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Friday, January 14, 2011

Name That Hum! ~~

As I was eating dinner tonight and watching Two and a Half Men, all of a sudden I said to myself, “What’s that humming?” I turned down the TV to mute and it stopped.  I left the TV on mute while I fixed that shouldn’t-have-a-second-helping plate of stuffed salmon and buttered steamed broccoli mixed with cauliflower.  Oh yeah, for sure dinner was great, but as I was standing at the stove, I heard it again!  It was ME! (ok, “I”, but who cares).  I just stood there for a moment and all these memories came flooding back. 

About 30 years ago, my great aunt, Ida, at 92 would walk around the house humming.  It drove my father insane. Instead of just ignoring it, he’d say, “Ida, for God’s sake, cut it out!”  To which she always answered, “What?”  Well, time went by and Ida passed away, then later Dad passed away and Mom was left in the house.  One day I was there for lunch. I was sitting and completely enjoying my sandwich when all of a sudden I heard this humming.  Oh noooooo, it was Mom.  She didn’t even know it.  We left the house and went shopping and she was still humming, and it wasn’t even a tune.  Now, I was never going to criticize her like Dad did with Ida, so I remained zipped.  Years went by, the humming kept on, and one day Mom passed away, too.

So back to dinner…..and the hum.  What does this mean???  Is it an age related thing? Is it an alone-living thing?  And holy smoke, there wasn’t even a tune!  Now I can’t help but wonder how long I have been doing this and exactly how many people have been tearing their hair out in frustration.  Oh Lord, why me?


To update about Lee:  Tonight she was being transferred to a rehab facility for a minimum of a week.  I’ll be going over there instead and on Monday she has 2 appointments, one with the rehab doctor and another to resume chemo.  How much can a body take?  My hat is off to her.  Anyway, you’d think that a rehab center would provide the transportation to the appointments that they, themselves, have made for her, but noooooo, no such luck.  I’ll take her myself.  So the news about her today is overall good.  Her legs’ swelling is going down and the lesions are slowly closing and healing.  Now we just want the good stuff to continue.


Between the hospital and my own errands, I was also talked into doing a 2nd blog – do you hear me, Carole? You all know by now if you followed me on WLS,  that I adore my pets, 2 cats by the name of Sam & Lucy. Yeah, I’m one of those old cat ladies you read about that have no kids and transfer all their affection to their pets.  So be it; they’re terrific and they’re fun and they’re smart and adorable.  Need I go on.  The thing is, when Carole (see, you aren’t getting out of this) talked me into this, I thought, “Wooohoooo, I can DO this”, and never, EVER thought about all the rest of the stuff going on.  Oh wow.  I opened the new blog (http://lucythebeautiful.blogspot.com) and now I’m am trying to answer bloggers from BOTH places.  I might die. By sheer luck, I twisted my ankle on the stairs and have been home for 2 days, mind you, 2 days in my pjs because there’s no time to even dress for typing!  Thank you, Carole.  I love you.  ;)

Time to call it a night and tend to the finger nubs.  I’ll be around as soon as I can and will try not to get too far behind. Love and hugs and real admiration to all my blog buddies and especially those that have 2 or more blogs. Miracles, that’s what they are.

I am now hummingly out of here for the night.


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  1. Jenny you are too sweet.. Humming. My Doctor does and it drives me insane. I dont know if he even knows he does it.
    Im now followig along on your other blog too.
    You and Caorle and quite a team.
    Love you both

  2. When I was growing up my mom would hum God Bless America when she was aggravated about something. She would even start singing it on occasion. As my kids were growing up I found myself doing the same thing. Better than taking the Lord's name in vain.
    I am glad Lee is doing better. I pray that it continues.
    As far as blogs go, I have 3 on wordpress and 2 on blogger. I am ignoring the wordpress ones now because they bore me.
    Now humming right along with you. ;-)

  3. hum

    See, I do it too!!

    So glad to hear some good news on Lee. And, you are right the rehab should provide transportation; they did for me last year.

    Two blogs? Wowzer - that's great, now I have something new to read. :)

    Love you, Jenny, take care of your ankle. ((hugs))

  4. As I sat in the truck with Buddy today, waiting for Frankie to pick up a few items in Food Lion, my Mp3 player decided to drop dead on me so I was left listening to the voices in my head......all except the one that sounds like Donald Duck.....he ain't right! Anyway, a song from my misspent youth, way back in the last century, started playing in my head and I couldn't think of the title or the group but I just HAVE to have it on my playlist.

    When I got home, fired up the laptop and started to run a web search on the lyrics that I did remember CRS struck and I drew a total blank! Now I'll probably leap out of bed at zero dark thirty and break a toe or three trying to find the light switch, pencil and paper to write the name of the tune of the group down when I finally remember it in my sleep.....unless I suddenly start humming.

  5. Oh Jen you are ah hoot! I have had fellow workers mention that I hum and they figured I was happy. My Mom never hummed and thinking about it now I have always hummed when I was happy! When I am doing something I enjoy I hum. Not ah song though. It does keep me focused and the voices and thoughts disappear in mine head when I hum.
    Rehab sounds like Lee is better. It is strange there isn't a med van to take her though. I'd ask about that one. But I bet Lee loves the fact you will drive her. But don't hum!
    I will admit right here and now that it is hard for me to comment to an animal/pet blog. I don't know why. Being sucked into a make believe world? I do not know. It's ah problem and there's no cure.
    Love the photo with the tongue out whilst typing. Lol! Have ah good night and put oinkment on yer knubs!

