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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Only info, no need to reply...

Just a note to keep everyone up to date. If I'm not around for the next week or 2, it's because tax season is upon me. Much to do. Unfortunately it keeps me from blogging or visiting. Will be back soon, take care :)


  1. OK! I am getting tax stuff ready too. See you later!

  2. Hi Jenny

    in my thoughts - hugs nita

  3. Are you doing other people's taxes? Why would it take so long if it is only yours? I usually do it in a day - and now that I am not working it should be even easier. I download the wrong version of Turbotax, contact them to get the right version, then spend a few hours answering their questions and file. Do you agonize over exactly what a deduction amount is? Then low-ball it so that IF you are ever audited, you will be able to actually show you deserve MORE - auditors are rated by return per hour of work - if they are LOSING money on the audit, it doesn't last long. Ask yourself what you are making per hour of effort for all the squeezing and niggling and worry. If you wouldn't do other work for that rate, then don't prolong this work. Just a thought.

  4. Mine only take a very short amount of time as well, sounds like you've got a very, very complex situation...grace to you in that.

  5. I think everyone is in the same boat with you Jen
    Bloody tax's whats it all for anyway just to line the politicians pockets
    Grrrr down with tax....down with tax....Join in if you feel the same

  6. Hope you're done sooner than you think.
    Take care.

  7. Got our taxes done and even got a couple of refunds! Now to get ahead on a few bills and order my new laptop and camera bag but only after I convince Frankie that it's okay to spend a little on herself, as well.

  8. Tax and death, the two things they say you can be sure of.
    I was wondering where you'd got to and was going to send out a search party, glad you're OK and hope you get your affairs sorted real quick and come back to us soon. XX

  9. Ms Jenny...I've missed you so! Looks like both of us have taken a break from the blog world. I hope you're doing well and the taxes aren't getting you too overwhelmed!