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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rehab and Lee ~~

Last night Lee was transferred to a rehab center for a minimum of one week.  I went to visit her for a few hours today and that place is so gorgeous I could have moved in myself.  Usually places like this have a great entrance lobby, but then you go to the rooms that are always way back in the back, and those aren’t anything like that lobby.  This was completely different.  It “looks” new but it isn’t. It’s just that the decor is so fabulous that it makes you think that it is. Wall paper, beautiful vibrant up to date paint, paintings, crown molding everywhere, beautiful floors, working gas fireplaces surrounded by shiny brass that are in the hallway walls and showing through to the other sides that are the most beautifully appointed dining rooms you ever saw.  I thought her room could never be that nice, until I walked in.  Wow.  A wonderful private room that I swear looked like a 4 star hotel room.  I wouldn’t blame her if she refused to leave.  My imagination was already knocking out walls to the next room and arranging my own furniture so that I could live there full time. I’ll try to remember to take a camera with me next time.

Tomorrow I’ll be picking her up at 1:45pm and taking her to her cancer doctor’s appointment.  I happen to know this doc on a personal and social level so this will be nice to see him.  I just wish it was on other terms and not Lee’s health.  She told me today that she thinks he is getting ready to start her back on the chemo again. But there was some good news today, and that was about the bone marrow test.  Nothing has gotten even a tiny bit worse. No leukemia showing mounting in the marrow. Whew.  I got that information straight from Lee, but I had the oddest feeling that she wasn’t saying everything. My gut feelings have never been off.  We’ll see. I hope they are this time.

I took a quick picture of Lee’s legs this past week.  One of the legs had only a small amount of marks left as you’ll see, but the other (her left) was still really beat up looking – and the picture doesn’t even do it justice for as bad as it looked in person. In this shot, the swelling had also gone done remarkably and now those legs were only twice their size instead of 3 times.  Also, the very bad place you see, in person looked as if an entire hunk of meat had been gouged out of her leg and was now trying to close up even thought it was still oozing badly.They may not look that swollen to you, but you don’t know what fabulous and curvy legs she had, plus you can see that knee caps are still not showing.  Anyway, at least things are looking up and the docs have said that no scars will be visible at all when this is done. I’d say that’s pretty darn amazing.  CLICK to enlarge:


Busy day tomorrow so I’m closing out for now.  Lee said to thank all of you for your concern and for checking up on her. She was bowled over by that.  I loved it….love you all, too. Red heart



  1. Oh my gosh, I just couldn't enlarge the pic to get a closer look cuz the far back look was bad enough! It's so sad she has to endure all of of this. Like my dad use to say though "when it's the only game in town, you play it." I'm so happy she has a really nice place to rehabilitate in! It made me chuckle envisioning you envisioning knocking down that wall haha.
    Keep strong, the both of you. You are both in my prayers for stength and good health. ((hugs))

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Looking at your picture, I dont know what to say, it seems there is so much suffering going on all round. But looking to the positive your friend is very fortunate to have you looking after her and the place she is in sounds good, both of these things must be a great comfort to her. Take care Jenny, that you dont become burnt out. Lifting you and her in prayer. Hugs Nita.

  3. Hi Jenny
    I am lost for words at the look of Lee's leg i do hope it clears up soon
    I have a friend that has Leukemia thankfully as yet she has not had to have the chemo, but it is always a worry when she has to go for her blood tests,
    Keep yourself strong get enough rest thinking of you both
    xxxxxx Lo

  4. Bless her heart! I don't know what else to say except that my prayer is she gets better! You're such a good friend, and I know Lee would do the same for you.

    Love you lots, give Lee a hug from me.

  5. God bless her in all ways. I am just so saddened by the look of that. It has to be terribly painful and with all she's going through..this too? Oh, I send all my love and care. I will keep her in prayer.

