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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Ham By Any Other Name ~~

…is still a ham, a ham radio operator, that is.

Someone I didn’t even know did a “reply all” email in response to one I’d received from an old friend of mine.  Because of that, I received the response, too.  Now, his response was very serious and had to do with the Egyptian govt conflict that has been going on for 17 days.  But that wasn’t what caught me.  No, it was the signature.  The first part showed that he was a professor of English, but the second part showed that he was also a ham radio operator and gave his airwave call letters. That’s what got my mind running down the garden path, and to explain this, I’ll just paste my response and there won’t be any question as to why “a ham by any other name is still a ham”.



Howard, I was one of the recipients of your “reply all” email . I am writing only to thank you for the nudge into a great, great memory.  When I saw the call letters ky6la, my old self went roaring back to my childhood spent in my dad's "radio room".  If he were living today, he would be 100 yrs old.  Like you, he built his ham radios and actually anything else that was or could be, wired in any way.  We said goodbye to many pine trees in the yard after they were struck by lightening due to all the conglomerations of wires from tree to tree.  It wasn't too funny back then, but today I am getting a really good belly laugh with the memories.  He was W4CRG, and the best part was listening to him say, "This is W4CRG, W4- Charlie, Roger, "Joe-ige". Ha.  He was a good 'ol Richmond, Va., boy, born and raised. Where the "Joe-ige" came from is anybody's guess.

I'd sit in that room for hours and every once in a while be allowed to speak into the microphone. I tried very, very hard to learn Morse code but got nowhere. I could "say" my name with dits and dahs (still can), but could never tap it out. Ah well.  But, I digressed for a second there -- back to the Joe-ige.  The best response I ever heard came about like this:

Dad : "This is W4CRG, W4- Charlie, Roger, Joe-ige"

Someone-somewhere's response:  "What??" 

Dad:  “This is W4CRG, W4- Charlie, Roger, Joe-ige”

The someone's response: "What's Joe-ige?"

Never being one to mince words, Dad yelled into the mic: "What the hell’s the matter with you? JOE-IGE!  g-e-o-r-g-e, JOE-IGE!"

Well, I was old enough to get it and I swear my mother was still laughing a week later.

So Howard, without you even knowing it, you made my day :D




  1. Hi Jenny,
    Good to see you on here, thank you for your comment/message, I wish you a valentine's day full of love too. We were reminded in church this morning that the best love of all, was the love of god for us. Thank you for sharing your happy memories, of ham days. Hugs - Nita.

  2. I am so glad to see you back. I really missed you. I loved your story!

  3. Loved your story too. Missed you.

  4. Y'all don't have R's in Richmond??? How do y'all say where you're from?

  5. Oh my goodness that made me think of my dear grandpa on my mom's side. He was an avid radio man and we didn't know just how honored he was until after he passed away and we found some awards that he never mentioned. Bitter sweet my friend...miss him so much. Thank you so very much for your comment...once again I feel that you've tossed me a life jacket! Thanks!

  6. A sweet story, Jenny. Happy Valentine's Day to you. ((hugs))

  7. Got Hams in the family and I am fixing to get my license too. 73's and 88's.

  8. I can hear him saying that like a good Southern gentleman. [LOL]

  9. Enjoyed your story, Jenny. Thank you for sharing it with us. It's one of those feel good kind of stories.

  10. Oh Jenny,
    That was funny! Did you get a response from him?
    Thank you Lady for your thoughts on my blog this morning~ Of course you are more than welcome to live vicariously through me as it would be my honor to burn a path for both of us! I no longer keep those type of secrets as I held onto so many as a child. My role became protector of THEIR cruelness and indescretions when truly it should have been me that needed protecting...this is why I say what is in my heart nowadays.
    I am here...

  11. I missed you. Good to see you back. xoxox

  12. HI Jenny, lovely story, funny and sad at the same time...that's memories for you. Love the cartoon too.
    and glad you enjoyed my bit of fun...xPenx

  13. Julie says...Hi, Jenny! One of these days, I'll have my own blog and stop piggybacking on my cat! I guess I'm feeling a little like a ventriloquist since I am the "voice" of Tom! It's so good to get to know you, too, since you are the heart and soul of Lucy, Tom's lady love.
    I'm happy they had a wonderful Valentine's Day--please check out Tom's comments (he likes having the last word in the comments section).
    I'm going to see if you have an email address; if not, please leave your information on my website jrmackenzie.net.

    Please keep in touch as we watch our dear ones a-courting!

    Take care,
    Julie (& Tom) :)

  14. Julie says..(even more) Sorry, I got caught up in things there..
    I enjoyed your story very much. I love Dad stories as I was really close to mine, too.
    The cartoon is cute!
    Looking forward to your posts!


