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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Burn, Baby, Burn

No, I'm not writing about my Lucy who you see here, I just needed a picture and took this of her the other day. Am I lazy right now? You bet. Today was 104, up a degree from yesterday. A few minutes ago, the news said that a "cold front" is coming in tomorrow and we'll have relief. What insane person is writing that news anyway? The relief is 101 tomorrow so who do they think they're kidding? There was even a story about a local dog's mishaps today. Seems the dog wanted to go out, so the owner opened the back door and said, "Hurry up and go". Within 5 minutes the dog was unconscious on the ground. Luckily the owner was standing at the window and saw him collapse. Off to the vet. Heat stroke. The poor dog was packed in ice and hosed down and is now going to be ok, but the vet said it was a very close call and he hoped everyone got the point of how dangerous our weather was right now. "Keep your pets inside", he said; and he's right.

I now have about 8 dishes in the back yard and I refill them many times a day with cold water for all the wildlife. If it wasn't so bloomin' hot I'd buy some cheap, big, shallow bowls for them instead of using my good dishes. I won't go out unless it's necessary. My hair appt was supposed to be today. I got dressed, grabbed my pocketbook, made sure I had money, and started out the door. Then I stopped mid-step and thought, "I'd better call the salon". Don't know why I thought that but glad I did. My stylist wasn't there. The heat drained her car battery. Hopefully she'll be back tomorrow and I'll try again. It was too darn hot anyway.

One good thing about not posting lately -- other than the reason of just being drained out from the heat -- is that it's given me time to blog walk and drop in on everyone. I love that. Can't tell you how much fun it is to catch up. Most times it feels like I'm sitting at your kitchen table and I thank you for making me (and everyone else) feel so welcomed. (Sorry if I write a book to you in the comment.)
Oh, I forgot. The accountants that are finishing up the taxes for Mom's estate called today. Seems they need MORE stuff and they gave me a list of things they needed and another list of things I needed to do. To top it off, she said she needs all this information by the end of the month. I said, "Tell me you're kidding. The first time around took months and you're giving me 2 1/2 weeks?" She says yes and she's sorry about that. Sure she is. So today I spent 4 hours on the phone and it will be like this until August. Bet I don't get it all finished by then -- it's impossible. The darn light that I saw at the end of the tunnel flickered and went out, ugh.
Until next time, xoxoxo


  1. Oh no Jenny....the light is still on at the end of the tunnel! One month? Oh snap you can do it girl and it's gonna be over before you can shake ah tail. A new lawyer makes for repeat some but the light is there! Jist squint ah bit. See it?
    That's me at the end with two red landing signal lights waving to guide you in. Lucy is so cute. It's all over the news how hot it is on the east coast. I'll bippedty boppity boo some cooler weather over to you! Stay cool my friend. Thinkin of yah!

  2. You can do it Jenny. I have faith in you. I bet you have a checklist made. Just keep going and check things off as you get them done. That is what I did when I sold my house. Eventually you will finish.
    Our heat here is supposed to calm down to the mid 80s on Friday.

  3. I forgot to tell you that Lucy is beautiful!

  4. Nothing is impossible (except maybe me at times) and you should know that, so just git r dun and move on to something else. Show em who they are dealing with and be done with it. I have faith in you. Has the weather gone plum crazy down there? Glad I moved up here. What a lazy cat...looks like the ones around here. Another thing, it's sure nice to have you out here blogging again.

  5. Hello Jenny. Beautiful cat. I had a dog named Lucy. Great name. I'm sorry to hear about the bad stuff, the sad stuff. But I enjoy reading you. 103 degrees here yesterday. Yes, I know. Stay cool, Jenny.

  6. I can't believe how bloomin' hot it is everywhere! My air conditioner just runs all the time, and I can't get the house "cooled" below 80 deg.

    Yes, I agree with Curtis, it is SO good to see you again, and you can write a book in my comments any old time. We all love hearing from you. :)

  7. Hi Jenny, your Lucy is beautiful. Well the heat finally hit our little valley after being cool for over 2 months. Now the bugs and I do mean biting ones are out in full force. Try and stay cool and conserve by staying home.

  8. Hello JD…Yes, so very good to get connected again. First, my condolences on the passing of your mother. Getting our hands in our God’s dirt is a good thing. Sort of a healing process. Planting and maintaining flowers is good for the soul. At least I think so…I also need to get more herbs growing on my back deck. Check out your bird houses! I have plenty of bird feeders and bird hotels too. But more of the rustic manly look. Thanks for sharing I (we, us blog buddies) enjoy reading history. I bet your little critters are thankful for being able to eat and drink out of the best dinnerware. You be well, stay cool, and rain will be on the way…Greg

  9. I can't even remember when we had heat like that...I think I can safely say it's been years since it's gotten even near that. I don't blame you for taking it easy. I blog once a week and that's just the pace I like! Have a good day...hope you find something cool to ease your suffering.

