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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BAD BAD news......

Omg, I don't know how to tell you all this. I just found this out by accident when I went back over to Curtis' blog. Note that I had sent Heather and Ross an email to see if they knew what was going on with him. Curtis had made a deal with me to always let me know if he was going into the hospital. Tonight, as I was lying in bed thinking of him, a terrible feeling came over me and that's why I went to his blog. This is what was posted:

Anonymous said... Hello to all of Curtis' blogging friends. This message is from his friends Heather,Ross and Marina. We have been worrying about Curtis and have been unable to reach him. We went to his house earlier today and hate to inform you that Curtis has passed away. We do not know any details. We trust that Curtis is with Ellen now.Rest In Peace Our Dear Friend.
July 27, 2010 2:04 PM
(manitoba time)

I cannot stop crying. Curtis and I had both said over 2 yrs ago that we were like a brother and sister to each other. We used to say the same thing at the same time and he'd say, "Omg, get out of my head". I can't imagine not talking to him anymore.
He was SO loved by all of us. I'm sorry, I have to post this and sign off. I can't even see for crying.
I am adding to this post the email I just sent to Heather and Ross:

I just saw your post on Curtis's blog. I am devastated and can't stop crying. I knew something was so wrong and couldn't shake the feeling. Couldn't sleep tonight and got back up and went back to his blog and there was your note.

Heather and Ross, thank you so much for letting everyone know. I posted on my own blog so that others will see it, too. You know that once someone posts and then comments are left, usually the ppl that make the comments don't go back over there until they see a brand new post has been done. It was only by providence that I went back there tonight. Of course, I'd called him twice this evening, too, and got no answer, just the answering machine. By now I guess you've heard my disjointed messages to him.

I am sitting here and sobbing so hard that it's hard to see to type. I just can't believe this has happened and keep hoping that in the morning it will be a bad dream. Curtis told me over a year ago that he had put plans into place for the care of his 3 cats, etc., and that he had his finances and will made out so that family would be helped. I hope by now his beloved pets have had their meals and are curled up sleeping. They missed Ellen and now they have lost Curtis. Animals grieve, too, and this will be hard on them. If I was up there, I'd take care of everything for him myself, but I"m not. God, it really feels like I lost my brother. I can't imagine for a second not talking to him on the phone or writing back and forth. He was the best brother I could have ever hoped for in my life, and he was the best man I've ever known. The world was a better place because of him.

Let me know that his cats are ok because I know that's what he loved most in the world. And about the two of you? He's told me a million times how you are the best of the best and that he didn't know what he'd ever do without you. He's right, you really are.

I need to sign off. This is just so shocking and it's awful when there's nothing you can do to change anything or to fix anything. I loved him. I loved him as so many others did, but a little more because we were like twins. My brother.



  1. Jenny, your post is showing on live spaces and I was able to access it. have left you comment there, take care - big hugs for you - nita

  2. Thank you, Nite. I replied to you on WLS. I'm glad the post showed. I was afraid it wouldn't.
    I am still sobbing so hard that I can't quite get a grip.

  3. Nita, not Nite. Just can't see well right now; sorry.

  4. Thinking of you Jenny during this sad time. It is always a blow to the heart when we lose a great friend.
    Your English friend Kenny x

  5. I am so, so sorry, Jenny, and I know words won't really help, the pain is there and it has to be so. To grieve is a part of the feeling you had for your friend and brother of the soul, to celebrate the close connection you both had in this Journey we call life .
    I to am thinking of you at this most saddest of times. Cry it all out Jenny, it's the only way we who are left behind can cope.

  6. Oh Jenny, I just learned this from Bobbie, another blog friend. I am devastated, like you. I can't believe it. God bless you and all of Curtis's friends. We all loved him SO MUCH>

  7. Thank you Jenny for letting me know. I was getting very worried. I keep reading his story of his childhood scooched under the tree. Oh this is sooo sad. He is such a good friend to so many. An he told me jist last Friday how much he loved me and you too. Love and hugs.

  8. My goodness, I've seen Curtis' comments and know that he was a dear friend to many, I'm very, very sorry to hear this.

  9. I am very sorry to read this. I didn't know Curtis well but I can see from your post what a special person he was. Rest in peace Curtis, your friends will miss you.

  10. Thank you for passing along this sad news, Jenny. I'm afraid I can't say more; right now I just can't find words.

  11. I am so sorry you lost your friend Curtis! I didn't know him but he must have been a great person and very important to you.
    My thoughts are with you.

  12. Curtis was a very blessed man. I went to his page to post a last thought and I will post it in this comment as well:

    Today is no better than last night when I found out this devastating news. Nothing will be the same without Curtis around. A true man of men and made of nothing but pure goodness. My heart and soulfelt condolences to all of his friends and neighbors in Manitoba,and to Ellen's family which became Curtis's family for these last years. And to all of us, too, as no one was loved more than Curtis and we are mourning.
    I will treasure every little gift he sent to me over the years and the dozens of photos and thousands of emails we wrote back and forth. I will never forget the Christmases and New Years Eves spent on Webcams with our holiday dinners and cheer. What fun that was. Yes, we burnt up the telephone wires, too. Curtis touched every life with a rainbow of love. How fortunate Heaven is to have him now. Now Curtis and Ellen will have a lifetime of dancing and smiles. No one deserves it more.
    xoxoxo always

    It is so very hard to say goodbye to a person in the physical life. I thank God we are given the gift of memories to draw upon in times like this and forever. If Mom was alive today, she, too would be crying because she loved him like we all did. Curtis was definitely one of a kind and completely genuine in every way. Thanks is given for having him in my life for 3 years of exceptional closeness - just as a brother should be. He'd like that. He'd say, "There you go :D"

  13. I was just making the rounds and just now "heard" this horribly sad news. Thanks for checking on him and being the one to break the bad news to the rest of us. He was a real treasure and I can't imagine how much all of us will miss him. You've written such lovely things about him. I'm going to think about how happy he is right now with his little Sweet Pea Ellen. RIP Curtis.

  14. This is a shock, Jenny. I only met Curtis a couple of months ago but we had so much in common that it seemed we had known each other a lifetime.

    Rest in peace, Curtis. You will be missed.

  15. Can't stop thinking about you, Jenny. I know how close you were, and how much we're all going to miss our sweet, gentle gentleman. ((hugs))

  16. Jenny,
    I am so sad about this awful news. I know you were such good friends.
    You were right about your comment that Curtis' sweet and thoughtful comments meant so much to me. We have been kindred spirits in many ways. I, too, felt a special friendship over the miles.
    My heart is breaking.

  17. This is so sad Curtis will be miss very much
    Rest in peace, Curtis

  18. I'm back again, this time to wish you my condolences on losing such a great friend and soul brother. I've been thinking about you, Toodie and Curtis ever since I read the sad news the other day. It's still so hard for me to believe he's gone, but I know he's in a better place now. Take care and hugs to you Jenny.

  19. I came back here Jenny to give you ah hug. It is sooo hard to write on my blogs. I jist feel empty. We were so blessed to have known Curtis and how he delighted us with his humor and his compassion. Now he would have wanted us to blog on and though it's hard to do we shall never forget the man in his farm truck with ah hemi an lovin the skillet breakfast at anytime of day.
    Love and hugs my friend

  20. *******hugs for you sweet Jenny********

  21. So sorry for your loss! I just read about it today---it's hard to lose such a dear friend. Hugs!

  22. Oh Jenny I'm so sorry. Curtis must have held a special place in your heart and I know you must have in his also. Super hugs coming your way girl. (((Hugs))))