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Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Idea Of A Quick Update ~~

…and you know how that goes since I’m a woman of few words.  Uh huh, are you grimacing yet?

Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say because it’s just tooooooo hot to think or type.  Well, actually I used up all my typing in comments to you guys, just as Carole of Ramblingon can attest.  But Carole, if you’re reading this, even though alllllll those posts were retro and I just didn’t have the sense to know that, I still had a great time reading all of them. But now I have nubs for fingers after commenting on all of them and then my regular blog walk.  I’ve learned my lesson.  From now on I’m going to post much, much shorter comments. I get so carried away with whatever blog I’m reading that I start writing a whole letter to you. That’s going to stop because I know it has become a pain in the butt.   Ok, end of this train of thought and on to the next.


                                                               See? Maxine knows what I’m talking about.

It was 105 yesterday with an index of 115 where I am. I seriously thought I was having a stroke or something when I was filling up the bowls of water for all the wildlife.  It was very hard to breathe and when I looked back at the porch, it seemed miles away when in fact it was only about 40 feet.  But the water MUST be attended to and it’s so appreciated by every critter that has now made a permanent home in my yard.  I could forego the sweat in the eyes, though. Stuff makes you blind and it’s PAINFUL.

My monks still show up for meals. Actually they never leave and the families have gotten huge.  I think they’ve invited all their friends, too.  It’s amazing how territorial they are, and one seems to recognize another from another “tribe” although I don’t know how. Those little critters are brave, brave, brave.  They’ll stand up to anything and run off anything.  Why just yesterday I had a huge flock of grackles taking over the ground and the feeders when up pops a monk. My monk didn’t like the turn of events at all and took off running like lightening across the yard and literally JUMPED at them and then ran at all of them until he’d railroaded them out of the yard (for all of 5 minutes anyway).  Little warriors they are.

In the early morning hours (still yesterday), it was so darn hot. My favorite and most social monk was trying to cool off in some tall weedy grasses.  He heard me opening the back door and making my little clicking sound to him and broke out into a dead run to get to The Food Wagon.  All of a sudden he stops dead in his tracks and I saw him shaking his head like crazy. He climbed up on his stump just as I had the camera and then I knew what he was shaking about:

                                           huh what the

                                                                      HUH? WHAT THE HECK IS ON MY NOSE?



                                                            SOMEBODY GET THAT BUG OFF OF MY NOSE!

By the time he made it to the porch, the bug was gone and he happily munched his breakfast and then started with the stuffing of the cheeks to take the rest back to the burrow.  I’ve now gotten to where I can sit within 2 feet of him and even talk to him and not have to be completely still.  He knows where his meal ticket is coming from and isn’t going to rock the boat.  I’m hoping that by the end of summer I might be able to get a photo of him on my foot.  He’s still afraid of the camera and runs from that, but patience might win out.

OHHHHH, the BIG news is:  I finished the paperwork!  Well, at least the paperwork for the closing taxes, hoorayyyyy! My appointment with the tax accountant is tomorrow and if everything goes well in the next few days, I can start on the next steps, but those aren’t nearly as hard, just time consuming – like making a will, changing the deed to read correctly, and finally starting on repairs on the house.  So Toodie and Curtis were right.  I did it and I made the deadline.  Never thought I could. Thanks you two for the faith  smile_teeth.  I’d say it’s just about time for a celebratory martini.   That’s right, a Lemondrop Martini!

Ok, now you all can rest easy.  I’m done.  When I get a creative urge again, I’ll pop back and post.  Until then, I’ll visit YOU, but I’ll tiptoe in and tiptoe out with only a sentence or two to let you know I was there and loved what you wrote heart.

Until next time, XOXOXO


  1. The heat is pretty bad here but nothing like you're getting and what my Mom is dealing with in Virginia Beach. A sudden thunderstorm blew through here about 1/2 an hour ago with torrential rain that dropped the temp from 97 to 75 in about 10 minutes. Then the rain stopped and the sun popped back out. Now the temp is nearly back to where it was and we have the humidity to deal with as well.

    Oh look......I wrote a letter! I think it's a cultural thing among those of us fortunate enough to live in the Old Dominion. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  2. Chip, I just left this note on your site, but in case you don't see it, here it is and has to do with your comment above:
    "Chip, picture this: I was sitting here and drinking this nice tall glass of iced tea and reading your comment on my today's blog. You know darn well what happened, lol. I got to the part about "oh look, I wrote a letter" and it cracked me up so hard that I spit the iced tea! Omg, that was FUNNY!"

  3. hi Jenny, dont shorten your comments to me, I enjoy reading them - Wow, it sure sounds hot, giggling again, about the comment you left on mine, about being hot. You are very caring towards the wildlife around you and I am sure they appreciate it. Hugs - nita

  4. Jenny, I love your comments. I know it's not size that matters but still. And if you tell the tax man that you refuse to pay, they'll give you even more time in a quiet room to write even longer comments. Just consider it. And kiss the Monks for me.

  5. Alex, do you have any idea how hard I'm laughing right now?? Size? Omg, I'm dying'. And my alternative with the tax man? Holy crap that is killing me! I WILL kiss the monks for you, though ;).
    The taxes, because you didn't know, are for closing out my mom's stuff. She died last Aug 6th as most here (and WLS) know, and it's been a bear of a job to get it all done. My deadline was the end of this month and I never I'd make it, but I did :D.
    Gawd, why am I writing on my own blog. I'll put this over on yours AFTER I read all the great, great, GREAT poetry.