  15. Ha!Ha! Jenny, I loved your story, and the cartoons. Great post! I am still smiling. :)
    Hope you had a good day. I woke up this morning and as I was thinking, and praying I thought of you. Yes, you were in my thoughts and prayers this morning my friend.

    Thank you for stopping by for a visit, and your encouraging thoughts, and words. They ment more to me than you know. Thank you, and God Bless you Jenny.
    Sending Love and Hugs your way.
    Dianne :)

  16. hey..thanks for the tip on parsnips. i am trying them as soon as i go to the store! teddy is a girl....theodora puddle pup!

  17. Hey there, girl! I'm almost up to speed with the new laptop and I'll be back to visit once all the files and stuff are moved but i wanted to let you know I'm still around and haven't forgotten about you.

    -.- . . .--. .-.. .- ..- --. .... .. -. --. .- -. -.. .... . .- -.. .-. ..- -... ... ..-. --- .-. - .... . -.-. .-. .. - - . .-. ...

  18. Lovely bit of nostalgia there Jenny, the onky bit of Morse I ever learned was dot,dot,dot, dash,dash,dash, dot,dot, dot, but I never had the occasion to use it, well, maybe just as well. Glad to see you're back to blogland, I got sent a funny joke about tax collecting, but as it's a bit rude, I'm denied the dubious pleasure of posting it to you. love to Lucy and Sam

  19. onLy bit of Morse, fat fingers again.

  20. hiya Jenny, hope everything's OK, I haven't seen or felt your warmth around for a week or more...
    Hope the Tax man hasn't held you hostage? and that you're just taking a well earned time out for a while... See you soon, my lovely friend. xPenx

  21. I'm wondering too like Pen and Sally.

  22. So I guess I just whizzed right past the "R" in "Richmond" part. Reading comprehension will be on my to-do list. By the way, I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. http://thewriterskaffeeklatsch.blogspot.com/2011/02/is-have-it.html

  23. Found your blog through The Gaelic Wife...so glad! OMG...I love your mantra! And this story! Nice to meet you.

  24. I came on here through a recommendation from one of your followers, but see you haven't blogged for a day or two, I'll come back

  25. Knock knock!
    Anybody home?
    Love an hugs my friend.

  26. Hey hey my friend, I was away for a couple of weeks, I hope all is going well with you! Loved the story by the way!

  27. Missing you a whole bunch. I hope you feel better soon.


  28. Hi Jenny,

    Just popped in, see this comment from Beth, guess you have been unwell. I am missing you too and hope you will be better soon and back with us. Hugs Nita

  29. Don't know how I missed this post, but I miss you too. I thought you got lost under tax papers...lol
    Loved the story.
    I hope you're well.

  30. Jenny,
    I'm missing you!!! where are you hiding yourself? I hope you are okay and not sick or anything. If you need anything, let me know. I'm thinking of you and well, just wanted to let you know!

  31. I heard you have been unwell,
    I hope you will get better soon.

  32. Just read at Carole's Blog that you are under the weather. I miss you! Hope that you are back feeling well real soon!

  33. Jenny,
    I really am thinking about you and missing you terribly. I wonder how you are and praying for you and praying God allows you to show up again in my life; I miss you and your smiles...

  34. Hi Jenny, I just stopped by to let you know I was thinking of you today, while I was working away, and was praying for you.

    I had no idea you are not feeling well up until now. I do hope and pray for healing for you.
    Love and Care
    Dianne :)

  35. Still missing you!


  36. Jenny, I have been missing you. Hope you're well. And soon back to making us laugh with your stories. [[hugs]]

  37. Im reading your post and loving it . Seeing the date does not sit well with me. I sure hope and pray your not too ill. Your in my Prayers and on my heart. Jenny get well. I miss you and your beautiful way.
    Much Love

  38. Hi Jenny
    Not heard from you for a while hope all is well, sorry if my blog has been boring but i really have nothing to write about at the moment
    Thinking of you
    Lo xxx

  39. Still checking in on ya. Hope you can come back soon.

  40. Hi Jenny, I have been away for a long time time. Still not really blogging just trying to see what's new with everythone. I see here you have been also. Just read all the comments and heard you not feeling well. Am thinking of you and hope the tax man didn't take to much out of you. Keeping you in my thoughts an prayers hope you feeling better soon. Hugs Carrie

  41. Hope you are feeling better.
    We all miss you.

  42. He's Baaaaack!!!! Where the hell are you????
    Hope you are feeling better and come back to us soon!!!!!

    XOXO...and all that mushy crap!

  43. They may be Hams, but they both sound like good eggs - the parental unit and the reply all guy.