  10. Now lights can always be turned on as well as off ...and I'm sure yours will soon come on again with renewed hope and lots of vigour....
    Good job we don't have weather like that over here in Britain, everything would collapse, it's bad enough in Winter, when some snow falls, we always grind to a halt!!
    Your local wild life must be blessing you, Jenny, I hope other people are a thoughtful as you. Lucy looks beautiful, you know we had a cat before my buddy, Bess..they're such diverse creatures, cats as opposed to dogs, I mean, and I know a lot of people say you don;t own a cat, they own you...but Tom was always there, sharing his day with us...ah well..memories..I'd best go and see to my buddy now..Time for walkies round the garden. bye for now..x

  11. hi jenny, love your cat - just the thought of your temps makes me melt, I think it is hot here at the moment, but it is what you and lots of my overseas friends call cool. I am literally sweating, (sorry to be so graphic) and the mercury is hovering between 29-32 inside my flat anyway. They say it is going to get warmer over the weekend, I do like summer weather but any hotter than this would be a bit hard to cope with, especially at night, mind you we dont have air conditioning, guess that would make a difference. hope you get everything sorted and that you have a good weekend. god bless - nita

  12. Hi, Jenny! Great to have another Virginian dropping by my place. I'm watching the National Weather Service radar in Blacksburg and there are thunderstorms starting to bloom......north, east and south of us! We aren't getting a drop!

    Stay cool.

  13. HI again Jenny,
    I didn't have many pets as a youngster, but since being grown and having my own place, I've had a budgie, a cat, (not at the same time...or one would have eaten the other.. The budgie was really fierce. lol!!) Tom, a wonderful, friendly tortoiseshell, and then when he died, we had the chance own a Cockatiel, named Coco, a neighbours child had grown tired of him, so we gave him house room, now he was a character, and we always had his cage door open...Cleaning up as we went...but what the heck, he need to fly, to spread those wings of his. Then we bought Bess.. my Buddy, my friend..(hot friend at the moment, lying down in the sunshine...but not as hot as your description of your weather at the moment..!!)
    Hope you're having a cooling time, long cool iced drinks and a fan going full blast!!

  14. It's nice that you take such good care of all the birds and critters in your neighborhood. A great place to find bowls and such is at garage sales or thrift stores. It's amazing what you can find for almost nothing. We've found little baking dishes and other chipped dinnerware that we've used for the birds. Even some Fiesta Ware.

    We bought the birdbath at Farm & Fleet...a very popular store in the Midwest. They also call it the "Man's Mall". They sell all kinds of stuff, tools, automotive, clothing, housewares and seasonal goodies...like my faux bronze bird bath.

    Hope things have cooled down some for you. Mercy, that's way too hot!

  15. That heat has to be awful and can say that the only time I have felt it when I traveld outside of Canada which has not been often.
    Poor animals I do know need extra attention and you think people would know. Comon sence.
    I keep my cat in when its really hot. 28C and over here. My house is cool so Im lucky. We just went thought a heat wave . Last night it rained. Love it also so its cool today. I need to get out in my yard and catch but its also nice to vist just like you said.
    Have a great night .
    Hugs my Friend
    Lisa xoxox
    and PS write all you want to me . I love to hear from you.

  16. I'm like you...trying to catch up on commenting and posting and such. We're lucky not to have it so hot here. I occassionally put a handful of ice cubes in my kittie water bowl to cool things down for them (mostly so they won't drink the pool water!). If you have dogs, they LOVE to chew on ice cubes too! We sure miss having a dog around these days---still looking for the right puppy (know any Australian Shepherd/Border Collie pups available???). Try to stay cool and hope the power doesn't go out on you!!!

  17. Ohhh, poor dog! But dogs need to go out.
    Your Lucy is so lovely!
    We are having very hot days too. So when I am not at work, I spend most of the time at home reading books. I read two today ... about 700 pages. That's crazy ... hihihi ... when I start I can't stop ...OOOOO
    Thank you very much for lovely BD wish!

  18. Oh my gosh how do they expect you do have everything ready in that length of time?? These are crazy people!
    Boy you hit the nail on the head when you said the heat is draining. Makes you feel like a slug! 104 is ridiculous! Do you have a pool? You need one! Like Sally, this central unit runs all the time and still won't cool the house past 80. It's been like this for a few years but everyone who comes out to look at it says its fine, it's just because it's so hot. Well you could hang meat in my mothers house and by golly I want it feel like that in here too. lol

    *gives Lucy a big ole hug*

  19. hi jenny, thanks for your comment, just wanted to let you know I posted a long answering comment for you and lisa on there, but not sure if would see it. I haven't quite figured out how everything works on here yet. So please if you get a chance, take a look. xx

  20. Hi Jenny, Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my latest offering, you're always welcome you know. I'm still messing about with the settings on my Blog, trying to find this and that, an exciting adventure, I always think, trying to find your look, and what can be 'added' tends to take up a lot of precious time, and it just seems to slip through your fingers like gold dust!!
    Hope your day's been filled with golden moments not just 'gold dust'...bye for now..xx