  6. (that was "i THOUGHT i'd never make it", not "i never I'd make it". Want a proofing job? I'm hiring ;)

  7. Here we go with the lemon drops again.

  8. I love everything you write Jenny, so keep doing it! Your little monk is precious, but I don't think you should kiss him as that wouldn't be too sanitary. LOL

  9. Greetings from Kentucky,
    Thanks for stopping by and also for the very nice comments. In honor of these "warm days", I thought that I might post a video slideshow from Jan '09 entitled "Frankfort Ice".
    I hope to figure out this "followers/friends"thing sometime in the future.

  10. If I were you I'd have ah water hose right up there by yer door and spray those waterin dishes from there! Scared me about hard to breathe. Your little monk is so darn sute an even his pet bug!
    I knew you could git all those papers done! Hold off on the lemon drop martoonie, it's not over yet! Had to tease you Jenny.

  11. Still can't figure out this "Followers/friends" thing....so I just bookmarked your site to keep up with your "goings-on"

  12. Jenny girl I'm melting right along with you. The heat index reached 108 here today I think. I could feel the top of my feet burning as I mowed with the riding mower. ugh
    Love love LOVE those little chipmunks of yours. They are simply adorable. I'd be talking to them too. lol
    Now you stay inside and away from that big yellow ball in the sky..at least until it starts to fade into the skyline. lol

  13. It was 106 heat index but I pretty much stayed in.
    I loved every comment and as I said, no one ever read those and it got very lonely. Thank you for that time you took..it was more appreciated than you know, Jenny. Books R Us. i write 'em too. Spaces won't allow a decent comment but we can all hold forth here!

    Love my chipmunks too. They help the birds eat the sunflowers I put out for them. Oh, that reminds me..have to change the hummingbird water.
    I love your blogs. SO glad we found one another or at least that I found you.

    Chapter 2: No, kidding. :-)

  14. Hiya Jenny,
    congrats on getting the paperwork done in time.. always a bind having a deadline...But now you can breathe easy!! (have a sip of Martini for me!!)
    and your comments are fantastic, you get to the heart of everything,and you share your thoughts, which is a talent in itself, so for goodness sake, stop thinking it's a bad habit..It's communication of the best kind...
    cheeky little chipmunk has put a wide grin on my face......I can't stop looking at his/her expression, marvellous...
    bye for now...

  15. Oh I don't know, I like a good comment and the shortened allowance on WLS is one of the reasons I left. I love the pictures you've got there by the way! I think taxes is one of my all time least favorite things to deal with though it's not that complicated for Lovely and I. We still do ours ourselves and it's not a big deal with TurboTax or the program H&R Block has...at least so far. Have a wonderful day!

  16. Greetings from Ky,
    Thanks to you and Carole for your advice on "getting me started". As for being"computer savvy"....I'm about as smart as a 3 day old geranium!
    I'm glad that you are enjoying my little "productions" about my life "down here in the hills of 'ole Kentucky.
    As for the making the videos... I just use Windows Movie Maker...add on the music... then post it on YouTube...which has a direct link to Blogspot.
    As for the music that you liked. It is from a selection of the "Picking On Series" that I purchased through Amazon ( I buy used CDs)
    The "Picking On Series" is a bunch of CDs whereas the different artists have taken some popular artists work, and play them "Bluegrass Style". My collection has the works of : Led Zeplin, Beach Boys, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Buffet, Tobey Keith, and Brad Paisley.
    On some of my "early videos" I used regular recording by Allison Krause and others, but, You Tube muted the sound due to copyright crap....err regulations. So far, they haven't zapped my sound.
    But, as an old horse trainer buddy used to say (when you make a positive comment on anything)... " If you brag on a show horse...It'll shit every time!"

  17. Lemon drops, oh lemon drops, where art thou? Oh, that's right, Jenny!!!

    I always love your comments, girl, you can write me a letter any ol time. Take care; I'm off to bed after another long day at the hospital with my granddaughter. Hopefully, this time it will be short and she'll be feeling better. ((hugs))

  18. Here I am, late for the party, Jenny; been away from the 'puter for a couple days...

    Loved your essay about the chippermunks, but the part about your being out in the heat was a little troubling. Take care, okay?

    You're lucky to have all those critters in your back yard; they've got to be a LOT more interesting to watch than anything on television these days.

    Regarding your comments: please don't do anything differently. I would rather a friend say whatever's on their mind at length than to hold anything back for any reason. Fair enough?
    (Sounds like your other friends feel the same way...)

    8 )

    Keep cool!

  19. Oh how I love these little Critters. Jenny Im up and cant sleep. Im too excited and wanted to come by before I leave. Have a wonderful week girl and stay cool in that heat. Were heading into lots of heat and fireban area. Could be fun exciting and alot more.
    Love your dearly heart sister.
    Lisa xo

  20. Hi Jenny...I had not really stated anything till today but yesterday my brother passed away and so we are driving to where he is..long trip..and that will start Thursday morning and we should be back Sunday early. Thank you sincerely for the prayer. means the world to me. Please uplift my other brother, myself and my deceased brother's son. HUGS ♥♥♥

  21. also,.,.the Admiral forgot to log off her own site and when I came over here to mine it seemed the Admiral was making comments. But it was me. :-)