  6. I am saddened by the photo. My prayers are with her!

  7. Ugh - GAG A MAGGOT! Enlarge for better view? Are you kidding? Yech. Poor Lee! It's so weird what we can look at and deal with for friends and family in need.

    Y'all hang in there. Keep up the good fight.

  8. What a wonderful idea - to make a health facility beautiful and welcoming to be in. I am sure it helps people who need all the help they can get.

    I am with MizAngie here - I would believe a physical description (which was ghastly enough) - it is like I logged into Bones and got the full Monty. Unlike MizAngie (and most women it seems) I am not sure I could deal with some kinds of awfulness, even with the nearest and dearest. Actually maybe I just don't have anyone that near or dear. Well, near - yes, but maybe not dear.

  9. I know what you mean about rehab centers...I've seen some bad ones in my time too. What a blessing to be in one of the nicer ones. I also understand about gut feelings. I expect you're right about there being something else. That leg looks miserably painful. I remember the mess in my mom's ankle when she fell and broke and dislocated it. I pray that it gets better quickly.

  10. Jenny, I assure you I'm NOT THAT NICE. Ha! I didn't buy beer for the kids because:
    (1) I live in a dry county.
    (2) It's junior college - the kids are under age.
    (3) I work there and don't want to get fired.
    (4) I'm too cheap to buy liquor for other people.
    (5) Thought it best for my inner-dirty-old-lady not to drink around 18-19 year old little boys.

  11. Oh bless her heart! Gosh that looks terrible and I can only imagine the pain she must be going through at times. Jenny YOU are a wonderful friend and I know Lee adores you to death as do we all. Tell her to keep the faith and she has a nature-nut in West Tn. praying for her. ((hugs))

  12. Tell Lee I just moved her to the TOP of my prayer list - so glad she is in such a fab place and so glad she has YOU for a friend. God Bless you both.

  13. Jenny, My heart goes out to Lee. You are both in my thoughts and prayers. I am glad she is in such a beautiful rehab place, and she has a good friend such as yourself. May God bring comfort, and healing in Jesus name.
    Thank you for taking the time to come by for a visit. It is alway nice to hear from you.I am sorry I don't get by your blogs as often as I would like. Love your new blog with your prescious Lucy and Sam. They are so beautiful.
    Well I must go as I have a meeting tonight. Take care and have a wonderful, and restful evening. Hugs, Dianne :)

  14. One thing more important than anything else with patient recovery is a positive attitude. Keep her laughing, Jenny, and don't let her dwell on the bad parts of the treatment. Chemo is rough but it does work. Just ask Stephen Rowe.

  15. Nice surroundings that you described and with a friend like you, Jenny, She'll make it. I couldn't increase the photo size, didn't want to. I'm glad she's doing better and will still be on my prayer list. As Chip said keep her laughing. A number of years ago, I was at death's door in Vanderbilt Hospital and didn't know 'til I was sent home with Home Health care in 'fair condition'. While in the hospital, my future Step daughter kept me and her friend laughing. My nurse told them that they had done more for me than medicine.

  16. Lee must be a real trooper, Jenny, those pictures tell the tale of pain and suffering, and I bet she's so thankful to have you for a friend. I would too, if I found myself in the same position.
    I hope the wonderful surroundings and the good news about the Bone Marrow test have combined to lift her spirits even a little, 'cos that's what counts the most, how she feels inside, how she's coping mentally with all that is thrown her way. Which is what I mean about you Jenny, you must be such an enormous help to her with your upbeat cheerful outlook, and I do hope you're wrong about the feeling you have, if Lee is holding back something I'd hate to think what it could be. My thoughts to you and Lee, and I hope every day is one painless step closer to healing times. xPenx

  17. Unlike some of the commenters, i am GLAD that you posted the picture of Lee's actual condition, I had no idea the legs looked that bad. Lee is truly suffering, and to see a picture, well, a picture is worth a thousand words.Just makes me want to prayer even more fervently!
    Great to know that her temporary home is so nice. Pleasant surroundings are a boost to us all.