  6. OMG! I meant ointment! Not oinkment! LOL!!!
    I am so glad Lee shows signs of getting better.

  7. Good news on Lee.
    Blogging 2 blogs..I have thought about it,but like you have discovered,it's a big wad of gum to chew.I also know about visiting blogs and commenting. See, I'm supposed to be a writer.( I write on hubpages,infopirate,snipsley,newsvine@msnbc,and info barrel.) About two months ago I took a holiday break. During that break time, I found new blogs to follow. Currently I spend an inordinate amount of time with my blog hopping,instead of writing on add revenue sites that make me money!It was my intention to stop my break January 5th. That didn't happen...sigh...something's gotta give,lol!

  8. ............and by the way, when you come to my blog,to save time, sometimes you could say two worders,like,"me too',or "hello friend","hi/bye". Lol!!!!! I love knowing you came by, but understand about the time thingey!

  9. My Daddy had an uncle that hummed CONSTANTLY. It was a tune, though, just a solid hummmmmmm like an electric power plant. Very annoying but we just chalked it up to Uncle Don being Uncle Don. And it kept him from talking a lot like his obnoxious wife.

    Our tennis coach hums, too, but always a song. I toy with him by humming a song and then timing him to see how long he switches his tune to mine. It's never very long. Ha!!!

    I, too, noticed a humming at my house the other day. It was the new DVR. But it's MY house and if I want to I'll hummmmmmmm my ass off.

    You're crazy for doing two blogs. Between facebook and my one blog I already spend way too much time on this effing computer.

  10. I MEANT Uncle Don did NOT hum a tune. I hate when I don't proofread.

  11. Your humming story reminds me of my now 18 year old grandson. He used to always hum when eating...gave the impression of thoroughly enjoying his food. Not sure when he stopped...if he did. :-)
    I visited your Sam and Lucy blog, wasn't quite sure how to comment in kind, so... You have two very beautiful kitties.

  12. In short, humming is so much better than whistling.lol

  13. I have several blogs,but I've narrowed it down to me and Kassey.

  14. It's wonderful news that Lee is getting better. Take care of that ankle. You need some down time probably.

  15. Hmm? Of course I suppose humming can be annoying, but nope, I'm pretty sure it's not an age thing, just a sign you're enjoying life.. It's a tribute to being alive and feeling good.
    and I am so glad to hear that there's some improvement with Lee, fingers crossed that this is the start of something great happening. I do hope and pray so.
    I'm humming off myself now, so {{{hugs}}} to you and t'puddy tats, from me 'n' Bess. xx

  16. Some habits die hard...especially when we don't even notice that we have them! You do seem to have been tied up with things but it's good to hear that there was some good news on behalf of your friend. I wish you the best with another blog. I did that for awhile but am ever so glad that I cut it down to one. I only wish it were easier to reply to people who comment on my blog here. I don't like to leave a comment in reply to what they've said on my blog yet sometimes there's no other way to contact them...that's one thing I miss form WLS quite a bit. Anyway, bless you, have a great day!

  17. I loved reading that..that you had the luck of twisting your ankle to save you from answering the blog comments. I have FOUR active blogs. What was I thinking? If I quit, she, the Admiral will carry on as she gets replies and has the most followers.

    It does take a chunk of time to help her with her reasonably popular cat's blog. Good grief. And they insist that you get down front and center and assist them with their blog and they mean NOW...not later!

    So, I take it this means you are not up for any more challenges from me? Dang.



  18. Carole, you are such a dog......HA......you know I'm playing with you and you have to love the wordage.
    Do you know I am STILL in the same pjs? I should be shot.

  19. CCL = Crazy Cat Lady of course. :-)

    Call me a doggie, call me a kitty..you know the rest..long as you call me for dinner. (Like I didn't call you for the fried chicken. Oh that was SOOOOO good!

  20. I'm not a hummer, but my beloved Steve is, and it drives me nuckin' futz--that is, until I remember that a time could come when he's not here. I know I would miss the sound of his voice, and that thought berings it all into perspective.

    It would be nice if he would at least hum a song I know...

    Loved your essay!

  21. Jenny,
    Don't you just despise when you get a song stuck in your head? especially one you don't particularly care for...
    I can't wait to see your new blog :) I like how you stated it; I got talked into it...hahaha!!!
    Give Lee plenty of hugs, as I'm sure you are already doing and remember to take good care of you. Often the care-takers neglect themselves...

  22. Give Lee hugs from me as well...God bless her and her loving friend, you. ♥♥♥

  23. My wife, Kim, is sometimes a "hummer" at the dinner table. It's not really annoying, it's just a reminder to me that maybe I should start up a conversation!
    Since we work together during tthe daytime, and some at nights, I get to hear her spontaineous breaking out in song. I think she purposely makes up her own words just to drive me nuts! Example: " I left my Heart in Puerto Rico" (Toney Bennet would be rolling in his grave if he was dead yet!)

  24. Humming is a GOOD thing! It shows there is a tune running around in your mind to keep you company. My grandfather used to whistle through his teeth all the time and it wasn't the least bit annoying. I have a tune in my head 24/7 and encourage everyone to do likewise! I guess it reminds us we're alive and living. Hum On! Hope the news and progress for Lee is only GOOD STUFF!

  25. OK - you are a cat lady and you don't have a clue why you hum? Res ipsa loquitur!

  26. Humming is good for the sinuses, and can be a self soothing (or other person soothing) behavior --humming to self or a child. Humming and fidgeting are signs of a thought process occuring--many genius types fidgeted and hummed a great deal. When teachers tell kids to stop fidgeting or interrupt humming, they are actually shutting down a learning process that the cjild is having. The child learns to keep a lid on it, effectively turning off an important pathway to learning.

    Humming is considered to be a positive thing, except if the hummer is humming in a sinister or maniacal way.