I dread October for the same reason.

    I am so so sorry about your dear friend Lee. It is so hard to present a positive face and demeanor when we see our dear ones fading and we feel that we may not see them for much longer. But if we can, we must for they must not give up hope or expectations for some have survived and we know this to be true.

    I love what Joe said...that your hopes and dreams overcome your difficulties. Joe blesses us with his understanding and love for all of us.

    Much love, many hugs..I'm right here is you need me.

    P.S. Her abdomen was x-rayed but I will bring this up anyway.

  11. I could barely read the section about Lee. I've lost too many friends to cancer in the past few years. Yes, people in their early- and mid-forties. Scary, scary, scary. I pray that she maintains her courage.

    That dip story is the funniest thing. He really was a dip, wasn't he? Are you still friends with him? I don't know if I could be magnanimous enough to forgive him.

    Happy New Year, Jenny! Here's to a great, and flu-free, 2011!

  12. I agree with Nita. You need a new calendar. You sure have been through the ringer and come out the other side of it more aware of your own strength I suspect. I refuse to mention the "C" word any more as it has taken practically my whole family( and 2 friends) and I just can't let it have any power over me anymore. I will keep your friend in my prayers and as well always you. The dip story just proves to me that all that "man" has designed.. we all know the real designers!! Good deal giving him a good hard pinch!! LOL

  13. My mom noticed the same thing every January - bronchitis, wheezing, respiratory illnesses always popped up. Turns out she was allergic to the real Christmas tree she bought/put up every year, so now she skips that and has a much healthier year.

    As far as dips go, I can fall in love with anyone who attempts a spinach artichoke variety....(and now I must run - there's an oz. left in the refrigerator and tomorrow means it's back on the diet train, argh!)

  14. Jenny,
    I am so sorry to hear about your friend Lee...how terrible for the both of you; Lee for having to endure all that pain and suffering and you realizing there's not a damn thing you can do but be there for her and be her emotional compass. That is what we do for friends no matter what the situation, you know?
    Please NO SICKNESS this Jan. I always seem to get bronchitis in Feb. or Mar. so I'm hoping it stays away this year; give me a break, right? You as well.
    Take care of yourself...as well as your friends; we are all in this world together helping each other out in any way we can!

  15. Yow - I never thought of January as such a dire month but today just before reading your post, my brother's GF Carol told me her oldest brother's cancer has spread to every corner of his body. I am so glad you keep visiting your friend - my friend Tumwell's stepdad had it and only one of his old buddies showed up during all those long hard months. If you shared the good, you should share the not-so-good. If I ever hear anyone say, "I want to remember him/her as he/she was," I may administer your trademark pinch.

    I have never understood people who need to take credit for other people's ideas and work. Are they really so barren of accomplishment? It is like getting autographs from famous strangers as if the one interesting thing one did in one's whole life was to stand nigh someone else for a minute, and one is asking for certification.

    Were I you, I would have mnentioned the whole thing on my next visit, said what I thought and made it my last visit. Well, unless good sex were involved.

  16. Jenny I'm so glad your post ended with a funny story, as reading about your friend Lee and all you flu symptoms was making me feel quite depressed, I do feel for you and your friend's illness, keep upbeat, one of my friends has beat cancer three times, and is now in the best of health, albeit after a mastectomy.
    But I did have a giggle about your recipe thief, serves the ba***d right, it wouldn't have been his rear end I would have grabbed, but maybe I'm naughtier than you, Thanks for visiting me so often, where would I be without friends like you, I just don't get as many comments, you are so popular. Loved the new look, very sophisticated. Luvsya says Tango and Ruby, cos you make my Mum happy.

  17. Hi Jenny,
    Sorry to hear about your friend Lee. I'd say that you will stay with her through these tough times to offer "your time to be with a friend in need". She certainly will appreciate it.
    I'm pretty new on this "blog block"... I started about a week or so before your friend Curtis passed away. I remember how hard it hit you.
    I, along with many other of your followers (FRIENDS) are hoping for the best for Lee and for you.
    How about skipping the Flu shot this year? Hell, it ain't been working in the past....why should it now? Ever think that maybe THAT is how you got the flu?
    Look forward to "swapping tales" with you again throughout this New Year!


    I loved your post, in the past i have heard that a lot of people that have the flu shot get the flu, i have never had it and thankfully not had the flu, if you all up your Vit C and Zinc you should be able to get away with the flu and if you do get it it will not last long because your immune system will be stronger and fight it off
    xxxxxx........Love your background how did you get it xxx

  19. How is your dear friend Lee today, Jenny? I prayed for her last night and I have thought of her during this day as well.


