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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some People Should Just Apologize To The Sanity God ~~

Obviously I haven’t made a post in a while but I have been around to see all of you and enjoyed every word you wrote. I really don’t have any valid excuses as Lee is home and not needing as much right now. She was in chemo all of this past week and when that happens, we load her up with goodies and then leave her alone to sleep for the week. Her chemo is 6 straight days at 6 hrs each and you can imagine how that would wear a body out.  Well, I just talked to her because I didn’t hear from her yesterday. She’s back in the hospital. Her counts were wayyyyy down and she’s having blood pumped into her.  This is not the first time and I’m sure not the last, but it does take an entire night to complete. Tomorrow she’ll go back home and sleep for the rest of the day and then I’ll go over the day after that.

I am SO glad she didn’t need me today as the county trucks were in the road in front of my house again and digging to China. There was no way to get out of my house until later in the afternoon and even then I had to back over part of my own yard to make it around one of the trucks.  No matter, I did it. I headed out to find pet-steps for Sam. Three stores later I had them and also a turbo track toy and a new feather wand for the 2 of them. As I was driving down my own street, in front of me was one of the “cut through” drivers that we have complained about so many times. This gal is about 35 and drives a late model Lexus SUV and man, she thinks this neighborhood road is hers alone. Every day like clockwork, she comes flying down and only slowing for the speed bumps that were put into place because of people like her. Now the thing is, it was very plain that 4 very large trucks were taking up the entire street right in front of my house. There was NO way around them. What does she do?  She pulls up very close to the trucks, sits and waits as if they are going to change their entire day and move their trucks for her to cut through. She keeps on waiting, and THEN…blows the friggin’ horn at them!  I couldn’t believe my eyes. She actually thought they were going to do her biding. Well, the guy on one of the trucks jumps down and goes barreling up to her car.  My window was down and I could see and hear them.  He’s telling her to back up and go back where she came from. She’s saying for him to move the GD trucks so she can get through. He asks if she lives on the street and she says it’s none of his business and to move the trucks.  He repeats to her to back up or sit there forever.  She starts backing up and I’m almost in tears from laughing and also so grateful to the trucker.  As she eases past me, I looked at her and said, “Are you completely insane? Did you really expect the world to come to a standstill for you? It’s not even YOUR street!” One dirty look from her and she hit the accelerator and barreled up the street. I hoped she’d hit the speed bumps and  tear out the bottom of her car.  Anyway, the trucker remembered me and waved me into my own driveway and then said to me, “Can you even believe that idiot woman? I know you heard it all.”  I said I was glad he was here and applauded what he did.  I said maybe he could come back every day and just wait for her.  He grinned and went back to work happy.

I wish I had more to say but I don’t. I think of all sorts of things to talk about in the middle of the night and really should jot them down.  Some of them are super ideas but I forget all about them the next day. Plus, and I have to be honest and admit to this, the cat-blog has suckered me in until I’m not even sure if the litter box is Sam and Lucy’s or mine. Caught up? Oh yeah. In fact, Sam & Lucy have declared our Beth as their Aunt Beth! It’s just getting deeper and deeper, I know. At one point, there was even a semi-love affair in the works between Lucy and a Mr Puddy.  I have lost it entirely.  Do you know what’s said instead of “Omg”?  It’s “Omc”….that’s “oh my cod” for the uninitiated.  I think I’m on the verge of needing real help.

Ok, humans, that’s it’s for now.  Dinnertime.  Oh, before I forget. Sam turned up his nose at the pet-steps, loved the turbo track for 20 minutes, and has hidden the new feather wand. As to the title of this post, did you really think I was speaking of myself?



  1. I loved what the guy in the truck said to the idiot woman. Still laughing.
    Tell Sam and Lucy Hi from Aunt Beth.


  2. Give Lee mys best wishes and hugs. Golly I cannot imagine what she is going through.
    Now this lady who barrels down your road. Hmm, I say pot holes. Pot holes slows drivers down ;-) The nerve of that woman. Good to see a post by you btw. Maybe Spring I'll make you a pvc flute...ok? Don't have the stuff to do it now. Save me your wine corks! Seriously.

  3. So funny. Yep pot holes for that dummy that thinks the world revolves around her.
    Kassey is trying to pick up the cat lingo...lol
    I'll have to check Walgreens, but right now I have my ironing board making a ramp, don't know if she'll like it.
    Got the idea from Toodie, making a ramp.
    My second hubby who died had to take blood. So sorry Lee has to endure all this.

  4. How are the new laptops doing that you got in the auction?

  5. Hi Jenny

    Good to see you on here, thanks for all visits to me. Praise god, all our friends seem to have survived the terrible weather conditions. Hope Lee, will do okay. Take Care - Hugs Nita

  6. I loved LOVED what the truck driver did and said. That woman is what I term "slappable". Your hand keeps inching up and you have to lower it, because everything in you wants to slap the coffee outta her. I have known a few like that and how they can live day to day without someone roping and tying them is beyond me.

    Cat lingo is fun. I had to learn it too. OMC is a lot nicer than OMG. :-)

    If you leave the steps there, Sam will try them and may already have done so without your knowing. But they do, as you know, new stuff in their own time. Admiral loves hers but she didn't start up and down them and then, only tentatively, for a week or more. Now,I can't keep her off.


  7. Oh dear Jenny, you're always saying I make you laugh, well ditto plus, that was rich, I would have loved to be there when the truck driver was tearing into the Lexus driver, I would have had to put in my half dozen eggs too. just so amusing, I love a good old ding -dong, as we call that sort of argument.
    I tried the cat lingo on Tango, but he just looked at me as though I was daft, and put his head on his paw. sigh. The cats are very ungrateful for not wanting to use the steps and then just paying the turbo toy barely a passing glance, oh well, that's cats, get a dog next time Jenny. Luvsya and thanks for being such an understanding friend.

  8. I hate people. That's really becoming my mantra lately as I keep running across people like your speed racer. This cold weather is making me sooooo cranky. Ugh. Keep posting - I need the distraction and entertainment.

  9. OMC! I love it! I'm using that one from now on. Way better than WTF (I won't even let my son say that one, at least around me) by a long shot! Love your street story---hope that trucker DOES come back every day, just to hassle that weird woman. It's so good to see someone like that get hers (or his)!!! Have to chuckle--I'm sitting here watching Gypsy Girl with perked ears (on the end of her choke-chain leash), watching our Caruso cat, who is teasing, prancing in front of her. Caruso is such a card! He likes the dog, but we're uncertain if Gypsy Girl wants to play or eat the cat! Time will tell---or at least until something makes Caruso suddenly disappear!!!

  10. You're such a hoot, Jenny! This reminds me of a while back, after seeing drivers speed through this subdivision (with 15 MPH signs everywhere) I declared I was gonna sit out in the front yard with a hair dryer pointing to the idiots hoping they'd think I had radar. :)

    Poor Lee, I keep praying she'll have better days. (hugs to both of you)

  11. If wasn't so darn late this would have made my entire day! LOL!

  12. MY thoughts are still with Lee, Jenny, and I hope she finds the strength to cope with the Chemo and all it entails.
    I'm glad you said 'what for ' to that silly woman, it annoys the heck out of me when people act like that, as if they're gods gift!!
    Sounds like you're having a cats'after'me of a time with your 'feline' blog. It's a good job I didn't open one for my Bess, or I'd be sent completely doolally!!...(as if I'm not there already) ...xPenx