  18. Thank you for the link Jen. I keep honey on hand so I will give it a try.
    Prayers for Lee and thanks to you for being such a good friend to her.

  19. You are such a dear dear lady who just gives what you can when you can. I adore you and Im sure that Lee cant go without you. You an angel Jenny. Its funny what we can endure out of love and concern and follow your gut.
    Much Love
    Lisa xoxo

  20. I agree with Lisa, you are an angel. Jenny, we survived the holidays! I just read your comment on my blog (I hadn't been there for a few weeks), and it made my day. I cried the day my mom passed away (2 year anniversary Dec. 30), but I have to tell you something wonderful. In the last few days, I've felt like a dark cloud has lifted and the worst of my grieving is over. I felt guilty saying it out loud, like I was letting Mom down, but I don't think she'd mind if I was happier, do you? I still think of her all the time, I just don't feel such grief every day. And with every new day, I feel hope again. I think that was the worst part, I didn't have a sense of hope. I am telling you this because I am wishing the same for you. As you realize, there are no right or wrong timelines for grieving, we all heal so differently. I just wanted to share some good news for a change and let you know that I've been thinking about you.

  21. I'm sure your friend Lee knows how lucky she is to have you as a close friend. You're worth your weight in gold!

  22. That rehab centre sounds very inviting and under different circumstances it would be a lovely little jolly, But who in their right mind would want to be in those places under the discomfort and pain that your friend |Lee is obviously suffering, God help her and I sincerely hope things will improve. You truly are a wonderful friend to her and in that at least she is fortunate. I'm humbled by your tale and courage.
    hugs to both Arlene

  23. Dear Jenny,
    I don't know the background behind this post, but I gather your friend has leukemia, though I don't know how that relates to those terrible wounds* =(
    Please, wish her well for me!
    Love, Deb

    *edit: I just read up a little about it.

  24. HIya Jenny,
    thanks for your wonderful comments, those two blogs were old ones I'd 'added' tags and categories too, and it was great to have your viewpoint, I look back sometimes and wonder if I've become any better or just 'different' in my stories and poems. And I think Wall Street is way beyond redemption, and so thick skinned that anything said would be like water off a ducks back, (a well oiled duck too!!) ;-)
    All my best wishes to you, and to Lee, I do hope she's turning the corner back to health.

  25. Hey Jen, went to the P.O. yesterday, hope it makes it! :)


  26. oh OUCH and OUCH again.. that leg looks so nasty.. but so relieved that she is doing much better.. and is at a place where she really can relax and be comfortable.. the room sounds wonderful.. what a blessing..
    and you are such a blessing to be her friend..
    God bless you dear..
    soft hugs

  27. so you thought you could get away without me knowing you wanted a big mac eh? ha ha ha..
    no such luck.. nope nope nope..
    and shame shame shame.. tisk tisk tisk..
    but just between you and me.. they are good..
    laughing.. silly girl..

  28. Jenny I hope you don't mind but I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. :):) If you don't participate in awards I totally understand. I just had to let the world know what a great blog you have.


  29. Hey Jenny,
    I wanted to check in and see how you are doing. I hope Lee is improving each day and you aretaking good care of yourself!

  30. Glad she's in such a nice place. Like you said, most are pretty scrapyard & motel like a Roach motel than a resort.

    Hoe she's we'll soon & stays that way.

  31. My thoughts are still with Lee and her recovery Jenny, hope the days get brighter and brighter...
    From here In England , 'well' wishes are winging their way across the sea, xPenx

  32. A tough road still lies ahead. They make the surroundings nice to possibly overpower all the morbidity with severe illnesses.

  33. Hi Jenny
    Thank you for your visit and all the sweet things you say and all the encouragement of all kinds you give me. Wanted to tell you too, that Amanda has commented on my blog, under your picture she has left a message there for you. Didn't want you to miss it. Love and Hugs - Nita