  20. Oh, thanks for asking about Lee. I don't know about today. Yesterday and today she was on a lot of morphein and so didn't want visitors. I was almost going to dial her room a minute ago and then thought better of it. If she's sleeping, let her sleep; she has the phone next to her and can dial me if she wakes up. But tomorrow, I'm going to find out how she is from the nurses desk, at least. She's had such a hard time of it. You asking and saying a prayer for her is just the sweetest thing in the whole world. I appreciate it SO much and love you for it. XOXOXO

  21. Jenny, tell Sam and Lucy that we love them too. I hope they decide they want to blog and tell all about you. :-)

  22. I'm sorry about your friend, Lee and I will remember her in prayer as well. This dreaded disease affects so many families, you'd think there would soon be a cure or cause for it at least. I hope you skip the Flu this year.
    I love the 'dip' story and you were much too nice to him....lol

  23. Dear Jenny, I hope you won't mind me stopping in for a visit. I have come to your space from a dear friend of ours, Beth :) I read your post, there is something you can do for your friend Lee, have faith in God and we will pray, prayer is powerful, but we must believe. Just having you visit your friend, is lifting Lee's spirits, she is smiling on the inside although her body is hurting all over. I have read many of your comments on both Beth and Nita's blog and you are always so happy and positive, often wishing I was like you. I will be praying for you and for your dear friend Lee. Take good care of yourself. Sending you love and smiles. ♥... from Kerrie. xOx

  24. We're birds of a feather re: the recipe recitation. :-))))

  25. HI Jenny,
    thanks so much for your lovely comment on my story, and I've been running the gambit of emotions reading your blog. You have a wonderful way with words yourself, you lovely woman.
    and I do hope that Lee is comfortable and not in pain, she has a wonderful smile shining through in that photo. I know what you mean about concentrating on 'up' things as our tears don't help anyone,not even ourselves. We ride the storms ahead, and we have to learn to accept what's thrown our way. (I know easier said than done, and I'm still trying)..
    Glad you managed to 'pinch' the truth out of your friend. I bet he has a bruise to remind him of his failings. lol!!
    I do hope there are happier times ahead in 2011, my friend...Take care xPenx

  26. Hi Jenny,
    will light a candle for your friend Lee.. and for you..
    your right about 2011 not rolling off the tongue very smoothly..but its here, and we will walk its path, one step, one day at a time.. what comes our way I pray we meet it with understanding , compassion.and gracefulness.. if not thankfullness..
    I am at the age now I fear that what comes will come.. I think I have learned that it dose make a difference if we great it with fear or stressfulness..for then that is what fills our thoughts.. and our thoughts control or emotions..our emotions control our actions.. soo.. here to to the new year... I pray your warmth, love , and that light that just shines from your very essence will always be a beacon for those who need a warm place to rest.
    You are indeed a treasure Jenny.. and its a blessing to bring in this new year with your friendship..
    soft hugs..

  27. Hi Jenny, I think your having a hard time getting started with this month as I am. Everywhere I go I hear about Cancer and how it is affecting so many and so many are winning and some are not. Im going to keep your friend in my Prayers and as you said I m scared as well. My brother broke out in blisters and they were all over and broke from the water build up. I didnt have the courage to even talk about it until now. It was awful and I had no problem with it when I saw him. I will always hold the memory of what he looked like before the surguy and the doctors took him apart.
    Your dip Im sure is to die for. It has to be.
    Now hand over the recipe and no one will get hurt.
    Love you dearly.
    and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as I know how much is going on for you right now and guess what. .. you know it.. Its ok.

  28. Hi JennyD,Terrible to hear about your friend.This Curtis must be very special,as I have read about people missing him on several blogs.

  29. Hey "lil girl"!
    Thanks for the " saucey coments about I never lie".
    Not much going on down here, so I'm just posting "somewhat funny posts" for now.
    Always like hearing from you.
    Like it or not...You are part of the family now!
    But, then again, I'm one of those guys who used to go to family reunions hoping to "get lucky!"
    Hope that your friend Lee is getting stronger and feeling better!

  30. Stopped by to give you ah {{HUG}}

  31. Jenny, I am so very sorry to learn of your friend Lee's illness. Only recently a good friend of Steve's and mine died afer a 4-year battle with cancer which he appeared to be winning.

    Because Steve is the ambassador/concierge at the hospital where Doug was receiving his chemo, he saw him at both the good stages and the not-so-good; toward the end Doug's optimism was flagging along with his health and Steve told me he heard Doug softly saying "It isn't good...it isn't good..." This came from a man whose spirit was always indomitable and his outlook positive. When the end came, he said he was unafraid and ready to go. It was the rest of us who weren't ready to say goodye.

    Bless your heart for being there for your friend, and I hope her circumstances are much better now and that her body is healing. It does happen.

    I enjoyed your amusing story; thank you for ending on an upbeat note.

    *hugs Jenny very bigly*

  32. Thinking of you, sweet Jenny. How is Lee doing, and how are you holding up. I pray for the both of you. ((((((hugs)))))

  33. a sad beginning but you gave it that wonderful, humorous ending...had to laugh...but, I'm so very sorry to read about your friend...

  34. Jenny, I was tinkering and deleted the followers for just a little while, it's back now...sorry...

  35. Jenny thanks for stopping . Take some time for you if you can . Im worried you may get sick.
    Thank you for your kind words and I have missed you . You always have a light that shines so bright on my blog and each on that you visit.
    Much Love xoxo

  36. Hi Jenny , just dropping by to see how you are, and not perhaps over-doing things. do take care we need you. ((X))