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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eat Your Heart Out, Tony Shaloub, Munk (not Monk), Is My Favorite Morning Show

Ahhh, my little Chipmunks, or Munks as I call them. These 2 come out from their stump in my yard every morning and wait for me to fill their breakfast saucer.

And by the way, these photos were taken through the kitchen window so as not to bother them. All taken yesterday morning, 6/30/10.

It's wonderful to click on these pics to enlarge them and then click again for larger still.

While one eats and stuffs his little cheeks to take back to their burrow, the other waits patiently for his/her turn.

What big stuffed cheeks!

Not to be left out, the 2nd Munk comes for a turn.

"Shall I? Oh yes, indeedy."

"Hey, this is good and I can't believe my glutton of a partner left me even one bite. I'd better hurry."

"Uh oh, wazzzzattttt...did you hear something? Oh no, and my cheeks are only half filled!"

"Just enough time to get the last of the goodies........and then my favorite part of the day :

Sitting back in my own private saucer and surveying the land. What a life :D and who could ask for more?"


  1. What a great post. Them little critters is gittin' fat. I think a better name for them would be "Piggymunks" I'm sure they are lovin' it since you moved in. Cute little fellers. Great narration beside the pitchers too.

  2. They are soooo cute! When I lived at Three Chopt West (in the back in a townhouse) I had a family of them that lived under my patio. I use to put seeds out for them too. It amused Khaki so much... she was my only one at the time. Then when Patches & Pumpkin moved in... well, it looked like Kitty TV from my sliding glass door! :D

  3. I loved this post. The pictures are so cute. I think those creatures are so much fun to watch. You only see them in the country around here. Thank you for making me smile and brightening my day.
    Hugs, Beth

  4. Oh Jenny those Monks are so darn cute! I really like the sharp clear an cute pictures you took. I loved this post girl.

  5. How cute!! You're a good friend to those little ones. :)

  6. great post, enjoyed looking at your pictures and the little story along with them - cute munks - wonderful

  7. How cute.. I love each and eveyone of them. I dont see many so I m just loving yours.
    I could hug one but sure as heck I would get bit.
    Have a wondeful day

  8. What a lovely blog Jenny! :-)
    You have friendly little family there. Reminds me on my hamster whit full filled cheeks almost all the time. ;-)

  9. Oh their cheeks get so fat. WE have them also come to our bird feeders. They are so fun to watch. Have a great weekend..

  10. Love your Chipmunks! Do they have names. The one on the left looks like a Tony.

  11. Hey Jenny!
    I was playing and here I am ... hihihi ... if it will work ... ;-)

  12. Fantastic shots...and so clear, seems that 'through the window shots' are better than average..they're greeeeeeeeat!!
    I ran the page up and down and it turned into slow motion cine camera action. and your commentary was an added bonus...thank you..
    (been offline for a few days..PC trouble..grrr. (meant to have a break at the weekend- not almost have a breakdown!!)

  13. Hi again Jenny. I wanted to stop back to thank you for all your kind words about my little hobby. It's one of those things that just happened and now I can't stop making them. Glad I found a place to sell them.

  14. Uh oh, I just noticed my first comment about your little visitors didn't show up. I probably didn't wait for the word verification. Sorry.

    They are cute little buggers, but have a way of becoming pests. You've got some great pictures of them and I'd never know you took those pictures through windows, if you hadn't said so.

  15. Jenny!! Girl I haven't seen you in ages! I saw your post on Cindy's blog and thought is that MY Jenny??? lol It's good to see you here. Your little visitors are adorable! I've never seen a chipmunk around here so I'll have to visit yours often.
    Love love LOVE the house too. It looks like a fairytale house!

  16. Had to stop and see these again. I have such a hard time getting photos of these guys. They see me and run..Ha.